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Premium grain-free dog food with fresh meat | 15 kg


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  • Grain-free
  • With fresh meat
  • Poultry protein min. 24%
  • Joint health complex
  • Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids
Variety: Premium grain-free dog food with fresh meat | 15 kg

Available, delivery time 6-7 days

BBD: 23.02.2023

Buy now: Premium grain-free dog food with fresh meat | 15 kg

Do you love your dog so much that in private you have a whole conversation with them in silly baby language, and you feel they get you much better than people? Well, such adoration should not stop when it comes to feeding. The wait is over – Koro has its own premium dog food with fresh poultry. 

High-quality dry food for your dog

More than 50% of our mono-protein dry food is made up of animal ingredients, therefore containing lots of fresh meat, as well as supplements such as chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine, which are important for your furry friend's joint health. Our corn-free dog food is even enriched with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids! And natural herbs and berries make it not only delicious for your dog, but they also bring the correct amount of fibre into their diet. As if this wasn't enough, we have even thought about your well-being! To prevent you from being knocked out by the smell every time it's dinner time, we have added some yucca to cover it up.

Completely grain- and sugar-free

Our premium dry food is free of grains and sugar. Everyone knows that there's no room for sugar in dog food, especially because it has many negative consequences on health. Grains, however, are not bad in themselves, but, as many dogs suffer from some forms of gluten allergy or intolerance, we have preferred to avoid them completely. Thus our premium grain-free dog food is a suitable alternative for sensitive dogs too!

High meat content and lots of fresh meat

With its formula 50/50/0, our dog food supplies your dog with all the nutrients and energy they need. Our recipe contains a particularly high proportion of animal ingredients and fresh meat, higher than most dry foods. Now you can do something good for your dog from the comfort of your home - order  our dry food with fresh meat online and save yourself the effort of carrying around bulks of dog food!

More than 23 % of protein 

The amount of protein they consume each day is very important for your dog's health. Here you find a scheme that summarises the different protein needs of healthy dogs according to their size:


Bodyweight (Kg)

Protein need (g/day)

Recommended portion (g)






































As you can see, for a 20 kg golden retriever, 55 g of protein a day are necessary: with 230 g of protein per kilo, our dog food covers all those nutritious needs. We also have to consider that, in certain circumstances like intense physical activity or during growth, our animals consume more energy; consequently, their protein requirements  increase by 10 – 40 %. But too much protein is bad as well, as excessive consumption can lead to kidney and liver damage.

With our premium grain-free dog food with fresh meat, your dog will enjoy a delicious and balanced meal every day! Switch to grain free dog food now!

