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Organic vegan Pho broth 370ml


£12.84 per 1 litre

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  • Flavoured broth with Vietnamese spice mix
  • Can be enhanced as desired
  • Quick and easy to prepare
  • One portion per jar
  • Vegan
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What dishes come to mind when you think of Vietnamese cuisine? Some of our favourites are summer rolls and, of course, phở! Even though there are countless other delicious Vietnamese dishes, phở has a special place in our hearts. The soup is not only widespread and popular throughout Vietnam, but has also become a classic for Vietnamese restaurants in European countries. Few other soups have such a special flavour: Phở is characterised by a strong broth that is traditionally made from meat, onions, garlic, ginger and spices such as cinnamon, allspice and star anise. There are different types of phở and you can distinguish them by the following word: Phở Bo is with beef, Phở Ga is with chicken, but there is also the meatless Phở Chay! We want everyone to be able to enjoy the Vietnamese classic at home, and that's why you can now order a jar (or two or three) of vegan organic Phở broth from KoRo!

Open the jar, heat and it's ready to eat!

Your vegan organic Phở broth is ideal for cosy days at home when you want restaurant-worthy food but don't want to cook or order in. Because let's be honest: making a good phở yourself is not impossible, but it does take time - two to three hours for the broth alone, to be precise. So our recommendation is to simply grab your jar of vegan phở broth from KoRo and heat it up on the stove or in the microwave. Cook some rice noodles and add vegetables and tofu as desired. KoRo tip: Tastes particularly delicious and authentic with fresh coriander and a squeeze of lime juice.

Order KoRo's vegan Phở broth

Are you in the mood for soup? Then you've come to the right place! If you want to take a culinary trip to Hanoi, we can only recommend our vegan organic phở broth - it's definitely quicker than a flight to Vietnam! Phở is not your thing? Well, hats off to you for making it this far in the text! How about our vegan miso ramen broth? If broth is not really your thing and you prefer actual soups, we also have that! Try our organic sweet potato and curry soup or organic pumpkin and coconut soup now! In the end, whether you chose a KoRo broth or soup, they are all super simple to use, just open the package and heat it up. Try KoRo's organic vegan Phở broth now!

Average nutritional values per 100 g
Calorific value (in kj/kcal) 20 /  5
Fat 0 g
thereof saturated fatty acids 0 g
Carbohydrates 0 g
thereof sugar 0 g
Protein 0 g
Salt 0.71 g
Product number: BRUEHE_002
Best before date 31.10.2025
Origin Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Italy
Origin (Processing) Germany
Organic Origin EU / non-EU agriculture
Content 0.37 litre
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4255582809657
Data sheet Specification
Organic control body & Organic origin
EU Bio
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Hauptstraße 26, 10827 Berlin
Storage Advice Bei Raumtemperatur und vor Licht geschützt lagern
Ingredients Water, ginger*, sea salt, vegetable mix* (contains celery*, onions*, carrots*, potatoes*, leeks*, parsnips*, peppers*, tomatoes*), garlic*, sunflower oil*, soy sauce*, spices* (star anise*, fenugreek*, cumin*, turmeric*, cardamom*, coriander*, nutmeg*, clove*, pepper*, allspice*, cinnamon*), rice syrup*, apple syrup*, herbs* (lovage*, bay leaf*, parsley*)
Cross contamination Keine weiteren Allergene enthalten gemäß EU-Verordnung 1169/2011
Trade Name Vegane Bio Phở Brühe
Label note Ingredients, nutritional values, and packaging may change. For exact information, please check the product description.
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Questions & answers: Organic vegan Pho broth 370ml
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Our vegan organic phở broth is meat-free, but still tastes authentic according to the Vietnamese recipe with aromatic spices.
Yes, our vegan phở broth is only made from organically grown products!
Yes! Traditionally, phở is cooked with meat, but we didn't want to deprive you of this tasty treat! Our recipe is therefore purely plant-based, but just as flavourful!
You can simply store the broth in the kitchen cupboard at room temperature. It can be kept unopened and unrefrigerated for 12 months.
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Easy handling

Delicious and very easy to use for many recipes



I would recommend

Quality and price OK but I didn't pay attention, I thought it was a paste to dilute. I'll recommend it on occasion



Did not convince me

The broth is very weak. I somehow thought it would be more concentrated, which is why I think it's too expensive, but it tasted good with added seasoning

KoRo Handels GmbH


Hey, vielen Dank für Dein Feedback. Wir bedauern sehr, dass das Produkt nicht zu 100% Deine Erwartungen erfüllen konnte. Sicherlich findest Du noch Deinen persönlichen Favoriten bei uns im Shop. Alles Liebe Dein KoRo Team :)


Petra K.


Taste very good, but too expensive, too bad

The taste met my expectations, but the price in relation to the quantity did not. Reading error: I assumed a concentrate, not a portion...

KoRo Handels GmbH


Hey, vielen Dank für Dein Feedback. Wir bedauern sehr, dass das Produkt nicht Deinen Geschmack treffen konnte. Sicherlich findest Du noch Deinen persönlichen Favoriten bei uns im Shop. Alles Liebe Dein KoRo Team :)



Good alternative to classic vegetable stock

A specialty, could be a little spicier. Great ingredients



I will buy again

Super packaged. Fast delivery! Tasting to follow!

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