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Organic sprouted muesli 2,5 kg


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  • Your sprouted breakfast base with a bite
  • Nutty flavour
  • Source of protein (12 g/100 g) & high fibre content (6.1 g/100 g)
  • No added sugar - contains natural sugar
  • From organic farming
Quantity: Organic sprouted muesli 2,5 kg

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BBD: 15.05.2023

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What have we brought into our selection now? Something pretty cool! You're thinking: oh God, that's what my aunt used to say before she handed me the cod liver oil shot. Don't worry, we have some extra tasty stuff that will make your breakfast the highlight of the day. Buy organic sprouted muesli now!

Muesli with no added sugar

Are you fed up with the added sugar in most breakfast cereal packages at your local supermarket? With us you get no added sugar, but full transparency. Let's take a look at the ingredients of your sprouted organic muesli together: buckwheat, oats and sunflower seeds. That's it! And for you, they've dressed up and come in their sprouted form. No hidden added sugar, no preservatives or colourings - just pure indulgence! We deliberately chose this love triangle to give you a nutty, crunchy and high-fibre (6.1 g/100 g) breakfast base. What better way to start the day?

Sprouted muesli to-go

Are you one of those people that has to hit snooze "just one more time"? That means there is no time to prepare a hearty breakfast. We'll show you how you can make your muesli to-go, so that you can enjoy it on those stressful days too! As a true KoRo customer, you probably have countless Ball Mason Jars at home. They are perfect to store your snickers overnight oats and can be carried anywhere. If you are the type to answer your emails and WhatsApp messages on the train, make your own muesli bar with dried fruit, chocolate drops and dates — you only need one hand for those!

Sprouted muesli – what is it?

Lately, everyone has been talking about sprouted muesli in your yoga sessions and you are asking yourself what that is? We dove deep into the world of breakfast cereals and found out. Sprouted muesli includes cereals, seeds and nuts, that have been sprouted – wow, what a terrible answer! Let us clarify: to sprout the different components, we soak them in water. They absorb the water and get softer. If you think it sounds boring, think again: sprouting is not that easy, since every seed and every nut has its own soaking time and temperature. We put got to work and did it for you, so you don't have to put the lab coat on. Our sprouting experiment's result: 100 % organic sprouted muesli from three different ingredients!

Muesli with plant milk, cow's milk or yogurt

A question that has led to many breakups: how do you like your muesli? With oat drink, cow's milk or yogurt? The possibilities seem to be endless, and we love it — starting each day in the exact same way would be boring. We love our sprouted muesli creamy, in our chocolate and coconut porridge or as a topping in a fruity chia pudding with freeze-dried strawberries and raspberries. But the sprouted muesli can also be simply mixed with some oat drink, a touch of hazelnut butter and some cinnamon, for delicious results. These are some suggestions, but you can do whatever you want with it! Buy our sprouted organic muesli now in a convenient 2.5 kg value pack and create your own signature breakfast!

