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Organic cornflakes without added sugar 1 kg


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  • Sugar-free cornflakes
  • Vegan
  • Organic
  • Tastes like childhood breakfast
  • For your muesli, yogurt or crispy batters

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BBD: 27.08.2023

Buy now: Organic cornflakes without added sugar 1 kg

How do you get people to eat more cornflakes? By asking them not to, of course! After the world's first cornflakes manufacturer ran into a supply shortage, it launched the legendary ad: "Please do not eat roasted cornflakes for 30 days". You can probably imagine what happened: demand exploded. We have learned from this and have taken precautions: If your cornflake craving becomes unbearable, you have a kilo to keep you afloat for 30 days.

Cornflakes without sugar

But more important to us than the size of the bag is the content! And that's where we went all-in: We have completely dispensed with added sweeteners, which is why the cornflakes contain 0 grams of sugar and are therefore sugar-free. By the way, our list of ingredients only includes two ingredients: 99.6% organic maize and 0.4% organic soy lecithin. That's why our cornflakes are vegan. So you can avoid any shortage: order cornflakes online now.

The best cornflakes for breakfast

Do you prefer cornflakes with milk or cornflakes without milk and with yoghurt? As far as breakfast is concerned, we have already chosen the best combination. It doesn't get much faster or tastier than this: use our peanut drink as a plant-based milk alternative, then add cornflakes, freeze-dried peach slices, cocoa nibs and a spoonful of pecan nut butter and you're ready to munch!

Everything is better with chocolate

We think it's unfair to relegate cornflakes to the breakfast business. Actually, they are also great as a crispy batter for vegan chicken nuggets or snack for in between meals. If you want to snack on especially delicious cornflakes, you should definitely try vegan chocolate cornflake crunchies. All you need are:

Melt the chocolate in a bain-marie and then mix with the cornflakes. Form into small clusters and leave to set at room temperature for approx. 30-60 minutes. Happy Snacking!

Buy cornflakes

No more scarcity: a kilo of our delicious organic cornflakes will feed you effortlessly for a long time. Our corn flakes are unsweetened and vegan - so you can use them in as many ways as possible. For breakfast, as a snack or as breadcrumbs: buy cornflakes now!

Average nutritional values per 100 g
Calorific value (in kj/kcal) 1573 /  371
Fat 1 g
thereof saturated fatty acids 0.2 g
Carbohydrates 80 g
thereof sugar 0 g
Dietary fiber 5 g
Protein 8 g
Salt 0 g
Product number: MAIS_018
Origin Italy
Origin (Processing) Switzerland
Organic Origin EU Agriculture
Content 1 kg
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4260718296805
Data sheet Specification
Organic control body & Organic origin
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Hauptstraße 26, 10827 Berlin
Storage Advice Store in a cool and dry place
Ingredients 99.6 % maize*, emulsifier: SOY lecithin* *from organic farming
Cross contamination May contain traces of GLUTEN, PEANUT, SOY, MILK (LACTOSE), NUTS and SESAME
Best before date 27.08.2023
Trade Name Organic cornflakes without added sugar
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Questions & answers: Organic cornflakes without added sugar 1 kg
Instead of spelt corn flakes or whole grain flakes, we carry the classic corn corn flakes in our store. The only ingredients are 99.6% corn and 0.4% soy lecithin. Tastes like the muesli from your childhood!
Yes, you can use our cornflakes very well as breading for cutlets, meat substitutes or for vegetables such as cauliflower or broccoli. Try it out on our vegan crunchy chicken nuggets and see for yourself.
What you see before you are unsweetened cornflakes. But more than that, they contain 0 grams of sugar per 100 grams and are therefore sugar-free!
You can turn our cornflakes into delicious chocolate crunchies. For this you need: 75 g cornflakes and 150 g vegan chocolate (e.g. our chocolate drops with xylitol). For the chocolate flakes clusters, melt the vegan chocolate over a water bath and then mix it with the cornflakes and the chopped almonds. Now divide into small portions and leave to set at room temperature for about 30-60 minutes.
Yes yes yes, our cornflakes go in organic quality in your kitchen cabinet!
Our cornflakes do not naturally contain gluten. However, cross-contamination with cereals containing gluten may occur unknowingly when the flakes are filled. To be on the safe side, we therefore do not label our cornflakes as gluten-free.
Above all, a balanced and varied diet is healthy. We therefore find it difficult to divide food per se into good, bad, healthy and unhealthy. As always: 'Balance is key'! In any case, our organic cornflakes score as sugar-free muesli or as crunchy breadcrumbs.
Cornflakes were invented by the Kellogs brothers at the end of the 19th century. At the time, they were looking for a healthy vegetarian staple that patients could use to aid their recovery process. At first, the cornflakes consisted of pressed and heat-dried wheat, but later the method was also applied to corn. Even today, cornflakes in all shapes and flavors are one of the most popular breakfasts in the world.
100 grams of cornflakes contain 371 calories. You can read all the nutritional values in the table next to or below the product description.
Yes, these cornflakes are made from 100% plant-based ingredients. So you can also integrate them well into a vegetarian or vegan diet.
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21 Reviews

Giada R.  | 29.06.2022

Multifunctional cereals!

Delicious as cereal in milk and as breadcrumbs! Tooop

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Maria Alice P.  | 21.06.2022

very good product

very good product

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Mellica J.  | 13.06.2022

Super tasty healthy crunchy

Highly recommended for everyone, Tasty crisp healthy and nice and light . There is no sugar in it or salt in it I love that. Eat it every morning feel fit again. No heavy feeling in my stomach anymore.

Be the first one that marks this review as helpful
Monika K.  | 20.05.2022

Enjoy them with oat milk with pleasure

Quality very good

Be the first one that marks this review as helpful
Janine R.  | 19.05.2022

Would I order again!

Unfortunately, due to the delivery a little much crumbled. But tastes good. Large package I find here also super.

Be the first one that marks this review as helpful
Rebecca t.  | 19.05.2022



Be the first one that marks this review as helpful
Veronica M.  | 08.05.2022


Without added sugar, perfect

Be the first one that marks this review as helpful
Hanna S.  | 25.04.2022

Price-performance ratio is right.

Quality is good.

Be the first one that marks this review as helpful
Volker R.  | 24.04.2022

the kids love them. Super that they are available without added sugar


1 people found this information helpful
Amelle C.  | 24.04.2022

To taste absolutely

Very good product. Very interesting price considering the quantity offered. If you are looking for sugar free cornflakes I recommend you and moreover organic.

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