Organic Wheat Germs | 250 g

KoRo Wheat Germs are completely natural and consists only of Wheat Germ. No additives, artificial flavours or preservatives. Our Wheat Germs are 100% organic.

  • From organic farming
  • No additives
  • Source of protein
  • Low in fat
Content: 0.25 kg (£31.60 / 1 kg)

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Wheat germs are known as natural power supplements and therefore are so popular. They are particularly low in fat (less than 3 g of fat per 100 g) and contain high-quality plant proteins as well as energizing carbohydrates. Because of these qualities, Wheat Germs are especially popular amongst health-conscious people and athletes.

Just like with all of our products, we make sure that they are organic. That's why our Organic Wheat Germs come without additives like aroma, dyes or conservatives. The list of ingredients is as short as it can be: 100 % Wheat Germs.


Energy (in kj/kcal) 1282 /  304 
Fat 1,0 - 3,0 g
    thereof saturated fatty acids ca. 1,0 g
Carbohydrates 33 - 37 g
    thereof sugar 8,0 12,0 g
Protein > 25 g
Salt < 0,05 g

Order number: PROTEIN_005
Herkunft EU-agriculture
Marke KoRo
EAN 4260335833384
Rückstandsanalyse Specification
Spuren Nutrition traces
Lieferung Delivery time outside of Germany
Unternehmen KoRo Handels GmbH
Koppenplatz 9, 10115 Berlin
Lagerung Store the product cool and dry
Zutaten 100% Wheat Germs** certified organic
Allergene May contain traces of GLUTEN, other EDIBLE NUTS, SESAME and LUPINES.

The fluent communication of our products is part of our companies vision and therefore very important to us. That's why we developed a price graph, which will always keep you up to date regarding the development of our prices.You can see the price of the product as per 100g and to know the reason behind the amount, simply click on the circle.
How is our price getting lower? Mostly because we just skip unnecessary trading stages. This safes us money which results in your product being simply cheaper.
Why is there a price fluctuation? The harvest of raw products is not linear and is very much depending on external factors, like for example the weather or climate. Are these conditions not ideal and the gathering of the product is low, the price gets higher and we have to pay more. This is why we continuously reject contracts with producers that are longer than one season.
So there you go. This is how our price graph makes it super easy for you to understand the price development of your favourite products.

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What exactly are Wheat germs?

Wheat germs are made out of wheat corn. Vitamins and Proteins are serving the process of manufacturing and therefore the wheat germ is not any less healthy the the corn itself.

What can I do with Wheat germs?

Besides the normal flour aroma, organic wheat germs have a nice nutty-sweet taste. We recommend to not heat the germs up. Otherwise you can use them for everything you would use normal flour for as well, for example making bread or a cake.

17 Jan 2019

Bewertung eines Trusted-Shops-Nutzers

Schmeckt und ist in einer super Qualität.

9 Dec 2018

Bewertung eines Trusted-Shops-Nutzers

Erstens: die Weizenkeime entstehen aus biologischem Anbau. Zweitens: sie haben ein langes Haltbarkeitsdatum. Drittens: die Nährwerte entsprechen der Empfehlung. Viertens: die Weizenkeime sind hygienisch in einer ansprechenden Tüte verpackt. Alles so wie es sein soll.

3 Nov 2018

Bewertung eines Trusted-Shops-Nutzers

Qualität und Reinheit der Weizenkeime sowie die vorbildlichen Art der Verpackung sind herausragend.

30 Jun 2018

Bewertung eines Trusted-Shops-Nutzers

5 Sterne deshalb, weil das Produkt zwei wesentliche Bedingungen erfüllt: Zum einen besteht es aus 100 Bio-Weizenkeime, also völlig ohne Zusätze ist und zum anderen zu einem fairen Produktpreis zu haben ist.

17 Sep 2017

Bewertung eines Trusted-Shops-Nutzers

Für unser Müsli. .

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