Average nutritional values per 100 g
Calorific value (in kj/kcal) 1697 /  403
Fat 11 g
thereof saturated fatty acids 1.5 g
Carbohydrates 60 g
thereof sugar 1.8 g
Dietary fiber 6.1 g
Protein 13 g
Salt 0.03 g
Product number: MUESLI_003
Origin Romania
Organic Origin EU agriculture
Content 2.5 kg
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4260335837153
Organic control body & Organic origin
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Hauptstraße 26, 10827 Berlin
Storage Advice Store the product cool and dry, away from light
Ingredients 45% sprouted buckwheat*, 45% sprouted OAT flakes*, 10% sprouted sunflower seeds* * from organic farming
Cross contamination May contain traces of NUTS and LUPINS.
Best before date 15.05.2023
Trade Name Organic sprouted muesli
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Questions & answers: Organic sprouted muesli 2,5 kg
Healthy is above all a balanced diet, enough sleep and plenty of exercise in the fresh air. What we can tell you about our sprouted organic muesli: It is a source of protein (12.4 g/100 g) and proteins contribute to the maintenance of muscle mass. In addition, our breakfast cereals convince with a high fiber content (6.2 g/100 g).
Natural, except sprouted Buckwheat, sprouted Sunflower seeds and Oatmeal you will find nothing in your package!
Our sprouted muesli is a source of protein with 13 g of protein per 100 g, and protein helps maintain normal bones.
Good question. When sprouting, all seeds are first soaked in water. Soaking dissolves enzyme inhibitors and allows important enzymes to be activated. Are you interested in this topic? Then take a look at our Food Journal here we have collected all information about Germinated muesli collected for you!
You need a breakfast in the morning that gives you power? Then our sprouted organic muesli is a good companion, because on 100 g our breakfast flakes have 403 kcal.
Clearly, all ingredients from our sprouted muesli mix come from 100% organic farming!
Sure, you can also make your own sprouted muesli. For this you only need Oatmeal, Buckwheat and Sunflower seeds. Then you are ready to go: Put your ingredients in the water and let the germination process begin. What will happen? After the Oatmeal, the Buckwheat and the Sunflower seeds have soaked up water, the germination process begins. To stop the germination process the different elements are dried. The difficulty is that each grain has a different soaking time and temperature. So you don't have to deal with the whole germination process and have more time to Snack-We have taken over the germination for you and developed the 3-component muesli for you.
For our sprouted organic muesli, we combined our three favorite breakfast ingredients: Buckwheat flakes (45 %), Oat flakes (45 %) and Sunflower seeds (10 %) - and they are convincing in their germinated form!
Of course, our sprouted granola made from. Buckwheat, Sunflower seeds and oatmeal is the perfect base for your homemade muesli bar. We have tinkered and tinkered to find THE granola bar formula. And we failed! But not the way you think. We didn't just find one formula, we found several - because tastes vary, as we all know. Look in our Food Journal where you will find everything from Protein muesli bars with pumpkin seeds up to Pecan Nut Muesli Bars everything the nibbler heart desires.
Since our sprouted muesli consists of only 3 ingredients, all with bite and mild nutty flavor, they are the perfect base for many kinds of recipes. For example, how about creamy and aromatic with a Chocolate Coconut Porridge? Or once again be vanilla on the road with our Berry Vanilla Oats Bowl. Our sprouted breakfast flakes can also be served crispy as a Muesli bar with cranberries or give your Oat Biscuits a little upgrade. Find your favorite cereal bar and always have your serving of breakfast cereal with you!
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68 Reviews

Alexandra H.  | 14.06.2022


Good in taste, price a little too high

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Bettina S.  | 18.04.2022


Delivery took a bit, the muesli itself is very good.

Be the first one that marks this review as helpful
Susanne J.  | 06.04.2022

Knusprig, gut.

Knusprig, guter Preis

Be the first one that marks this review as helpful
Mathys C.  | 06.04.2022

Mmmm sehr lecker und gesund

Mmmm we eat it everyday since we discovered. So yummy crunchy and healthy

Be the first one that marks this review as helpful
Anonymous  | 22.02.2022

Good quality with need to catch up on packaging

Quality very good and mega tasty . Fast delivery !!! Only criticism is the resealability of the paper bag ,should be made airtight .

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Anonymous  | 20.02.2022

Packing in paper bags make the quality perfect

Very good as muesli, fresh fruit to it and plant milk, simply delicious

Be the first one that marks this review as helpful
Anonymous  | 29.01.2022

Very good. We also use it for

Very good. We also use it to bake bread, without flour and yeast. Very fine.

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Anonymous  | 13.01.2022

My first time sprouted muesli. Super, saturates

My first time sprouted muesli. Super, saturates well and weighs less on the stomach. Only recommended.

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Anonymous  | 11.01.2022


Diesmal hatte ich mal Glück, und der Artikel war verfügbar - ich finde Zusammenstellung und Konsistenz so genau richtig. So macht das Müsli Freude. Ich werde auf jeden Fall mal versuchen das nachzustellen oder nachzukaufen! 🎉

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Anonymous  | 14.12.2021


Tastes very good, A kind of oat bran

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