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KoRo chokeberry syrup

KoRo Aronia Syrup, here we show you how you can make your own syrup in no time!

KoRo chokeberry syrup


The chokeberry is a true all-rounder with numerous positive effects for health. Especially as a syrup, the chokeberry can be used in many ways: whether as a dessert sauce, flavor carrier in drinks or for fruity sweetening of tea. Here we present you a simple recipe for sweet chokeberry syrup.

Ingredients (for 4 small glasses):

  • 500 g chokeberry berries
  • 250 g white rock candy
  • juice of 1/2 lemon
  • pulp of 1/2 vanilla pod


First you should wash the chokeberry fruit, add a little water and puree it thoroughly in a blender. Then pour the fruit puree on a stretched must cloth. You should then mix about 300 ml of the fruit juice obtained with sugar and lemon juice and boil until the rock candy is completely dissolved. Then you fill the hot liquid into sealable bottles. If the chokeberry syrup is stored in a cool and dark place, it can be kept for several months.

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