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  • From organic farming
  • Blue-green superfood microalgae
  • Food supplement
  • 100% spirulina tablets from organic farming

Everything at a glance Organic spirulina tablets

Spirulina is a genus of cyanobacteria. Spirulina are blue-green freshwater algae that occur in the alkaline waters of Mexico, Asia and South America.

Spirulina has a long tradition as a food product and was harvested by the Aztecs from the Texcoco lake. Nowadays the lake has nearly dried up and can be found in the valley of Mexico City. The Aztecs dried the spirulina to use it in soups and cakes.

Spirulina Tablets at Koro come from controlled organic cultivation and contain no additives.



Average nutritional values per 100 g
Energy (in kj/kcal) 1548 / 366
Fat 6 g
   of which Saturates 1,1 g
Carbohydrate 10,5  g
   of which Sugars 3,7 g
Protein 64 g

Order number SPI_001
Origin China
Brand KoRo
EAN 4260335831809
Data sheet Specification
Eco-Monitoring Unit DE-ÖKO-006
Traces Nutrition traces
Shipment Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Koppenplatz 9, 10115 Berlin
Storing Store the product cool and dry
Ingredients 100% spirulina tablets* *from organic farming
Cross-contamination No allergens according to EU Regulation 1169/2011.

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Questions about questions Organic spirulina tablets

What kind of Vitamins are in Spirulina?

Spirulina is rich in B-Vitamins as well as Beta-Carotin and Vitamin E. 

What kind of Minerals are in Spirulina?

Spirulina contains Calcium, Magnesium, Ion, Zinc and foil acid.

Where is Spirulina coming from?

The Spirulina seaweed is mostly found in seas which are containing a lot of salt. For example in Central America, South East Asia over Australia and Africa.

Ist Spirulina the same thing as Chlorella?

They are two very different micro seaweeds, that can both be found on this planet for over decades.

What do the others say? Organic spirulina tablets

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Alle Kommentare zu "Organic spirulina tablets | 500 g"

24 Dec 2019

Good quality, top price. Take 4-6 pieces a day and feel results after almost a month. Have better skin, no more hair loss and more energy. I always buy them!

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Gute Qualität,top Preis. Nehme 4-6 Stück am Tag und spüre nach knapp einem Monat schon Ergebnisse. Habe bessere Haut,keinen Haarausfall mehr und mehr Energie. Kaufe ich immer wieder!

19 May 2019
Trusted-Shop customer review

Great energy supplier. Neutral taste

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Trusted-Shop customer review

Toller Energielieferant. Neutraler Geschmack

21 Mar 2019
Trusted-Shop customer review

Smell good, size great, swallow good.

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Trusted-Shop customer review

Riechen gut, Größe klasse,gut zu schlucken.

4 Feb 2019
Trusted-Shop customer review

My blood values have demonstrably improved, would recommend it to my family and friends

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Trusted-Shop customer review

Meine Blutwerte haben sich nachweislich verbessert, würde es meiner Familie und Freunden empfehlen

22 Jan 2019
Trusted-Shop customer review

Very good product, I cannot say anything about the long-term effect yet.

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Trusted-Shop customer review

Sehr gute Ware, über die Langzeitwirkung kann ich noch nichts sagen.

24 Jul 2018
Trusted-Shop customer review

I can't say anything about it I just started 8 days ago.

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Trusted-Shop customer review

kann noch nichts dazu sagen habe erst vor 8 Tagen angefangen

19 May 2018
Trusted-Shop customer review

Quality and service speak for themselves

Show original language:  

Trusted-Shop customer review

Qualität und Service sprechen für sich

28 Aug 2017
Trusted-Shop customer review

Easy to eat, do not taste unpleasant

Show original language:  

Trusted-Shop customer review

Einfach zu essen, schmecken nicht unangenehm

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