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Organic barley grass powder 500 g
Organic barley grass powder 500 g
Bio Gerstengras Pulver | 500 g
Organic barley grass powder 500 g
Organic barley grass powder 500 g
Organic barley grass powder 500 g
Organic barley grass powder 500 g

Organic barley grass powder 500 g

£19.00 per kg

incl. VAT plus shipping

  • Natural colouring
  • Eye-catching highlight
  • Perfect for your smoothies and bowls
  • From organic farming
  • From certified organic agriculture

Variety: Barley grass

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Organic barley grass powder  500 g

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BBD: 01.12.2025

Everything at a glance Organic barley grass powder 500 g

The smell of dried hay - who doesn't love it? If you've had enough of the cigarette smoke and sewage smell of city life, then our organic barley grass powder is just the thing! Get your portion of nature to your home now and enjoy the fresh country smell! Barley grass powder – your new favourite powder You ask yourself: What on earth is barley grass powder? We say: your new green kitchen companion. Barley, also known as hordeum vulgare, belongs to the sweet grass family. This green crop is a bit older, as barley grass originated in the Near East and has been a part of the human diet since 15,000 years before Christ - rad, right? Barley itself is also an important cereal for humans and animals. Did you know? Barley, and especially spring barley, is used today as animal feed, a beer ingredient, and as a wholesome powder. So it's no wonder that Germany, as beer world champion, is the third largest barley producer in the world. We think the green powder is to fall in love with and, toget
Average nutritional values per 100 g
Energy (in kj/kcal) 1174 / 281
Fat 1,9 g
   of which Saturates 1 g
Carbohydrate 36 g
   of which Sugars 13 g
Fibre 40 g
Protein 11 g
Salt 0,06 g

Order number GERGR_001
Origin Germany
Content 0.5 kg
Brand KoRo
EAN 4260335831366
Data sheet For technical reasons, the data may differ. For specific questions, please contact our customer support. Specification
Eco-monitoring unit Due to technical reasons, data may differ. In case you have specific questions, please contact our customer support team.
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Koppenplatz 9, 10115 Berlin
Storage Store in a cool and dry place, away from light
Ingredients 100% BARLEY grass* *from organic agriculture
Cross-contamination Cross-contamination is the unwanted transfer of contamination from a product to another. This can occur when residues of other food are present in the production plant, for example. This notice is mainly directed at allergy sufferers. According to consumer associations, foods that are unintentionally cross-contaminated with animal products are still considered vegan. May contain traces of PEANUTS, TREE NUTS, and SESAME.
Sales name Organic barley grass powder
Bio-sourced EU-agriculture
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The KoRo price chart Organic barley grass powder 500 g

Change to alternative suppliers, resulting in increased cost prices.
2,30€/ 100g

1,90€ / 100g
Margin adjustment for low-priced products Corona-crisis:
2,10€/ 100g

2,30€ / 100g
Cross-range price adjustment to increase competitiveness Margin:
1,90€/ 100g

2,10€ / 100g
Monthly price adjustment August Competition:
2,00€/ 100g

1,90€ / 100g
Market: Market-realted price adjustment
2,20€/ 100g

2,00€ / 100g
Market: Market related price adjustment
3,00€/ 100g

2,20€ / 100g
Market: Market related price adjustment
3,40€/ 100g

3,00€ / 100g
Investment: Investment-related price adjustment
3,40€/ 100g

3,40€ / 100g
Environment project: Price adjustment for investments in our CO2 project and product development
3,18€/ 100g

3,40€ / 100g
Portfolio expansion: Internal price increase due to a portfolio expansion aimed at improving your shopping experience
2,98€/ 100g

3,18€ / 100g
Market: Market related price adjustment
3,24€/ 100g

2,98€ / 100g
Pesticides: Price increase due to pesticide-contaminated market stocks and product recalls and thus increased demand from other dealers
2,58€/ 100g

3,24€ / 100g
Supplier contract: Reduction of the purchase price through negotiation of the annual contract
2,76€/ 100g

2,58€ / 100g
Product size: New 500g bag
2,49€/ 100g

2,76€ / 100g
New in stock
2,49€ / 100g
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    Most annual product crops have an impact on the relationship between supply and demand in the market. In the event of a bad harvest, we must also pay a higher price for raw materials. Due to the strong impact of external factors such as wind, weather, climate and natural events on the harvest, we are refusing long-term cross-harvest contracts with our producers.
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Questions about questions Organic barley grass powder 500 g

Search in our FAQ section::

What can you combine with barley grass powder?

