You would like to collaborate with us?

You love good food and your delicious creations are an inspiration for thousands of people? You're always on a hunt for new food trends and adventures and high quality is what's on your plate? If so: Welcome to the club! We, too, are constantly in search of new partners with whom we can share our philosophy and go on exiting adventures together.
The Koro-Team is looking forward to a great cooperation with you -  a partnership at eye level with a clear win-win-strategy for all involved parties. We haven't approached you yet? Then contact us via email!  

Now we have succeed the first step on the way to a successful cooperation. Before we start let's have a chat about our conditions. We are especially looking for partners with a Youtube channel, Instagram account, facebook or a blogger.

Below you can read our conditions for a cooperation: 

  • You must have 7.000 followers or more on Instagram. It would also be great if you have a YouTube channel beside your Instagram account. 
  • If you only have a Instagram account, we prefer 10.000 follower and 1.500 likes per picture. 
  • Bought followers are a no-go! Therefore we only cooperate with people, who build up their community with good content.
  • Your general content should match our products portfolio. For example: fitness, beauty, lifestyle, hauls & daily routines. 

Please be patient if you don’t meet our expectations. We are looking forward to work with you in future. In the meantime you can use our Affiliate Partnerprogramm, to promote our products and earn money
For more informations read here: Affiliate Partnerprogram

All involved should benefit from the cooperation. 

Your benefits:

  • Product package with your favorite products every month and for free
  • Individual  negotiation about an amount for your work (depends from your purview)
  • A young team with experience: a win-win situation for both sides!
  • The Affiliate-Partnerprogramm allowes an extra commission and a precise bill

Do you want a cooperation? We’re looking forward to get in touch with you! Please contact: or fill in the following form:

You would like to collaborate with us?
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