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Cranberries sweetened with pineapple syrup 1 kg


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  • Fruity cranberries, sweetened with pineapple syrup
  • Great as a snack, topping, for baking or muesli ingredient
  • 1 kg value pack
  • Great raisin alternative
  • Without the usual added sugar
Quality: Cranberries sweetened with pineapple syrup 1 kg
Quantity: Cranberries sweetened with pineapple syrup 1 kg
Variety: Cranberries sweetened with pineapple syrup 1 kg

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BBD: 25.07.2023

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We know that there are clearly two ways in which people see raisins: some people can't imagine life without them, others despise the dried grapes. With cranberries, the picture is different: almost everyone loves them, right? Do you also often avoid cranberries because of all the added sugar? We could not agree more! But since this is KoRo, we came up with a solution: our cranberries contain no added sugar and are sweetened with pineapple syrup and pineapple concentrate instead! Buy our sweet cranberries now!

Cranberry: what is it?

The cranberry is mainly cultivated in North America. It has a sweet and sour taste. There are two different harvesting methods: Dry harvesting and wet harvesting. In the latter, farmers flood the fields to a height of about 45 centimetres. The water vortices created in this way loosen the berries from the bushes. The berries contain air pockets, meaning they then float to the surface and can be sucked out. Convenient, isn't it?  

Rezepte mit Cranberries

It is a well-known fact that sour makes you happy, but most of us prefer a somewhat sweeter taste. That's why we have other varieties for you in our shop besides cranberries sweetened with pineapple juice: cranberries sweetened with apple juice, crunchy cranberries, freeze-dried cranberries, organic cranberry juice and our crunchy cranberry chocolate mix. Even if the cranberry is not native to Europe, it has gained increased popularity in the Old Continent. We have a few ideas on how you can use them: how about a cranberry and orange smoothie bowl, or some cranberry and almond chocolate? You can also use cranberries as a fruity ingredient in your muesli, porridge and yogurt, add them to drinks such as fruit juices and cocktails ad refine your summer couscous dishes. You can also make marmalades compotes and chutney from cranberries.

Buy cranberries sweetened with pineapple syrup

We sweetened the sweet and sour cranberries with pineapple syrup and, together with our friends, filled them into a large 1 kg package. Now the berries are ready for you in the shop and are waiting to be used in granola, oatmeal, baked apple and couscous or as an ingredient in vegan carrot cake, fruit bread, brownies or energy bars. Order cranberries with no added sugar in the convenient 1 kg value pack now and keep the delicious snack in stock. We'll deliver it directly to your door!

Average nutritional values per 100 g
Calorific value (in kj/kcal) 1485 /  355
Fat 0.8 g
thereof saturated fatty acids 0 g
Carbohydrates 87 g
thereof sugar 68 g
Dietary fiber 4.6 g
Protein 0.3 g
Salt 0.03 g
Product number: CRANBE_001
Origin USA
Content 1 kg
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4260335831250
Data sheet Specification
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Hauptstraße 26, 10827 Berlin
Storage Advice Please store in a cool and dry place and protect from heat.
Ingredients 55% cranberries, 42% concentrated pineapple juice, 2% pineapple concentrate, sunflower oil
Best before date 25.07.2023
Trade Name Cranberries sweetened with concentrated pineapple juice
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Questions & answers: Cranberries sweetened with pineapple syrup 1 kg
You can snack on them or top your muesli, porridge, curd, (soy) yogurt or couscous, curry and salad with them. You want it especially fancy? Then dip the dried berries in liquid chocolate! The red berries are also perfect for baking juicy fruit bread, soft cookies, summery cakes or breakfast rolls. There are no limits to your creativity!
Above all, a balanced and varied diet is healthy. We therefore find it difficult to divide food per se into good, bad, healthy and unhealthy. As always: 'Balance is key'! In any case, our cranberries score with the fact that the naturally rather tart berries are refined with pineapple syrup instead of the usually used granulated sugar. All information about the ingredients and nutritional values can be found as usual under/next to the product description in our online store.
Cranberries are mainly cultivated in North America. Our cranberries also come from the USA.
It is best to store your cranberries in a cool (10 - 15° C), dry and dark place. In our preserving jars they are particularly well kept and also a visual highlight in your kitchen or pantry.
Cranberries themselves taste quite sour, many people just TOO sour! That is why they are often offered sweetened with sugar, especially in supermarkets. But not with us! We do not add the usual granulated sugar and sweeten our dried cranberries only with pineapple syrup and a little pineapple juice concentrate. The sweet little fruits do not need more to inspire you.
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Kurt A.  | 22.06.2022

Quality as always with KoRo best

For my wife and me there's only KoRo, everything else is superfluous.

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Petra G.  | 16.06.2022

very good flavor with pineapple juice

Cranberries in pineapple juice is a real plus compared to apple juice

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Claudie F.  | 14.06.2022

Very good product

Very good product in 1 kg it is too good and the price is really reasonable.

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Je recommande

Very good products. Smooth taste. Exquisite.

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Very good quality

Simply delicious. Great snack for breaks (with cashews).

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Stephanie R.  | 07.06.2022

Delicious and without sugar

The cranberries are very tasty finally those that are not preserved in sugar for preservation.

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OMG - Must have in every kitchen

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Corresponds to the description Very good product!

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