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Salad spinner


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  • Salat spinner, colander, and salad bowl set
  • High-quality stainless steel bowl with lid
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Easy and fast to clean

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Say goodbye to watery salads! Our new salad spinner turns around and dries your salad like a washing machine set on 1600-spin cycle. You will end up with perfectly dry and crunchy salad leaves ready to be combined with your favourite fruits and veggies, and a good dressing. Eating healthy can be so funny! Practical set of salad spinner, bowl, and colander We at KoRo are as pragmatic as it gets. As we want to give our favourite snacks and foods all the space they need and deserve in the kitchen, we are no fans of large, bulky kitchen utensils. Therefore, we have designed a salad spinner that is the perfect combination of three useful products. After you have spin-dried your chicory and rocket leaves, you'll have a gorgeous-looking, stainless steel bowl for your salad to-go! And the colander can be used not only for salad, but for pasta, potatoes, and other boiled vegetables too! In a nutshell: let us introduce you to our new, practical salad set composed of a resealable salad bowl made
Product number: SALAT_001
Origin (Processing) China
Content 1 STÜCK
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4260654783377
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Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Hauptstraße 26, 10827 Berlin
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Questions & answers: Salad spinner
Using a salad spinner makes sense because it saves you time, waste and nerves. With a salad spinner, the salad leaves become drier than with a dish towel or kitchen paper. As a result, the finished salad won't taste like watered-down dressing, but crisp, fresh and intense. Washing and drying in our salad spinner is a breeze and after use you don't even have to worry about cleaning it yourself - our salad spinner is dishwasher safe. By the way, health experts recommend cleaning and drying even pre-washed salads in plastic packages at home. The remaining liquid can cause germs and bacteria to multiply on the lettuce leaves - and you certainly don't want them in your salad.
Actually, our salad spinner should rather be called "3 in 1 set of salad bowl including lid with fine-mesh kitchen strainer and cable spinner". But the name doesn't sound so fancy and didn't fit on the label. But you can see that our salad spinner is an all-rounder. The kitchen colander is also useful for cooking pasta or defrosting frozen vegetables. And in the stainless steel bowl you can not only spin the salad, but also serve it in style. With the matching lid to the bowl, you can also take your salads to the next barbecue or swimming pool.
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28 Reviews

Ilona S.  | 26.06.2022

Highly recommended!

Very good quality of the product. Problem-free and and good complaint handling!

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Fm G.  | 12.06.2022

The website is very bad

The product is ok. Fine

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Denise P.  | 17.05.2022


Comfortable sturdy and excellent quality even as a salad holder

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Graziana M.  | 21.04.2022


Brilliant *.* used immediately...it is now my ally in the kitchen. I wash all my veggies and drip fruit too . And then the mega bowl lends itself well to knead cakes and cookies and savory leavened cakes.

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LESLIE G.  | 13.04.2022

As beautiful as it is robust

Very nice, practical and robust wringer. I recommend

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Anonymous  | 15.01.2022

Good quality

I was first worried whether a salad spinner with tape quickly broken. I use it now half a year about 1-3 times a week and it is like new, it can also be packed in the dishwasher, which I particularly like.

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Anonymous  | 14.12.2021

That's exactly how I imagined it: The

That's exactly how I imagined it: The salad spinner can be used for many things: Pasta strainer, bowl, bowl with lid and also salad spinner.

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Anonymous  | 28.11.2021

Why so expensive now?

I would give the slingshot a clear 5 star rating and therefore wanted to buy it for my mother: unfortunately, the admittedly low price of 16.50 at the time has almost doubled!

Our feedback: Hey Daniel, vielen Dank für dein Feedback. Leider sind wir wie alle Unternehmen nicht von Preiserhöhungen ausgeschlossen. Allerdings wird bei uns jede Preissenkung, genauso wie -erhöhung  immer direkt an euch weitergegeben. So schwanken unsere Preise zwar immer, aber ihr habt dafür immer eine gleichgroßer Marge. Wir hoffen du kannst das verstehen. Liebe Grüße, dein KoRo Team :) 
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Anonymous  | 25.11.2021

The salad spinner fulfills its purpose and one

The salad spinner serves its purpose and you have directly a high-quality stainless steel key for serving. Sometimes the tape pulls in a little hard.

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Anonymous  | 04.08.2021

Unfortunately has a bug and does not work.

Unfortunately the salad bowl does not work and we have to send it back.... The lid does not click together properly with the black strainer and thus the salad can not be spun...

Our feedback: Hey Michelle, vielen Dank für Dein Feedback. Wir bedauern es sehr, dass Du ein mangelhaftes Produkt erhalten hast :( Gut das Du Dich bereits an unseren Kundenservice gewendet hast, damit dieser Dir bei Deinem Anliegen weiterhelfen kann. Wir werden Dein Feedback an unseren Lieferanten weitergeben. Liebe Grüße, Dein KoRo-Team.
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