Payment methods


80 % of KoRo Online Drugstore’s customers use Paypal because it’s simple and efficient. After completing the ordering process you can simply pay with one click with your Paypal account. The faster we receive your payment, the faster you get your order. Paypal was founded over 10 years ago. Nowadays Paypal is used by far more than 230 million people from over 190 countries. This worldwide known payment method is indispensable for online shopping.


Sofortü is an online payment method introduced by the German company Sofort AG. This doesn’t require an online account. All you need is your online banking access data including your bank data, your banking PIN and your TAN list. After entering the data, the transaction is made and the total amount of cash is drawn directly from your bank account. The payment system and data protection of sofortü are approved by TÜV, which makes it a safe and popular payment method.


Even among all these modern payment methods, the most traditional one can’t be missing: Prepayment. The good old days. You can go to your bank, fill out the bank transfer form and hand it either to the counter staff or put it in the post box. Your bank will take care of the rest. This is also an efficient and safe payment method since you don’t have to give out your bank data to anyone but the bank. If you choose this method, you will receive an email from us confirming your order. The confirmation of order contains our bank data that you need in order to fill out your bank transfer form.


Amazon Payment provides the opportunity to pay your order via an existing Amazon account.