You can pretty much do everything with barley grass powder. There is no certain recommendation but you can easily put the powder in juices and then see which combination you like the best.

How long is barley grass good for?

Normally we would say that it is consumable until around 18 month after it has been manufactured. But, of course, follow the expiration date on the package.

What makes KoRo's barley grass powder special?

Barley grass has been around for quite a long time. So you can integrate the plant easy peasy in your everyday life we have dried and powdered the plant. The advantages of barley grass powder: you only need one teaspoon and you are already prepared and can boost all your drinks and dishes with the green powder!

What is the best tasting combination for barley powder?

Tastes vary, of course - we at KoRo like our barley grass powder super in combination with turmeric or fruit juice. Our barley grass powder can also be easily integrated into many different dishes. We recommend experimenting! Discover which combinations taste best to you. One thing is for sure: Green smoothies smoothies are delicious with our green power

Is the barley grass powder organic?

Of course! Our barley grass powder is 100% dried barley grass and it's all organic!

Is barley grass powder vegan?

Naturally! Nothing apart from barley grass enters the bag.

How should I store the barley grass?

We recommend keeping the powder in an airtight, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Are there any additives in the powder?

Let's look together at what ingredients are in your package: Barley grass - that's it! Our green power powder consists of 100% barley grass and is therefore free of any additives!

What is barley grass suitable for?

The right use of barley grass powder? We clarify: due to the practical powder form, our barley grass powder can be integrated super easily into your everyday life. As a barley grass smoothie or shake. You can also drink our barley grass powder pure: add a teaspoon to a glass of water or fruit juice. Get creative and discover which recipes you like to include your barley grass in!

Is barley grass a grain?

Yes, barley grass is a grain and belongs to the sweet grass family.

How should I dose the powder?

We recommend that you take one teaspoon of our barley grass powder up to three times a day.

Can I eat barley grass while pregnant?

Of course, you can continue to enjoy our organic barley grass powder in moderation during pregnancy.

Should my cat eat barley grass powder?

Sure, what is good for us - is also good for our four-legged friends. Barley grass powder is therefore also edible for cats in moderation.

Should my dog eat barley grass?

Of course, our four-legged friends may also enjoy our green power powder in moderation. But we care about the well-being of your dog. That is why we have developed a grain-free dry dog food especially for our pets.

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A happy customer says

1 Apr 2021
verified purchase

1a quality

I've tried a few barley grass suppliers now and have found that nothing beats the quality of KoRo. The powder is very rich, well ground (sometimes with small fibers, but that's fine with me) and always arrives well protected within a few days. Only small drawback is probably the plastic packaging, other manufacturers rely on coated paper, but whether that is environmentally so much better, I do not know. Nevertheless, well sealable and airtight it does the quality of course no harm. Price-performance ratio top.

1 Apr 2021

Vergessen zu erwähnen habe ich, dass ich Gerstengras nun schon seit vielen vielen Monaten nehme und meine Haare soo viel kräftiger und das einzelne Haar dicker geworden ist dadurch. Wer dünnes Haar hat, findet in Gerstengras eine super Methode zur Kräftigung.

16 Apr 2021

You didn't notice that the origin is not from the European Union as described and in particular it specifies Germany and instead comes from Non-EU countries. I do not find the product compliant. I hope in a resolution of the problem, that the company is serious and provide me with what I paid for.


A critical customer says

14 Feb 2018


The powder tastes quite good, but is not as green and fine as other organic powders I have tried and it does not smell as intense.


All the reviews "Organic barley grass powder 500 g"

3 Dec 2021
verified purchase

Taken in a smoothie or vegetable juice...a healthy addition

Taken in a smoothie or vegetable juice...a healthy addition :-)

1 Dec 2021
verified purchase

Highly recommended, good quality!

Highly recommended, good quality!

24 Nov 2021
verified purchase

Taste ok, but it dissolves super

Taste ok, but it dissolves super well! Super quality.

23 Nov 2021
verified purchase

Top barley grass powder at a top price

500gr. Organic barley grass powder for this price is really great!

I use it to "boost" my bolws and shakes.

Full recommendation on my part and deserved 5 stars :)

22 Nov 2021
verified purchase

I can only recommend

I use it for my golden milk and I find it great. Price performance also fits super and I find it class that there is this in a 500g package

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