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Organic pine nut butter 12 x 500 g


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  • Whole bodied 100 % pine nut butter
  • Creamy and soft consistency for the perfect drizzle
  • Intense pine nut flavour
  • Organic
  • For cooking, baking and as a topping for your bowl
Quantity: Organic pine nut butter 12 x 500 g
Variety: Organic pine nut butter 12 x 500 g

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BBD: 17.06.2024

Buy now: Organic pine nut butter 12 x 500 g

We had a mission: to create the best pine nut butter in the world. And to do that, we pulled out all the stops. In our case, that means: Snack attack! We snacked our way through the organic pine nut selection, tested everything thoroughly and then found our great pine nut love in Russia. And what can we say: our creamy-soft consistency means food porn guarantee for you. Intense, full-bodied pine nut flavour and the best organic quality make cooking and baking with our pine nut butter a real taste experience. The texture is so smooth that the spoon literally melts in your mouth. Order your new favourite nut butter online at KoRo now and enjoy it pure tomorrow!

Pine nut butter: from the harvest to your jar

We climbed trees in Russia so you could drizzle some tasty nut butter over your bowl — and we are dead serious! Pine cones, which are harvested between October and April, are harvested by hand. Individuals known as "Pineros" climb up the pine trees and and knock them down one by one with sticks. That's also a big reason why pine nuts are usually more expensive than other nuts and seeds. In any case, we've got the absolute best quality for you at a really fair price with our 12 x 500 g value tray!

Recipes for salads, pesto, dressings and baking

Now that you have your new jar of nut butter in your hands, it's time for the best part: snacking, cooking, baking - everything that makes the palate happy. For example, we have some delicious pine nut pesto up our sleeves that is perfect for a lentil and quinoa salad. But you can also use it as a substitute for any other nut puree for baking. Your salted peanut chocolate bars can very easily become salted pine nut chocolate bars! And for a quick snack in between meals, treat yourself to a few crispy bites or use the pine nut butter as a drizzle on your porridge or bowl. So you see, there's more in the jar than just a bit of nut butter. There are also endless possibilities for using it! And if you don't feel like kitchen action, a good old pine nut butter and jelly sandwich will do just as well!

Buy KoRo's pine nut butter

Do you still have some space in your cupboard next to our peanut butter, almond butter and cashew butter? You better, because once you try this creamy temptation, it will become a permanent fixture in your kitchen. How can we be so sure? The smooth and creamy treat has a whole bodied pine nut flavour which will make your palate as happy as ever! Buy KoRo's pine nut butter now!

Average nutritional values per 100 g
Calorific value (in kj/kcal) 2872 / 695
Fat 63 g
thereof saturated fatty acids 17 g
Carbohydrates 15 g
thereof sugar 6 g
Dietary fiber 3 g
Protein 18 g
Salt 0 g
Product number: MUS_098_T12
Origin Russian Federation
Origin (Processing) Bulgaria
Organic Origin Non EU agriculture
Content 6 kg
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4260718292258
Data sheet Specification
Organic control body & Organic origin
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Hauptstraße 26, 10827 Berlin
Storage Advice Store in a cool and dry place, away from light.
Ingredients 100 % pine nuts* *from organic farming
Cross contamination May contain traces of PEANUTS, NUTS and SESAME
Best before date 17.06.2024
Trade Name Organic pine nut butter
Questions & answers: Organic pine nut butter 12 x 500 g
We source our pine nuts from Russia, where the precious kernels are harvested from the pine trees between October and April. To make a delicious cream, we then have them mashed in giant blenders in Bulgaria. After that they are ready for delivery and hungry snackers.
Yes, we have selected only the best organic pine nuts for you in the selection of our pine nuts. Therefore, you can buy our pine nut puree in organic quality.
Many moms and dads like to mix nut puree into their baby's porridge, but it's best to ask your pediatrician when and how much.
A balanced and varied diet is ultimately decisive for healthy or unhealthy. Our pine nut puree scores with its incredible ingredient list of 100% kernel, as a source of protein and fiber and as a real puree delicacy.
Yes, you can also make nut puree yourself at home. Making a cream definitely requires a powerful blender, where you put the pine nuts and then blend in the device until it becomes creamy. This can sometimes take a bit of time and is not as smooth, but definitely possible for the DIY mice out there.
Pine nuts are not nuts, so you do not have to be allergic to them. However, we advise you not to eat them until you have talked to a doctor.
With the pine nut puree, we have gone full throttle to offer you the best possible taste experience. To do this, we went in search of the tastiest and best organic pine nuts ourselves, tested them extensively and then let our winner mash. The result is a full-bodied puree with a creamy, smooth consistency for the perfect drizzle. Intense flavor of pine nuts and the best organic quality make cooking and baking a real taste experience.
This is an understandable question, but unfortunately we cannot give you a general answer. Every pregnancy is different, therefore we ask you to contact your gynecologist with this concern.
But of course! Our mush is completely vegetable because our mush is 100% pine nuts.
The puree can be kept closed for at least 36 months directly after production and under optimal storage conditions. What we mean by optimal storage? It is best to store it where it is cool, dry and out of direct sunlight.
There are 695 calories per 100 g of nut puree. With a tablespoon of the cream on your porridge, you get 104 calories for the perfect drizzle.
18 grams of protein, 3.4 grams of fiber and 15 grams of carbohydrates (per 100 g of mush) - that's impressive, isn't it? If you want to take a closer look, you can read all the numbers in our specification on the right next to or below the product description.
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18 Reviews

Anonymous  | 14.02.2022



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Anonymous  | 08.02.2022

Incredibly delicious and special

The mush is incredibly delicious. The aftertaste of pine is just great. So far tried over breakfast curd, pure or in salad. The jar will not get old with me.

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Anonymous  | 07.02.2022

I liked it very much, the

I liked it very much, the special taste of the pine nuts distinguishes it from other mush. It's a little more liquid than others but that's an advantage when you want to spread it on bread, for example. I eat it for breakfast on toast: a layer of virgin coconut oil, a layer of honey and a third thin layer of pine nut mush. Start the day with full energy. Highly recommended!

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Anonymous  | 04.02.2022



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Anonymous  | 31.01.2022

Tastes good but unfortunately not properly sealed

The mush itself is very tasty and makes a good impression. Unfortunately, the jar has not been properly sealed. On the one hand, this leads naturally to the fact that there is a mess in the package. Further, I hope that this does not affect the shelf life.

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Anonymous  | 28.01.2022

Simply mega !

Very creamy super delicious tasted buttery and even sweet 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻Would buy again!

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Anonymous  | 28.01.2022


The most delicious mush I have ordered from Koro so far. This will not be the last jar . Super as a topping for my porridge!

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Anonymous  | 06.12.2021


I like every nut puree from Koro. Just great quality and super taste. That also applies to this one. Suitable mega as a topping for the Quarkbowl

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Anonymous  | 18.11.2021

Indescribably horny simply!

Ok wow! This just tops everything! My favorite nut as a mush. And then also 100% natural! Am overjoyed!

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Anonymous  | 02.11.2021

Special Mush!

Was looking for a special mush that I have never tried and found it here!

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