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Organic peanut butter with skin 500g


£14.50 per 1 kg

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  • 100 % peanuts
  • Super intense taste
  • No additives or refined sugars — contains natural sugar
  • Organic
  • Perfect for your porridge, baked goods, and sauces
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Buy now: Organic peanut butter with skin 500g

As a true nut fan, you can't miss our delicious peanut butter. Not only does it have an incredibly intense nutty flavour, but you can also eat it with a clear conscience! Our organic peanut butter contains no added sugar or palm oil and is made from 100% freshly roasted peanuts. The slight sweetness comes from the natural sugar content from the peanuts. The roasted flavour that develops during the gentle production process gives a sweet aroma to the peanut butter with a just hint of sweetness that you won't be able to say no to. And another plus point: For our organic peanut butter with skin, we only use nuts from controlled organic cultivation.

Even more intense peanut flavour

The difference between conventional peanut butter is that for our organic peanut butter we leave the reddish-brown shell, which you know from freshly cracked peanuts, on the nuts before we process them into a butter. This makes the nut butter taste particularly intense and has a slightly tart note. It is even rumoured that its taste is reminiscent of that of peanut flips - without added salt, of course.

So versatile

Can you resist spooning our peanut butter straight from the jar? Then we have a few great ideas for you on how to make your next snack a highlight with our nut butter. Our peanut butter is particularly suitable for drizzling on your muesli in the morning or adding to your deliciously creamy peanut shakes. But you can also use our nut butter to bake fluffy peanut butter muffins or as an essential ingredient for your peanut sauce for Asian stir-fry dishes. And we all know the unbelievably good combination when peanut butter meets jam. So the possibilities are endless!/p>

Nut butter without palm oil

Many conventional nut butters contain palm oil as a cheap ingredient to make the consistency more spreadable. However, as you have certainly noticed, palm oil has come under increasing criticism in recent years. Many millions of hectares of rainforest have already had to be cleared for the cultivation of the oil palm, from which palm oil is extracted. Not least for this reason, we do not use palm oil at all in our peanut butter. Instead, we focus on naturalness with 100% peanuts and are convinced that you will be able to taste the high-quality peanuts with skin in our nut butter. As if that wasn't enough, you also save money by buying our delicious nut butter in a value size and avoid unnecessary packaging waste at the same time. Win-win-win. Try organic peanut butter with skin now!

Average nutritional values per 100 g
Calorific value (in kj/kcal) 2558 /  618
Fat 50 g
thereof saturated fatty acids 10 g
Carbohydrates 14 g
thereof sugar 8.2 g
Dietary fiber 4.4 g
Protein 26 g
Salt 0 g
Product number: MUS_080
Best before date 28.02.2027
Origin Egypt, China
Origin (Processing) Bulgaria
Organic Origin Non-EU agriculture
Content 0.5 kg
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4260654788280
Data sheet Specification
Organic control body & Organic origin
EU Bio
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Hauptstraße 26, 10827 Berlin
Storage Advice Store in a cool and dry place, away from light
Ingredients 100 % PEANUTS* *from certified organic agriculture
Cross contamination May contain traces of other TREE NUTS and SESAME
Trade Name Organic peanut butter with seed coats
Label note Ingredients, nutritional values, and packaging may change. For exact information, please check the product description.
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If you do not want to make your own peanut cream, you have found a great alternative with our nut puree! After the uniform and gentle peanut roasting, the nuts are finely ground several times to obtain the creamiest possible consistency.
Our organic peanut butter consists of 100% peanuts and is therefore vegan. You can use it to top your vegetable pancakes or decorate smoothie bowls.
100 g of our peanut cream contain 657 kcal.
Our organic peanut butter contains per 100 g whole 22.49 g protein and is therefore a super source of protein.
Organic peanut butter with skin 500g
Peanut mousse 1kg
Organic peanut butter 500g
Organic crunchy peanut butter 500g
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Die Erdnuss versteckt sich unter der Erde

Die erste Silbe verrät bereits die Herkunft der Erdnuss: Sie wächst dort, wo kein Licht hinkommt. Dabei entwickelt die Pflanze ein einzigartiges Wurzelsystem, mit dem sie selbst in den magersten Böden ausreichend Nährstoffe findet.

