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Protein Shake with Soy Protein Crispies

Protein shake with soy protein crispies, ultra tasty, and mega fast! This protein bomb you should definitely try!

Protein Shake with Soy Protein Crispies

You need an extra portion of protein after sports or just want to strengthen yourself with a creamy shake? Then try this quick and easy recipe! You can also let off steam with the toppings: Of course, our soy protein crispies, which contribute even more protein, are particularly suitable. But also coconut chips, chocolate drops or mulberries taste really great on the shake. We wish you a good appetite!

Ingredients for one shake:


At the beginning you put all ingredients in a blender and puree everything until a creamy shake is created. Then fill the mixture into a bowl and garnish your smoothie with the soy protein crispies and the toppings. Enjoy your meal!

A big thank you goes out to the lovely Rebecca for providing us with this recipe so we could share it with you here. You can discover more delicious recipes on her Instagram account and food blog!

Instagram: xbeccabella

Wordpress: xbeccabella.wordpress.com

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