Macadamiakerne | 500 g
Macadamiakerne | 500 g
Macadamiakerne | 500 g
Macadamiakerne | 500 g
Aurelio Dagnino is an artist from Wiesbaden in Germany. The cooperation with KoRo has begun with an intership in 2018. Since then he is creating little „stop-motion“-videos staging our products.

Whole raw unroasted macadamia nuts | 500 g

Content: 0.5 kg | £43.00 per kg

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  • Contain unsaturated fatty acids
  • Unsalted
  • High-fibre
  • Delicious and crunchy

Everything at a glance Whole raw unroasted macadamia nuts

The delicious, crunchy fruits of the macadamia tree, which belong to the plant family of silver trees, originate from the rain forests of Australia, where these delicious and nutritious nuts were already appeciated by the Aborigines. They also used to call the macadamia tree Kindal Kindal. Macadamia nuts were discovered in Australia, but nowadays they are cultivated in Hawaii and South Africa as well. Macadamia nuts are the most expensive nuts in the world, which is why they are also known as „the queen of the nuts“. The thick, dark brown shell can only be cracked with the help of a machine. Underneath lies a soft, slightly buttery core, that will melt every nut-lover's heart. 

The substances of macadamia nuts

The macadamia nut is tasty and exotic - but what do these nuts contain? Macadamia nuts are very rich in fat. However these fats are 75% mono- and poliunsaturated fatty acids. And this is great, since replacing saturated fatty acids with mono- and polisaturated fatty acids contributes to monitor the cholesterol level in our blood. 

Containing 6g fibres per 100 g, macadamia nuts also rank among the most fibre-rich foods.

KoRo macadamia nuts

As little snack for in-between, macadamia nuts are a great alternative to sweets. You can use the nuts in your cereals, cookies and cakes. Also try to make some homemade macadamia icecream with caramelised macadamia nuts giving it that little extra crunch. If all of this is still not enough for you, try our next-level macadamia butter. By the way: in our online shop you can buy whole, unsalted macadamia nuts. Our macadamia nuts are completely natural and do not contain any additives.

Average nutritional values per 100 g
Energy (in kj/kcal) 3040 / 724
Fat 72,2 g
   of which Saturates 1,5 g
Carbohydrate 8 g
   of which Sugars 4,3 g
Fibre 6 g
Protein 11,2 g
Salt 0,005 g

Order number MACA_001
Origin Australia
Brand KoRo
EAN 4260335831540
Data sheet Specification
Traces Nutrition traces
Shipment Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Koppenplatz 9, 10115 Berlin
Storing Store the product cool and dry
Ingredients 100% macadamia nuts

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Questions about questions Whole raw unroasted macadamia nuts

How do macadamia nuts grow?

Macadamia nuts grow on trees with multiple trunks, that can reach heights up to 6 to 18 metres. The trees are ready for harvesting after 7 to10 years and carry a yield up to 50 kg. The harvest time is between March and September. After harvesting the macadamia nuts are cracked mechanically, packaged and delivered to your home.

How many calories are in macadamia nuts?

One average size macadamia nut has about 20 kcal. However to be honest you probably won’t stop nibbling after one nut. A handful of macadamia nuts (10-12 pieces) contains about 200 kcal.

How much protein do macadamia nuts have?

Our macadamia nuts contain about 11,2g protein per 100g.

How to store the macadamia nuts?

Keep the macadamia nuts best hermetically sealed in a dark, dry place.

Can I eat macadamia with irritable bowel syndrome?

Macadamia nuts are low FODMAP and are well tolerated even with IBS. Take care not to eat more than a handful of macadamia nuts a day.

Can I eat macadamia in the case of histamine intolerance?

Macadamia nuts contain almost no histamine and are therefore considered as well tolerated.

Are macadamia nuts low in cholesterol?

Macadamia nuts do not contain cholesterol.

Are macadamia nuts alkaline?

Macadamia nuts are considered alkaline.

Is it okay to eat Brazil nuts during pregnancy?

During pregnancy you can safely eat a handful of macadamia nuts every day. Our macadamia nuts are not contaminated with harmful substances and all natural.

Can my baby eat macadamia nuts?

When you introduce your baby to its first food it can also eat macadamia nuts, unless unsalted, finely ground and highly diluted, for example with apple puree. The most suitable therefore is our macadamia butter.

Can my dog eat macadamia nuts?

Your dog shall not, under any circumstances eat macadamia nuts, because they can be toxic to the animal. In the case that your dog has finished your macadamia stocks, you should take the dog immediately to the vet.

What do the others say? Whole raw unroasted macadamia nuts

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Alle Kommentare zu "Whole raw unroasted macadamia nuts | 500 g"

4 Apr 2020
Trusted-Shop customer review

Wie immer klasse. Die bekomme ich wo anders nicht ohne Salz.

9 Mar 2020
Trusted-Shop customer review

Beste Qualität , total lecker

20 Feb 2020
Trusted-Shop customer review

Werde ich wieder bestellen, sehr lecker.

9 Jun 2019
Trusted-Shop customer review


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Trusted-Shop customer review


19 Mar 2019
Trusted-Shop customer review

a soft nut. Not so soft that you can crush it with your bare hand, but if you bite on it, it decays so beautifully. A very mild nutty taste.

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Trusted-Shop customer review

eine weiche Nuss. Nicht so weich, dass man sie mit bloßer Hand zerdrückt, aber wenn man drauf beißt, dann verfällt sie so schön. Ein sehr milder nussiger Geschmack.

13 Mar 2019
Trusted-Shop customer review

Finally found unsalted macadamias. Crisp quality.

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Trusted-Shop customer review

Endlich ungesalzene Macadamias gefunden. Knackige Qualität.

27 Feb 2019
Trusted-Shop customer review

Very good, nice crunchy and aromatic.

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Trusted-Shop customer review

Sehr gut, schön knackig und aromatisch.

12 Dec 2018
Trusted-Shop customer review

are under lock and key, otherwise they are all too fast

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Trusted-Shop customer review

stehen unter Verschluss, sonst sind sie zu schnell alle

4 Nov 2018
Trusted-Shop customer review

Great treat. Beautiful fresh nuts

Show original language:  

Trusted-Shop customer review

Super Lecker. Schöne frische Nüsse

26 Jul 2018
Trusted-Shop customer review

"Nacksche "Macadamia,without salt,over 700 kcal per 100g,but that is just right for me,so the energy comes back after the sport.

Show original language:  

Trusted-Shop customer review

"Nacksche"Macadamia,ohne Salz,zwar über 700 kcal pro 100g,aber das ist für mich gerade richtig.So kommt die Energie nach dem Sport zurück.

25 Feb 2018
Trusted-Shop customer review

Super tasty and cheaper than in the supermarket

Show original language:  

Trusted-Shop customer review

Super lecker und billiger als im Supermarkt

13 Dec 2017
Trusted-Shop customer review

The pineapple rings are the bomb, I love them and the cranberries too.

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Trusted-Shop customer review

Diese Produkte finde ich sehr gut.Die Ananasringe sind der Knaller,Ich liebe sie und die Cranberries auch.

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