Anbau in warmen Regionen
Anbau in warmen Regionen

Die Erdnusspflanze wächst besonders gut bei warmen Temperaturen. Die Hauptanbaugebiete sind Westafrika, China, Indien, aber auch Nord- und Südamerika.

Die Pflanze wächst nach oben und unten
Die Pflanze wächst nach oben und unten

Die Erdnusspflanze wächst nicht einfach wie ein Baum nach oben, sondern im Zickzack: Sobald die Blüte über der Erde gelb wird, werden die Blütenstängel länger, krümmen sich nach unten und wachsen wieder in die Erde hinein. Dort entstehen schließlich aus den Samen der Blüte die Erdnüsse.

Erntesaison von April bis Juni
Erntesaison von April bis Juni

Etwa vier Monate nach der Aussaat wird die Pflanze welk. Klingt erstmal schlecht, ist aber ein gutes Zeichen: Denn nun können die Erdnüsse geerntet werden. Dazu wird die ganze Pflanze samt Wurzel aus der Erde gehoben. An einer Erdnusspflanze können übrigens bis zu 30 Erdnüsse hängen.


Streng genommen ist die Erdnuss gar keine Nuss, sondern eine Hülsenfrucht und hat somit mehr mit Erbsen und Bohnen als mit Nüssen gemein. Allein ihre starke Ähnlichkeit zu Hasel- und Paranüssen ist schließlich Grund dafür, dass man sie im Sprachgebrauch als Nuss bezeichnet.

Vermusung in Bulgarien, dann auch schon bei Dir!
Vermusung in Bulgarien, dann auch schon bei Dir!

Nach der Ernte werden die Erdnüsse getrocknet und sortiert. Anschließend werden sie fettfrei geröstet und in riesigen Maschinen zu einer Creme vermust. Das war’s auch schon. Keine Farb-, Geschmacks- und Konservierungsstoffe – und keine Zuckerzusätze. Noch vor Ort werden unsere extragroßen Erdnussmus-Gläser luftdicht verschlossen und machen sich auf den Weg zu Dir!

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Monika S.


our favorite peanut butter!

We use this not only as a spread, but also in porridge. Super tasty



Good stuff is that

Very tasty peanut butter. Both the one with nuts and without.

Andreas H.


Zum Smoothie

Great product. It's great in my smoothies, giving them a creamy consistency.

Maud L.



No salt, as is too often the case with commercial peanut butters, which is appreciated. The peanut shells are very finely ground, so you don't feel them in your mouth, and they even add a little extra to the preparation. A good product that I'll be buying again from KoRo.

Jana H.


The best peanut butter.

I eat of it every day, so deliciously simple.

Vanessa R.


Aromatically good!

I find peanut butter also belongs in every nut nut assortment -a classic. Since I like it strong and aromatic in taste, I ordered me this mush with skin. Price-wise, it is a bit more expensive than the other peanut mushes. But that's okay, since it's also organic.
The consistency is thick / creamy - I like. Generally, there is nowhere else so much choice of delicious nut musts. I order them exclusively from Koro because the quality is always equally good and better than other manufacturers.

Marina C.


Longing for the paper label

It's our favorite peanut butter, and we've bought this 12-pack several times, but I'm really sorry they stopped making the jars with the paper label. We like to reuse in order to reduce waste, and with the amount of glue on the new label, it's a herculean task trying to remove it.

Laura H.


Tasty, good product

Good product, nothing special but tasty, organic and not too firm so you can use it super as a topping!




This cream is a recent acquaintance, but we are already on our third purchase. The taste is more complete and clean, in my opinion, than what is usually found in peanut creams.




On the lid was a plastic closure. This can certainly be saved

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