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Organic date and hazelnut chocolate bites 400 g
Organic date and hazelnut chocolate bites 400 g
Organic date and hazelnut chocolate bites 400 g
Organic date and hazelnut chocolate bites 400 g
Organic date and hazelnut chocolate bites 400 g
Organic date and hazelnut chocolate bites 400 g

Organic date and hazelnut chocolate bites 400 g

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  • Little treat for any time of the day
  • With dates. oats and hazelnuts
  • Covered in the finest chocolate
  • Vegan
  • Organic

Variety: Hazelnut



This product will be released at 19 January 2022

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BBD: 10.06.2022

Everything at a glance Organic date and hazelnut chocolate bites 400 g

Can you never decide what you want? Pizza or fries? Salty or sweet? Crunchy or soft? Don't worry, with our date chocolate bites you certainly don't have to decide: the small, rectangular treats combine crunchy chocolate with creamy date texture for just the right amount of sweetness. And for that extra crunch, hazelnuts complete the gourmet dream. Get your hands on our date chocolate bites with hazelnuts now and let the treat melt in your mouth!

So crunchy, so soft – snacking delight

There's an old culinary adage that a perfect palate experience should consist of at least two different textures - solid and liquid, crunchy and soft or any other combination of the sort. So we huddled behind our desks and worked vigorously on new perfect treats for you. The result: date chocolate bites with hazelnuts! Crisp chocolate accommodates a tender date and oat mixture, to which we add crunchy hazelnut pieces. Food Heaven - here it is! We've know that dates, chocolate and hazelnut belong together long before our famous date and hazelnut spread. The trio is like chocolate and vanilla or Bonnie and Clyde. Thanks to their unique recipe, our date-chocolate bites are sweet, nutty and smooth at the same time. They are sure to become your new favourite treat with coffee, tea or hot chocolate!

A clash of giants: energy balls vs. date and chocolate bites

Our energy balls are the clear winner in KoRo's snack game. The only disadvantage: they are only available in single packs. And unfortunately, we sometimes need more. That's why our date and chocolate bites come directly in a 400 g value pack! But what exactly is the difference between the energy balls with nut filling and our date chocolate bites with nut pieces? And more importantly, which is tastier? Hardly any debate divides the KoRo office as much as this one. The chocolate bites are particularly convincing for our analysts and number crunchers: straight, rectangular and, in the convenient value pack, also really cost-efficient! Team energy ball, on the other hand, is mainly made up of our creative team members. They love the round energy bombs that turn every creative spark into a real fountain of ideas! Team energy ball swears by the liquid pistachio butter filling, whereas team date and chocolate bites is an absolute fan of the tart and nutty taste of the hazelnut bites. No matter how difficult it is for us to decide, everyone agrees: both taste great! 

Buy KoRo's vegan treats

We love snacking. And preferably without a guilty conscience. That's why we offer a wide range of vegan treats. Have you tried our chocolate protein crunchies with no added sugar? With our date and chocolate bites, we've gone one step further and now also offer you a delicate snacking pleasure in a rectangle! Our date and chocolate bites are the perfect size for dessert and taste wonderfully fresh and delicate thanks to their chocolate flavour. Did you know that you can also get our date and chocolate bites with peanuts? Grab your favourite date and  chocolate bites now and enjoy!

Average nutritional values per 100 g
Energy (in kj/kcal) 1789 / 428
Fat 21 g
   of which Saturates 1,8 g
Carbohydrate 49 g
   of which Sugars 41 g
Fibre 8,3 g
Protein 6,7 g
Salt 0,02 g

Order number DATNU_002
Origin Tunisia (dates), Algeria, Egypt, China
Origin (processing) Germany
Content 0.4 kg
Brand KoRo
EAN 4260718294955
Data sheet For technical reasons, the data may differ. For specific questions, please contact our customer support. Specification
Eco-monitoring unit Due to technical reasons, data may differ. In case you have specific questions, please contact our customer support team.
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Koppenplatz 9, 10115 Berlin
Storage Store in a cool and dry place, away from light.
Ingredients 35 % dates*, 18 % dark chocolate (cocoa mass*, sugar*, cocoa butter*, vanilla powder*), raisins*, 14 % HAZELNUTS*, 12 % HAZELNUT butter (HAZELNUTS*), OAT flour*, 2.5 % cocoa powder (strongly de-oiled). Cocoa: at least 58 %. *ingredients from organic farming. May contain shell and seed residue.
Cross-contamination Cross-contamination is the unwanted transfer of contamination from a product to another. This can occur when residues of other food are present in the production plant, for example. This notice is mainly directed at allergy sufferers. According to consumer associations, foods that are unintentionally cross-contaminated with animal products are still considered vegan. May contain traces of EGG, SESAME, PEANUTS, SOY, MILK (LACTOSE), other NUTS, SULPHUR DIOXIDE (SULFITES) and LUPINS.
Sales name Organic date and nut confection with dark chocolate, hazelnut and cocoa.
Bio-sourced EU / non-EU agriculture
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The KoRo price chart Organic date and hazelnut chocolate bites 400 g

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1,88€ / 100g
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Questions about questions Organic date and hazelnut chocolate bites 400 g

Search in our FAQ section::

What's so special about the date-chocolate bites?

Crunchy chocolate meets soft date cream - what has already proven to be a recipe for success with our date and hazelnut spread has now also found its way into our snack paradise. The date-chocolate bites with hazelnuts will convince you with a pleasantly sweet and at the same time tart taste. This makes them perfect for the next dessert, a coffee party with friends or for a snack on the go.

How many calories do 100 g of the date-chocolate bites have?

The delicious date confection has around 438 calories per 100 g - but don't worry, you won't eat it all in one go ...will you?! If you do, we can understand!

Are the date chocolate bites with hazelnut organic?

Yes, the ingredients of our date chocolate bites are organically grown. Really good taste and really good quality!

Are the date chocolate bites with hazelnut vegan?

Yes! If you take a look at the list of ingredients, you will quickly see that there is no animal product hidden here. This means that our date chocolate bites are completely plant-based and taste temptingly good even on a vegan/vegetarian diet!

How do I store the date bites and how long can they be kept?

To ensure that the little snacks retain their intense flavour, you should store them in a dry, cool place away from light. If stored correctly, the date bites can be kept unopened for at least 7 months - if you haven't already eaten them anyway.

Do the date bites contain gluten?

Yes, the unique recipe of our date chocolate bites contains gluten-containing foods, for example oats. So if you suffer from gluten intolerance or coeliac disease, this snack is unfortunately not suitable for you. Luckily, you can find many other delicious gluten-free sweets in our range.

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All the reviews "Organic date and hazelnut chocolate bites 400 g"

16 Dec 2021
verified purchase

Ok ciao! Was after the first bite

Ok ciao! Was hooked after the first bite 🙈 For this I left every other sweet and that means quite a bit with me!
Will definitely be reordering!

6 Dec 2021
verified purchase

Blind ordered and completely thrilled

Blind ordered and completely thrilled

6 Dec 2021
verified purchase

Truly one of the best qwasigesunden snacks, the

Truly one of the best qwasigesunden snacks I have tried lately. I tried one bar and then ordered two more packages already. Soooo good!

6 Dec 2021
verified purchase

Christmas is saved

New favorite Christmas snack ♥️ The things have me really taken. At first they remind me a lot of gingerbread but then they are even better - the hazelnut flavor comes out really nice.

6 Dec 2021
verified purchase



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