Product number: HUND_001
Origin Germany
Content 15 kg
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4260654782110
Data sheet Specification
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Hauptstraße 26, 10827 Berlin
Storage Advice Store in a cool and dry place
Ingredients Poultry protein 24%, chicken (fresh) 20%, potato flakes 20%, potato starch 18%, poultry fat, beet fibers, chicken liver hydr., salmon oil, cranberries, haromatic herbs mix i (parsley, rosmaty, nettle, chamomille, sage, thyme, coriander, dandelion, liquorice), green tea extract, yucca schidigera, glucosamine HCL, chondroitine sulfate.
Cross contamination No allergenes according to EU-VO 1169/2011 guidelines.
Best before date 23.02.2023
Trade Name Premium grain-free dog food with fresh meat
Analytical Components Rohprotein 24,8 %, Rohfett 14,5 %, Rohfaser 3,3 %, Calcium 1,5 %, Phosphor 0,9 %, Magnesium 0,1 %, Natrium 0,3 %
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Questions & answers: Premium grain-free dog food with fresh meat | 15 kg
You can also cook your own dog food with fresh meat. However, you must be careful to achieve the right composition. Our dog food consists of a lot of ingredients to guarantee a balanced diet for dogs. We recommend that you cook your dog's food yourself from time to time and give him our premium grain-free dry dog food in everyday life.
Even neutered dogs can eat this grain-free dry dog food without any problems.
Monoprotein means that only one type of meat is included in the food as a source of protein. Our grain-free dry food with fresh meat contains 24.8% protein from poultry meat.
The grain-free dog food is composed of several high-quality ingredients, all of natural origin. The grain-free dog food with a high percentage of fresh meat contains everything your pet needs: For example, your grain-free dog food contains proteins from poultry meat, carbohydrates from potatoes grown in Germany, cranberries, salmon oil and green tea extract.
Whether you have a large dog like a Labrador, Husky, German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Rhodesian Ridgeback or Australian Shepherd, or a small four-legged friend like a Miniature Spitz, Chihuahua or Pug, the answer to the question is basically always the same: a balanced food with a good proportion of protein, nutrients and fiber. Our grain-free dry dog food provides your dog - big or small - with just that.
You can order our grain-free dog food on account (Klarna) and pay within 14 days.
No, this premium dry food with fresh meat contains no grains and no sugar.
The right amount of food for your dog depends on his size and the level of your daily activities. Also the change of coat plays a role. In the tab "Description" you will find a dosage recommendation for our dry dog food without cereals according to protein requirements of your dog. Here is the recommended daily amount of food by weight of your dog: 2kg: 57 g 5 kg: 107 g 10 kg: 180 g 20 kg: 302 g 30 kg: 410 g 50 kg: 600 g 70 kg: 773 g
The name says it all: Our dry dog food with lots of fresh meat contains lots of fresh meat, no added sugar and no grains.
This dog food with fresh meat is suitable for pregnant or nursing bitches. It is best to discuss the energy and protein requirements of your bitch during this period with the vet in charge.
It's the mix that counts. Although the main diet of wolves was predominantly meat, they also ate bones, tendons, cartilage and, last but not least, the stomach and intestinal contents of their prey. Dogs have been domesticated over thousands of years and are definitely omnivores. So a pure meat diet can lead to malnutrition in them.
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8 Reviews

Anonymous  | 21.02.2022


Schmeckt dem Hund, gute Inhaltsstoffe und kommt in einem Papiersack.

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Anonymous  | 03.11.2021

Lecker Futter für meinen Hund, fit und gesund.

Hier stimmt Preis und Leistung in bester Koro Qualität. Ich kaufe dieses Futter jetzt seit fast zwei Jahren und habe beste Erfahrung damit gemacht.

5 people found this information helpful
Anonymous  | 07.10.2021

Super. My dog goes full on it.

Super. My dog goes full on it.

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Anonymous  | 26.09.2021

Immer wieder gern! Preis-Leistung super

Unser Australian Shepherd liebt das Kork Hundetrockenfutter. Wir haben gerade den 2. Sack bestellt. Unser Joni verträgt es sehr gut und frisst es sehr gern, auch als Leckerli beim Training. Futter und Hund riechen gut, was ja beim Verzehr manchen Sorten nicht immer der Fall ist.

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Anonymous  | 07.08.2021



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Anonymous  | 04.04.2021

Empfindlicher Hundemagen - Perfektes Futter!

Meine Hündin hat Probleme mit dem Futter seit sie ein Welpe ist. Selbst bei sensitiven Hundefutter kommt es immer auf die Marke darauf an, ob sie es gut verträgt oder nicht. Nach Jahren und vielen Versuchen ist das das erste Futter, womit sie Null Probleme hat. Ihr schmeckt es und sie kann es gut verdauen :)

1 people found this information helpful
Anonymous  | 02.02.2021

Woof.... Perfect food!

Crunchy! My naughty little bulldog loves the food!

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Anonymous  | 22.01.2021

Finally the farting has an end and we can breathe again - our dogs love it.

Our two dogs tolerate the food much better than others. We have now switched from Platinum to your dry food, because the Gepupse :D finally has an end :) One of our dogs is probably a little too dry, but he has to go through. Also, it does not stink so disgusting.

1 people found this information helpful

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