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Canned pumpkin purée 425g


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I'd say the first thing you need is ... a pumpkin - Cinderella, we agree! This fall it's all about the pumpkins. Whether its carving a Jack O' Lantern or baking  pumpkin pie we got you covered with our beloved pumpkin puree in the convenient 425 g or about 15 oz  can. And because we know how difficult it can be to find pumpkin puree in local stores we now also offer it in the UK. Grab your pumpkin puree now and make  your own creations!

It's all about the pumpkin: Pumpkin puree – your kitchen's allrounder

It's so much work carving up a pumpkin isn't it?  With us you get your serving of pumpkin already pureed - and gently cooked. So you always have your favourite puree in stock and can enjoy the autumn fun in any weather. Bright orange, our pumpkin puree makes your dishes a colourful highlight on the table. How do you use pumpkin puree? Our pure pumpkin puree makes everything possible! Whether as a base, main course or side dish - pumpkin puree works in any role! Our absolute all-time favourite: pumpkin soup. We love it creamy, which is why we prefer to prepare our vegan pumpkin soup with coconut milk and lots of turmeric. With our pumpkin mousse you can create a lovely soup in no time, a true comfort for body and soul. Pumpkin puree is also incredibly suitable as a base for curries or vegan Mac'n'Cheese. But what to do with the leftover pumpkin puree? Well not to worry here come the dessert recipes!

Pumpkin puree baking recipes

Carving pumpkins on Halloween with Halloween candies by your side is a popular activity in the UK. We want to upgrade this all time favourite fall activity with other sweet treats. Because of its pleasant natural sweetness, similar to that of a sweet potato, we love adding the orange vegetable to our sweet creations. And we do it morning, noon and night: whether it's pancakes with a sweet pumpkin note, juicy pumpkin pie or a particularly autumnal oatmeal, our pumpkin puree is an absolute highlight at any time of day! With our pumpkin spice mix you will even be able to create your very own autumn favourite: Pumkin spice latte! 

Fall favourite: vegan and sugar free pumpkin puree from the can

Let's face it: pumpkin is great, but chopping it can be a real pain. That's why you can now get the longed-for pumpkin puree from us in a stylish 425 g KoRo tin. A must-have for every pantry: for spontaneous baking sessions, you'll always have your sweet pumpkin mousse at the ready! Best of all, with our pumpkin puree on hand, halloween recipes  and fall specials like pumpkin pie will be so easy to make. Our pumpkin puree is of course of the highest quality and comes without any frills. You get 100 % pumpkin without any additives. Buy your sugar free pumpkin puree for baking and cooking in the UK now and save not only time, but also money thanks to our special can – WIN-WIN!

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Clearly, by its sweet and aromatic note is our pumpkinism, the perfect base for baking. For example, how about a pumpkin nut muffin or a juicy pumpkin pie? Or give your next Sunday Brunch an upgrade and conjure up fluffy pancakes with pumpkin and what could be better than our Pumpkin Spice Latte?
We recommend that you store your can in a dry place at room temperature.
Of course, if the eye was once again bigger than the hunger, then you can also freeze your creation with pumpkinism.
Clearly, pumpkin is vegan by nature. Except pumpkin literally nothing comes to us in the can!
On 100 g our pumpkin puree has 54 kcal. You want to have a closer look at the nutritional values? You can find all the nutritional values on the product page.
Of course, thanks to us you no longer need to cook pumpkin porridge for your baby. Our pumpkinism is ideal as the first pumpkin porridge for your baby, because except pumpkin you will find nothing in our can.
Our pumpkin puree has a shelf life of about 36 months after production - and all this without preservatives and without you having to freeze the pumpkin puree. The exact expiration date can be found on the packaging of your pumpkin puree.
Our pumpkin puree is a true kitchen all-rounder: whether as classic, vegan Pumpkin soup with coconut milk and ginger or as a Pumpkin puree as a sweet and spicy side dish. We love pumpkinism as a base for many dishes. Thanks to us, you don't need to bake your pumpkin any more in the oven to bake it, then finely puree it. With us, you can use your pumpkin puree versatile in no time and do not need to make your own pumpkin ice cream! Try yourself through, your creativity has no limits!
With our canned pumpkin puree, you always have a quick and delicious base for your creations at home. All ingredients for a pumpkin soup in stock, is already pretty great. But our pumpkin puree can do even more! With us in the can you will find 100% selected and finely pureed pumpkins, which are the absolute highlight in savory and sweet recipes by their sweet flavor!
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Hard to find in Germany - best one!

Best product on the market! It is very hard to find canned pumpkin, and this one is thick and full of flavour, also reasonably priced. I wish there were other options, such as a pack of 6 nd 12, not just 1 and 24.

Anastasija K.


Very satisfied! Great product!

I love ordering from Kork and am more than satisfied every time!

Elena S.


Great puree!

Thick, creamy, multi-purpose, pure pumpkin puree!

Jessica B.


Would purchase again

It can be hard to find pureed pumpkin in Europe, so I'm grateful for this source. My only complaint is that both times I've ordered this product the cans have been noticeably dented.

Fernando P.


It's super good

It's amazing. Sweet, thick texture...I love it. The only downside is that it comes in a can and not in a glass jar to avoid endocrine disruptors. It's going to be the only thing that keeps me from eating several each week.



is very tasty

The pumpkin puree has a rich and delicious flavor that perfectly captures the natural sweetness of the pumpkin.

Nathalie A.


I recommend this puree

For a price, I can eat a good puree without additives. I haven't taken the time or trouble to cook.

Vickie C.



We are new to Germany from USA and have had a very hard time finding pumpkin puree, which we give a small amount daily to our dogs for their digestive health. So happy to have found such a high quality supply at last! The order came quickly, was a fair price, and our dogs love it!

Iris G.


When soup has to be made quickly.

You no longer need to cut a hard pumpkin, easy to process, well suited for a quick pumpkin cream soup.

Marco P.


Delicious and great when things have to be quick!

Great quality, excellent taste and always great when things need to be done quickly. Great to keep in stock!

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