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Sprouting sieve 1 unit
Sprouting sieve 1 unit
Sprouting sieve 1 unit
Sprouting sieve 1 unit
Sprouting sieve 1 unit
Sprouting sieve 1 unit

Sprouting sieve 1 unit


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  • Convenient lid for your sprouting jar to prevent waterlogging
  • Particularly fine meshed sieve
  • Grow your sprouts with ease
  • For cereal, legumes, sunflower seeds and more
  • Fits our ball mason jars (GLAS_007), combined with our sprouting rack (SPROSSET_003)

Quality: Sprouting sieve

Ball Mason Jar 32 oz (946 ml)

Mason jar

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Stand and cup for sprouting jar

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Sprouting sieve 1 unit

Sprouting sieve

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Everything at a glance Sprouting sieve 1 unit

Light, air, water and of course the right equipment - that's all you need to grow fresh sprouts at home. Are you a real sprout fan? Then it's high time you got your own personal sprout cultivation set: our sprout sieve is the perfect addition to our sprouting rack. Together with a sprouting jar, homemade sprouts are child's play! The filter lid and the inclined position ensure ideal growing conditions all year round. Say goodbye to unhygienic waterlogging in your sprouting jar: Buy our sprout sieve now!

Putting together your growing kit for sprouts

Why do I need a sprout sieve anyway, you ask? With our sprout sieve you can easily grow sprouts in a sprout jar without soil. To do this, screw the sieve onto your sprouting jar (which you have previously filled your watered sprouting seeds). Our mason jars, with a capacity of just under 1 litre, is perfect as a sprouting jar. With our draining rack, including draining tray, you can put your filled sprouting jar in the best position. The fine-meshed sieve allows the air to circulate in your sprouting jar. On the other hand, when the jar is placed upside down, the remaining water can run off without the sprouts falling out. The germinating sprouts thus remain fresh and hygienic and can develop under ideal growing conditions on your windowsill.

Instructions for growing sprouts

The first thing to do is to choose the seeds: For example, you can grow our sproutable mung beans into mung bean sprouts (usually known as soybean sprouts). First rinse your sprout jar with cold water. Then put two to three tablespoons of the seeds into your sprouting jar, rinse them several times with cold water and then cover them with about twice the amount of water. The seeds should be soaked in the sprouting jar for up to 12 hours, depending on the variety. After the soaking time, sort out the seeds that have not swelled, as they might rot. The remaining seeds remain in your sprouting jar, (the seeds can be soaked and sprouted in the same container). After soaking, the sprout sieve is used: screw the sieve onto your sprout jar before placing it upside down on your draining rack. In the coming days, you should rinse your sprouts two to three times a day and then return the jar to the position described. Excess water will flow into the collection tray of the sprout jar stand. Depending on the variety, you can harvest crisp, fresh, home-grown sprouts after just four days. The perfect location for your sprouting jar is a bright place, but without direct sunlight.

Sprout recipes for any day

Sprouts may be relatively small, but they prove to be a great enrichment in terms of taste. Depending on the variety, they range from mildly tart to delicately spicy to really hot. The vegetables can be prepared in many ways and are a popular ingredient in Asian cuisine: over there, mung bean sprouts (usually incorrectly called soybean sprouts) are served, for example, as a topping for a tasty stir fry. But fresh sprouts also enrich your salads and your lunch bowls. Sprouts are also an easy and tasty addition to your favourite sandwich.

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Our sprout sieve - in combination with the sprouting rack and our sprouting jar – takes your sprout cultivation to a new level. Whether as an addition to your windowsill garden, as a new hobby or as a gift for your favourite plant person: Fresh sprouts taste wonderful on sandwiches, salads and Buddha bowls! Start your DIY project: Buy our sprout sieve now and complete your sprouting set!

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