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Skinny dipped freeze-dried strawberries covered in milk chocolate 500 g


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  • Whole freeze-dried strawberries, covered in fine milk chocolate
  • Seductive fruity and sweet combination
  • Skinny dipped for a crunchy chocolate coating
  • Tasty for young and old
  • Great snack or topping and sweet gift
Variety: Skinny dipped freeze-dried strawberries covered in milk chocolate 500 g

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BBD: 30.05.2023

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Existem duas coisas que todas as crianças (e adultos também, na verdade) adoram — chocolate e morangos. Pareceu-nos claramente boa ideia combinar os dois! Apresentamos: os nossos morangos mergulhados em chocolate de leite! A combinação da baga frutada com uma fina cobertura de chocolate convence com o seu sabor incrível. Através da liofilização, as tuas bagas preferidas são extremamente crocantes e a cobertura de chocolate adiciona uma segunda camada de crocante a esta guloseima. Este petisco frutado com chocolate é uma experiência por si mesmo que não vais querer perder. Já está com água na boca? Nós também! Compra já os morangos liofilizados com chocolate de leite da KoRo!

Fruta e chocolate na KoRo

Frutas desidratadas e frutas liofilizadas já são deliciosas por si mesmas. Mas por vezes é preciso um pouco de chocolate! Porque não combinar os dois? Não vimos nenhuma razão contra, por isso cobrimos os teus frutos preferidos com chocolate! Além dos morangos, cobrimos muito mais frutos em chocolate, incluíndo framboesas liofilizadas, cerejas amarena e damascos. O teu amor grande são os morangos liofilizados? Boas notícias: também temos morangos liofilizados cobertos com chocolate branco e com chocolate preto! E se o pacote de 500 g não for suficiente para os teus desejos, também temos morangos em chocolate de leite em embalagens de 1 kg!

Mais do que um petisco: usar morangos cobertos com chocolate

Não podia ser mais fácil: abrir o pacote, abrir a boca e petiscar! Mas claro que os nossos morangos saborosos podem ser usados para mais ainda do que apenas o petisco mais saboroso que possas imaginar. Experimenta usá-los como ingrediente extravagante na tua próxima smoothie bowl de morango, como componente doce e frutada nas panquecas ou como destaque nas tuas papas de aveia matinais – esta guloseima gourmet adiciona sabor a qualquer criação! À procura de um presente para o próximo aniversário ou festa de família? Os morangos com chocolate são a resposta! Embalados num dos nossos frasco mason não são apenas deliciosos, mas também incrivelmente elegantes! 

Comprar morangos liofilizados em chocolate de leite da KoRo

Convencemos-te com os morangos frutados e liofilizados em chocolate de leite? Quer sejam comidos diretamente, como um toque final para as sobremesas ou como um presente especial para os entes queridos - estes morangos são populares em todo o lado, tanto a nível de sabor como visualmente. Encomenda agora os teus morangos cobertos em chocolate de leite online e desfruta desta guloseima incrivelmente deliciosa! De que estás à espera?

