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Pumpkin Spice pumpkin seed spread

Hmmm, the combination of pumpkin seed puree, 'Pumpkin Spice' spice, apple and dried cranberries will turn your breakfast into an autumnal flavor explosion.

Pumpkin Spice pumpkin seed spread

Pumpkin seed puree is not only a great alternative to nut puree, it is also full of minerals like iron and magnesium. You can also prepare a larger amount of the spread and store it in a screw jar in the refrigerator. That way, you'll always have a healthy topping for your bread on hand when you need to make it in a hurry.



Mix the ingredients for the spread in a bowl. If it is too solid, add a dash of water. Spread your spread evenly on the two slices of bread. Wash the apple and cut it into thin slices. Put the slices on the bread with the pumpkin seed spread and also add the cranberries and chia seeds. Enjoy your meal!

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