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KoRo tote bag with long handles
KoRo tote bag with long handles
KoRo tote bag with long handles
KoRo tote bag with long handles
KoRo tote bag with long handles
KoRo tote bag with long handles
KoRo tote bag with long handles

KoRo tote bag with long handles


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  • Sustainable tote bag with long handles
  • Resusable
  • 100 % cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Perfect for your shopping, walks and hipster-meets

Everything at a glance KoRo tote bag with long handles

Be honest: do you still use plastic bags? If the answer is yes - don't worry, we will not judge you. But with our new, beautiful jute bag we are giving you a more environmentally friendly alternative! A win-win situation: buy KoRo's jute bag so that you can contribute to a more sustainable future in the long term, and, at the same, enjoy the looks that your great-looking accessory will attract! KoRo's tote bag – a sustainable alternative  Sustainability is not an easy topic, we admit that. Everyone has their own point of view and opinion – which is fine! But surely we can all agree that avoiding plastic bags and always having a reusable bag with us is a great first or next step towards an environmentally friendly future, right? This is why we have designed and created this beautiful tote bag made of jute, which you can reuse and wash, and consciously choose against plastic every time you go shopping! Tote bags – more than just a hipster trend! A clear case of prejudice! Fabr
Order number TASCHE_001
Origin Germany
Origin (processing) China
Content 1 pieces
Brand KoRo
EAN 4260654789027
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Koppenplatz 9, 10115 Berlin
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2,50€ / Stk.
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Questions about questions KoRo tote bag with long handles

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What is this tote bag made of?

Our tote bag is made of 100% cotton and nothing else! This means that our bag is also vegan.

What makes this tote bag special?

Tote or cloth bags are the sustainable alternatives to plastic bags. You can wash and reuse them many, as they are intended for multiple use - plus, as it is the case of our KoRo bag, they look so good!

How should I wash my KoRo tote bag?

Our tote bag can be washed in the washing machine, but, since it is made of pure cotton, you should not wash it at more than 30 degrees.

Is this tote bag suitable for children?

Our jute bag is generally suitable for every generation. However, as with other bags of any material, you should make sure that your very young children do not use the fabric bag as a toy. As a practical bag for on the go, our jute bag is of course also suitable for children.

Why is the tote bag beige?

Good question! We have actually kept the design and colour of our tote bag relatively simple, so that it goes well with every outfit! But who knows: would you like KoRo tote bags in black, white, or with different motifs? Let us know!

How can I wash my KoRo tote bag?

The tote bag should preferably be washed by hand. Simply put it in some water with detergent or soap and knead the bag thoroughly like dough. Then rinse it in warm water, let it dry and you have a clean bag!

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All the reviews "KoRo tote bag with long handles"

18 Aug 2021
verified purchase

Fan article ! 😁

So that everyone sees that I am a fan of you :))))

16 Aug 2021
verified purchase

My cool new shopping bag!

My cool new shopping bag!

13 Aug 2021
verified purchase


Nice size:)
Always goes shopping with me now.

1 Aug 2021
verified purchase

Nice bag that looks well made. Print

Beautiful bag that looks well finished. Print really nice and really high quality. The handle could be a little longer for me but that's complaining at a high level.

13 Jun 2021
verified purchase


We go to bag

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