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Organic ginger powder 500g


£20.00 per 1 kg

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  • 100% pure ginger in powder form
  • In a smoothie or as a delicious hot drink
  • Gently processed & finely ground
  • From organic farming
  • Vegan, gluten and lactose free

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Buy now: Organic ginger powder 500g

We love spices — and our ginger is one of our favourites! Spicy and soft, it gives your drinks and meals that certain kick. It is available for you finely ground in a 500 g package, making it extremely easy to use. Maybe you just want to substitute your peppermint tea with a warm ginger drink, or mix the powder into your morning smoothie instead of fresh ginger. Buy 500 g of pure organic ginger powder now and bring the spices into your kitchen!

Ginger: a spicy root

Everyone seems to know the ginger root these days. It has an extreme spicing power but also contains some lightly sweet elements next to the characteristic spicy flavour. Ginger ale and tea can benefit from this, but also curries, chutneys and other rice recipes. We love the power root and offer diverse ginger products in our shop: dried ginger, organic apple and ginger juice, organic ginger and tangerine shot, ginger chunks covered in dark chocolate or our organic ginger shots.

Using finely ground ginger

The advantage of our powdered ginger is straightforward: it's ready to use! You don't have to peel or crush ginger tubers or swallow capsules. The taste is slightly less pungent than that of comparatively fresh ginger, which is especially pleasing for those of us who like it milder. Finely ground, you can add the powder directly to your smoothie or pour it over hot water and enjoy. Speaking of hot drinks, do you like turmeric and golden milk? A pinch of ginger and it will be immensely tastier. You can also use the powder to bake ginger patties or banana bread, to upgrade fish dishes, soups, sauces and dips or to add the right spice to your vegetable stir-fry.

Buy organic ginger powder online

We offer a value pack of ginger powder, so you are always ready to use it. Our powder is made from 100% organically grown ginger spices up dishes and drinks, and is suitable for baking fancy biscuits and cakes and is especially practical to use. Open the bag, take out the powder, add to smoothie or wherever you like and you're done! Get our spicy-sweet ginger powder now!

Average nutritional values per 100 g
Calorific value (in kj/kcal) 1498 /  356
Fat 3.3 g
thereof saturated fatty acids 0 g
Carbohydrates 65 g
thereof sugar 5 g
Dietary fiber 19 g
Protein 7 g
Salt 0.1 g
Product number: ING_004
Best before date 29.09.2026
Origin Tanzania, United Republic of
Organic Origin Nicht-EU-Landwirtschaft
Content 0.5 kg
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4260335836088
Data sheet Specification
Organic control body & Organic origin
EU Bio
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Hauptstraße 26, 10827 Berlin
Storage Advice Store in a cool and dry place, protected from light
Ingredients 100% ginger* *from organic farming
Cross contamination No allergens according to EU 1169/2011.
Trade Name Organic ginger powder
Label note Ingredients, nutritional values, and packaging may change. For exact information, please check the product description.
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Questions & answers: Organic ginger powder 500g
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It is best to store your 100% ginger powder in a cool and dry place.
Ginger may be fed to dogs and horses in small amounts. However, we urge you to talk to your veterinarian before giving the powder to your pet.
Yes, the product is organic because it is made from 100% ginger of organic origin.
100 g of ginger powder provide 304 kcal.
Since the taste is very intense and spicy, it is best to approach the dosage carefully. The recommended maximum dose is about 1 tsp per day.
We define healthy as a balanced, varied diet. What we can promise you: The powder consists of 100% pure ginger from organic cultivation. No frills; just spicy pleasure!
When stored correctly, the powder has a shelf life of at least 12 months from the time of production. The best-before date is also printed on the packaging.
Organic ginger powder 500g
Dried ginger 1kg
Ginger in dark chocolate 1kg
Price £10.00 £18.00 £19.50
Product number ING_004 ING_001 ING_013
Content 0.5 kg 1 kg 1 kg
Base price £20.00 / 1 kg £18.00 / 1 kg £19.50 / 1 kg
Properties vegetarian, vegan, lactose free, organic low in saturated fat, low-fat, vegetarian, vegan vegetarian, vegan, lactose free
Kauf Argumente 100% pure ginger in powder form In a smoothie or as a delicious hot drink Gently processed & finely ground From organic farming Vegan, gluten and lactose free Sweet and spicy aroma Perfect for brewing fresh ginger tea Tasty as a snack or in your muesli Great spice for cooking and baking Source of fibre Intense ginger in aromatic dark chocolate Combines mild spiciness with chocolaty sweetness Perfect as a gift, to share or to snack on Rich in fibre Perfect for baking
Zutaten 100% ginger* *from organic farming 90% dried ginger, 10% fructose 55% ginger preparation (51% ginger, sugar, antioxidant: E223 (contains SULFITES)), 45% dark chocolate coating (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: SOY LECITHIN, vanilla flavouring). Cocoa: 56% minimum in the chocolate portion.
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4-5 star reviews 🙂


Amélie S.


Super for ginger shots

Perfect for ginger shots. Super quality. Lasts forever because you only need 1 tablespoon of ginger powder for 0.5 liters of shots.

1-3 star reviews 🙃




Unfortunately, I am disappointed this time, the powder is very clumped. So I do not know it. Well, next time it's sure to be better. It seemed to me "moist" therefore probably also the lumps....

KoRo Handels GmbH


Hey Kimberley, thank you for your feedback. We are very sorry that you received a defective product. Please contact our customer service so that they can send you a replacement product. Best regards, your KoRo Team :)



It's very smooth and neat in colour 👌 😍

Thanks I've received my order from DPD. It's was well packaged. The ginger is very neat. I will give additional feedback after using the product

Paola M.


Don't miss it in the pantry

Very convenient to use, strong and consistent flavor!



Very satisfied with the product, very good value for money, thank you.

Very satisfied with the product, very good value for money, thank you.

Monika F.


Buy it again 👍

Very good! I made some tea straight away as I have a cold.



Anyone who likes ginger and always wants to have it on hand will be happy with this

This is a fantastic product!!! You need very little to taste a lot of ginger spiciness! Almost easier to have in stock in this form than fresh ginger.



Excellent ginger powder

Previously to this purchase I used fresh ginger. After buying this organic ginger powder I would say I will opt for this product only. Convenient to use and dose. Mixing it into foods you can taste and smell the ginger in a diffuse way with all the beneficial effects of ginger.

Adriana H.


Perfect for my tea preparation

Simply super product, will order again.

Swantje H.


Top partner for sweet and savory Schmaus❣️

Ginger in its purest and best form!

Sandra M.


Ideal for spicing up boring tea

Great quality, didn't know it as a powder before. Great for spicing up tea

Marlies W.


you only need a little

Tastes like fresh ginger and nice and spicy.

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