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Bourbon Vanillepulver | 25 g

Bourbon vanilla powder | 25 g

  • Finest, black powder
  • Intense vanilla aroma
  • Perfect for sauces, puddings & much more
  • Cultivated with care in Madagascar
  • No added aromas or preservatives
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Quality: Powder

Bourbon vanilla pods | 35 g
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Bourbon vanilla powder | 25 g
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Everything at a glance Bourbon vanilla powder

Also known to be the queen of spices; already appreciated by the Aztecs; is a climbing orchid with shiny leaves, and brings its unmistakable taste to sweet and savoury recipes: ladies and gentlemen, here comes vanilla! Our ground Bourbon vanilla for you, which can be used for various dishes and stored for a long time - without any added flavourings or preservatives. 

How the Bourbon vanilla powder is made

Vanilla is one of the most expensive spices. This is because its production is a rather complex process. Bourbon vanilla grows only on the islands of Madagascar, the Comoros, La Réunion, the Seychelles and Mauritius - also known as Bourbon islands. In these areas vanilla grows under extremely tough conditions. In its region of origin, Central America, the plants are pollinated by hummingbirds. In Madagascar, where the KoRo Bourbon vanilla is from, those little natural helpers are missing, which is why the vanilla plants are gently pollinated by hand by the farmers. Yes right - the vanilla farmer is going with a bamboo stick from flower to flower to spread the pollen. After harvesting the vanilla beans are carefully selected and fermented. By this the pods get their typical black-brown colour.

KoRo's ground Bourbon vanilla

Our ground Bourbon vanilla can be used directly - whether for baking, for refining pastries or desserts such as vanilla pudding, ice cream or cookies. Even though many associate vanilla with sweet creations, pure vanilla doesn't taste sweet itself. However, to get the typical sweet aroma, you don't necessarily need to add sugar as you can also use xylitol or erythritol

You prefer this spice in its original form? In our online shop you can also buy whole vanilla pods.

Order number VAN_004
Origin Madagascar
Content 25 g
Brand KoRo
EAN 4260654782011
Data sheet Specification
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Koppenplatz 9, 10115 Berlin
Storage Keep in a cool and dry place.
Ingredients 100% Bourbon vanilla beans
Cross-contamination May contain traces of GLUTEN, TREE NUTS, MUSTARD and SESAME.

From experts to experts

In 2017, over 8 million tons of vanilla were produced worldwide, 95% of which was Bourbon vanilla. Madagascar leads the global production with around 3.2 million tons a year. The optimal planting time for vanilla orchids is between September and November. After three years, the vanilla orchids will bloom for the first time, which will then be pollinated by hand. Vanilla farmers must always be on the lookout for new flowers, because they only bloom for one day; if there is no pollination within 24 hours, the flowers will bloom and no capsule fruit will be produced.

Questions about questions Bourbon vanilla powder

Why is vanilla so expensive?

The cultivation and maintenance of the plants as well as the production of the final product vanilla is extensive and time-consuming. Therefore vanilla belongs - right after safran - to most expensive spices in the world. Vanilla is traded on the stock market and regularly hits the headlines with its price developments, for instance whenever exceeding the silver price. Well, this makes your homemade vanilla cookies immediately seem much more luxurious, doesn’t it?

Where does the Bourbon vanilla powder come from?

We are only allowed to call it Bourbon vanilla powder since it is cultivated in Madagascar. Besides Madagascar there are also other growing areas, such as the so-called Bourbon islands and Mexico.

How is the Bourbon vanilla powder made?

The outer part of the vanilla pods contains the most aromas, which after scrapping out the seeds often are just thrown away. For producing our Bourbon vanilla powder, the whole vanilla pods are ground.

What are the ingredients in the Bourbon vanilla powder?

Our ground Bourbon vanilla consists to 100% of vanilla, without any other additives or aromas.

How long does the Bourbon vanilla powder last?

At room temperature and in a dark, dry place the vanilla powder can be kept up to 24 months.

What is the recommended dosage of Bourbon vanilla powder?

Since the taste of pure vanilla is quite intense, we recommend to use a half teaspoon for every 500 g of dough, ice cream or any other creation.

Does vanilla powder contains gluten?

Our vanilla powder is filled next to other foods containing gluten. Therefore it can cause a crosscontamination with gluten.

Vanilla extract, vanilla powder, vanilla aroma - what’s the difference?

It is allowed to manufacture "vanilla aroma" in chemical synthetic processes. While vanilla extract and natural vanilla aroma must only contain some elements of genuine vanilla, products that are called "vanilla powder" need to consist to 100% of ground vanilla, such as our Bourbon vanilla powder.

Does Bourbon vanilla powder contain histamine?

Vanilla is tolerated only consumed in moderation and causes mild symptoms in case of histamine intolerance. Occasional consumption of smaller quantities is often tolerated.

Is it ok to eat vanilla during pregnancy?

Vanilla is completely harmless for the health of mother and child. Thus you can satisfy your pregnancy cravings for vanilla ice cream without any concerns. Just be careful with foods high in sugars.

Can my dog eat vanilla powder?

Vanilla powder in smaller quantities is not poisonous for dogs. However, vanilla ice cream - containing usually milk powder - might lead to dog diarrhea.

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