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Christmas 31 Article

Cinnamon waffles 100g
Quantity: 100 g

Content: 0.1 kg (£45.00 / 1 kg)

£4.50 £45.00 per 1 kg
Organic ground cinnamon 500g

Content: 0.5 kg (£16.50 / 1 kg)

£8.25 £16.50 per 1 kg
Bourbon vanilla powder 25g

Content: 0.025 kg (£560.00 / 1 kg)

£14.00 £560.00 per 1 kg
29  %
Lübeck fine marzipan potatoes 500g
Quantity: 500 g

Content: 0.5 kg (£11.00 / 1 kg)

£5.50 £7.75 £11.00 per 1 kg
Bourbon vanilla pods 35g

Content: 0.035 kg (£400.00 / 1 kg)

£14.00 £400.00 per 1 kg
Hazelnut milk chocolate bites 750g

Content: 0.75 kg (£22.67 / 1 kg)

£17.00 £22.67 per 1 kg
Apple chips with cinnamon 500g

Content: 0.5 kg (£24.00 / 1 kg)

£12.00 £24.00 per 1 kg
Organic pudding rice 5kg

Content: 5 kg (£3.50 / 1 kg)

£17.50 £3.50 per 1 kg
Organic cherry-filled gingerbread hearts 250g
Quantity: 250 g

Content: 0.25 kg (£25.00 / 1 kg)

£6.25 £25.00 per 1 kg
Plum puree 100% fruit 800g
Quantity: 800 g

Content: 0.8 kg (£13.13 / 1 kg)

£10.50 £13.13 per 1 kg
Dark chocolate bites with hazelnuts 750g

Content: 0.75 kg (£26.00 / 1 kg)

£19.50 £26.00 per 1 kg
Roasted pistachios salted caramel 500g

Content: 0.5 kg (£37.00 / 1 kg)

£18.50 £37.00 per 1 kg
Fine Lübeck marzipan hearts 500g

Content: 0.5 kg (£19.50 / 1 kg)

£9.75 £19.50 per 1 kg
Free shipping
Dried orange slices 500g

Content: 0.5 kg (£33.00 / 1 kg)

£16.50 £33.00 per 1 kg

Buy food for the Christmas season online

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year” – that's what we at KoRo think too. That's why we want to provide you with everything your Christmas heart desires during the Advent season. You've already unpacked grandma's tried and tested biscuit recipe, but you're still missing the vanilla powder? We got you! For next-level biscuits, we even have bourbon vanilla beans on offer for you! The classic chocolate advent calendar is tried and tested - but this year you'd like more surprise and variety? No problem! With us you can choose between six lovingly filled Advent calendars - or of course put all six in your shopping basket. We are also at your side when it comes to choosing gifts for your loved ones. Whether it's a supply of roasted almonds in case the Christmas market is too far away, or a cold brew coffee maker in joyful anticipation of the next summer - we provide you with exquisite gift ideas! 

Ingredients for Christmas cookies 

"There are many a treat in the Christmas bakery!" - and in your kitchen too, of course! Because we at KoRo offer you numerous tasty baking ingredients with which you can conjure up your own biscuits or gingerbread. From flour and ground almonds to cinnamon and marzipan - we have everything you need for your own Christmas bakery. After all, what could be better than kneading biscuit dough with your friends on a cold winter evening while singing Christmas carols? At the most, decorating the finished biscuits together. Add to that a cup of aromatic mulled wine and roasted almonds in a 1 kg pack - and you've got the Christmas market feeling right at home. For the more advanced, there are also roasted pecansroasted peanutsroasted cashews and roasted hazelnuts in the KoRo range in addition to the nutty all-time favourites!

Speculoos fun with KoRo 

Speaking of speculoos: We offer you some delicious speculoos treats, because we don't want to miss this Christmas classic in our range either! No matter whether you munch on our vegan speculoos spread during a hearty holiday breakfast, refine your own Christmas biscuits with our speculoos spice or surprise your colleagues with our vegan spiced speculoos - the fine spicy aroma known to young and old alike should definitely not be missing at Christmas! But we wouldn't be KoRo if we didn't have a very special combination for you: our coconut cubes with speculoos, which are just waiting to be added to your Christmas snack supply. 

Advent calendars 2023

“On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me…” – a homemade advent calendar perhaps? We will provide you with small, practical gifts and varied treats for this year's DIY Advent calendar. One of our energy bars, an organic energy ball with a creamy nut filling or an organic ginger shot must definitely find its place behind one of the doors. If you'd rather leave the honourable task of choosing to us, you'll definitely find what you're looking for in our Advent calendar range

All you need to know about Christmas at Koro 

Of course, we want you to find everything you need to relax and enjoy the holidays. If you still have a question, feel free to contact our Christmas elves from customer support or write to us on social media. 

Can I buy ingredients for Christmas biscuits from you?

Of course! In addition to various types of flour, granulated sugar alternatives, ground almonds and marzipan, you can also get Christmas spices such as cinnamon in the value pack at KoRo. Butter biscuits are too boring for you? Then try baking your own vegan speculoos - with a good portion of speculoos spice, of course. 

Are your Christmas products vegan?

You're looking for vegan mulled winevegan speculoos or even vegan speculoos spread? Then you've come to the right place, because many of our Christmas products are purely plant-based! Besides sweet treats, you can also find delicious meat alternatives for a vegetarian or vegan Christmas dinner at KoRo, such as organic seitan or smoked tofu with almonds and sesame seeds. Do you traditionally have potato salad on Christmas Eve? No problem with organic vegan mayonnaise from now on!

I need a last minute gift for Christmas, do you have anything for me?

No problem at all! An absolute classic for latecomers and last-minute decision-makers: the KoRo gift voucher. And it's not at all an uncreative or impersonal gift! Because you can never go wrong with a gift voucher - after all, you're giving away the opportunity to let off steam to your heart's content in KoRo's wide range of products. Our vouchers are sent online and are therefore available to you in no time at all. The perfect quick Christmas gift!