Average nutritional values per 100 g
Calorific value (in kj/kcal) 2215 /  530
Fat 27 g
thereof saturated fatty acids 16 g
Carbohydrates 57 g
thereof sugar 55 g
Dietary fiber 2.6 g
Protein 6.6 g
Salt 0.28 g
Product number: ERD_015
Origin (Processing) Germany
Content 0.5 kg
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4260654782035
Data sheet Specification
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Hauptstraße 26, 10827 Berlin
Storage Advice Store in a cool and dry place, away from heat
Ingredients Sugar, cocoa butter, MILK POWDER, whole freeze-dried strawberries (10%), cocoa paste, SWEET WHEY POWDER, LACTOSE, SKIMMED MILK POWDER, Emulsifying agent: SOY LECITHINE, vanilla extract, glucose syrup, Thickener: arabic gum, Coating agent: shellac, coconut oil.
Cross contamination May contain traces of PEANUTS and TREE NUTS.
Best before date 30.05.2023
Trade Name Freeze-dried strawberries covered in milk chocolate
Press & Resellers Download cropped photo
Questions & answers: Skinny dipped freeze-dried strawberries covered in milk chocolate 500 g
If you store the sealed original package in a cool, dark and dry place, the shelf life of the sweet and fruity snack is at least 12 months.
Freeze-drying is a very special preservation process. Immediately after harvesting, the strawberries are placed in a vacuum container for several hours, where the water is removed from them by the negative pressure. What emerges are freeze-dried strawberries that impress above all with their intense flavor, full color and crunch. In addition, the strawberries have a much longer shelf life.
Per 100 g our chocolate raspberries have 530 kcal.
Fruit meets chocolate: wrapped in a thin layer of fine milk chocolate, the freeze-dried strawberries are a great combination of fruity-berry and chocolaty-sweet. An irresistible taste experience for all chocoholics and berry fans!
Of course, you can simply snack on the strawberries in chocolate straight from the package. But not only that! Also as an extravagant topping for your smoothie bowl or in the muesli makes the gourmet snack really what! And the next birthday boy or girl is sure to be delighted with a pretty Mason Jar filled with the delicious fruit!
For us, Skinny Dipped has nothing to do with skinny dipping, as the translation from English might initially suggest. Instead, it means that we dip the freeze-dried strawberries, berry by berry, in a bath of fine milk chocolate. This creates a wonderfully thin chocolate shell that provides the perfect balance between fruity-sweet and chocolaty.
No, the strawberries in milk chocolate contain dairy products and are therefore not vegan. However, the Amarena cherries with dark chocolate are an incredibly delicious vegan alternative!
The whole freeze-dried strawberries are coated berry by berry with a coat of fine milk chocolate. This provides the perfect balance of fruity berry flavor and sweet chocolate. A taste experience in a class of its own!
Even if the name suggests it, strawberries are not really berries. Would you have thought so? Botanically speaking, the little red fruits belong to the group of the gathered fruits and are therefore pseudo-fruits. The small yellow-green dots that you can see on the strawberry are the collected nuts.
The chocolate strawberries contain only ingredients that do not naturally contain gluten. Nevertheless, depending on the growing area, contamination with gluten-containing grains may occur during harvesting and further processing. We play it safe and therefore do not label this product as gluten-free.
Unfortunately, no. Although the chocolate strawberries taste insanely good to us, you should rather not give them to your beloved four-legged friends. Feed them our grain-free dog food instead!

Varieties & Origin

Dried strawberries

Once dried, strawberries taste even more intense and fruity. Add them to your yoghurt, porridge, or even salad, for a delicate sweetness.

Cultivation by country in tons
Country Tons
China 3724647
USA 1449280
Mexiko 658436
Ägypten 407240
Türkei 400167
Spanien 360416
Nordkorea 210304
Polen 177921
Russland 175652
Marokko 161793
Japan 158702
Deutschland 135283
Vereinigtes Königreich 127623
Italien 125335
Weißrussland 79778
Niederlande 66100
Frankreich 59260
Griechenland 58900
Kolumbien 58751

In 2018, over 8 million tons of strawberries were harvested worldwide. 82 percent of the total production comes from the first ten growers. China has the first place with around 3 million strawberries harvested, followed closely by the USA. As strawberries must have a minimum size of 18 mm for resale, thousands of tons, especially in Germany, rot unharvested in the fields every year.


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182 Reviews

Jasmin O.  | 25.06.2022

The strawberries taste great and the milk chocolate goes great with it.

The strawberries taste very delicious. The chocolate gives an extra delicious taste in the morning breakfast cereal.

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Nancy K.  | 20.06.2022

Yeah okay...

Have ordered the bag with my sister to share. Was delicious or ok, because the Schokiii was just too thick around the strawberries. For this price I would not order it again, unfortunately.

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KARINE C.  | 17.06.2022


Tres bon

Be the first one that marks this review as helpful
Corina B.  | 01.06.2022


Very fine price performance top

Be the first one that marks this review as helpful
Samela K.  | 18.05.2022

Refines the dish 🤤🤤

Beste Curry paste ever 👍🏻

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Manuela B.  | 14.05.2022

Super quality

Super tasty snack for between meals

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Anonymous  | 28.02.2022

very good!

Quality is great! are very, very tasty and very large! mhm yummi 😊

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Anonymous  | 13.02.2022

My kids love these strawberries 🍓

My kids love these strawberries 🍓

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Anonymous  | 25.01.2022



Be the first one that marks this review as helpful
Anonymous  | 22.01.2022


Erinnert mich sehr an eine weniger süße Variante von Yogurtette, absolut lecker 🤤

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