Our business concept

How do we manage all these things? That's what we're going to explain to you now.


Why some of our products are not certified organic?


The bio is great, there is no question about that! This is also the reason why a large part of our products is certified organic. We are aware that the consumer is paying more and more attention to what he eats. For us, the taste of the products we offer is definitely fundamental, but we can also promise you that even our non-certified organic products come from sustainable agriculture. We maintain direct contact with our farmers and are informed of the conditions on the site. However, some small farms do not have the means to be certified organic, but that does not mean that they do not follow the same rules. In addition, pesticides are generally rinsed with groundwater. For example, as nuts are consumed without shell, the use of pesticides is less critical. As a result, we are partially using uncertified farms to save groundwater.


Why do we favor a network without intermediaries?


Why do we favor a network without intermediaries?

This is a subject that we approach a lot: we avoid superfluous steps in the chain of production and marketing of our products, and thanks to that, we can offer you fair and adequate prices. But how does it work, exactly? First, we would have to explain how a "normal" product lands in a "normal" supermarket. Supermarkets offer products of different brands. That means they buy a certain amount of these products from different companies or even more often from wholesalers. And it is very likely that they too have already bought these products from another wholesaler. And the company that manufactures the product has also bought raw materials from several other companies, which themselves buy from other companies. At each stage of this endless cycle, the prices of the products are increased, so that the companies concerned make a profit. And as a result, the customer buys these products at a much higher price than he should be. Here is exactly what we try to avoid. We buy directly from farmers and do not go through any of these unnecessary steps.

This short delivery chain is clearly better for the environment, since much less transport is needed. Then our products are stored much less and arrive much cooler at home! It's win-win for all!


Why are our packaging made of plastic?


Our motto is: avoid to throw, recycle to the maximum! Indeed, we try to avoid as much as possible unnecessary packaging when it is possible for us to do so. But since we are an online store and we have to send our products, we must also pack them in one way or another! We had thought of paper bags or cotton bags but they can not be used for our products because they would lose quality and significantly reduce their shelf life. Nobody wants to find moths in his packet of dried mangoes! We still had another idea that plastic: cardboard packaging ... the total flop. It seemed like a good solution for the environment but it turned out that it was rather the opposite. Already, the cardboard contains plastic and aluminum but in addition, it is not recyclable.


So the best solution for us are the polypropylene bags. These plastic bags are recyclable and consume little energy during their manufacture. We try to use as few plastics as possible per product, with our bags that contain large quantities. And our oleaginous purées are sold in glass jars! Moreover, nothing is easier than reusing these containers! Just wash them and use them to store foods like rice or nuts for example. They can also serve as a lunch box, or container for porridges or sauces!

What we want is naturally that you receive only fresh products, and you buy them from us because you want quality. But what happens with these products that stay too long in stock, waiting to find a new home, and approaching their expiration date? It would be really too bad to throw them! Besides, we do not sell quickly perishable products, but only nuts, dried fruits and Co. And the products that will soon no longer be consumable and that we can not sell any more, we give them to "Berliner Tafel" (which is a Berlin charity). At home, nothing ends in the trash!

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