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Colourful wooden building blocks 100 pieces

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Cardboard kitchen XXL


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KoRo memory game


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Buy pedagogically valuable toys online

There's hardly anything makes children's eyes sparkle more than an exciting toy that they can explore with all their senses. For a safe playing experience, the quality of the children's toys should be of the highest level. As an online food store, KoRo already stands for high-quality and natural food. In our toy category, we set equally high standards. Here, too, we focus on high-quality toys made of natural materials free of harmful substances. In addition to timeless fun, our children's toys are characterized by their educational value, solidity and durability. But that's not all: just like with our groceries, we skip the intermediaries and pass the resulting lower prices on to you, so you also save money.

No more trips to the toy store?

Who doesn't know it - as nice as going to the toy store can be, it can end up being time-consuming and nerve-wracking. More often than not, your children go crazy because of the sensory overload and you end up fleeing the store with your little ones stressed out and without any new toys. Wouldn't it be convenient  if you could just order the toys to your home? We certainly thought so. Therefore: have a look at our toys, which can be on your doorstep with just a few clicks: 

- Toys for girls

- Toys for boys

- Toys for children 1 year old and up

Large selection of children's toys

In general, our assortment of toys varies constantly and will partly adapt to the season. Therefore, don't forget to check back here regularly!

All your questions about toys

We want to give you all the information about our toys. If you have questions about a specific product, make sure to check the product specification. Shall any questions remain unanswered, feel free to contact us by email or on our social media and we will clear them up.

What makes KoRo's toys special?

With our toys, we follow the saying "Only the best for our little ones". That's why we put great importance on ensuring that our toys are not only practical and modern, but also of the highest quality. For this reason, for example, instead of plastic building blocks, we rely on pollutant-free building blocks made of high-quality wood. Robust and durable, our children's toys made primarily of natural materials allow your child to have fun at any age. We are convinced that curiosity and openness should be encouraged and not inhibited. You too? Then browse through our toy assortment right now and watch how your little ones creatively occupy themselves in just a few days!

Why is toy selection so important for my child?

"Playing gives children joy" - this statement should definitely be true. But there is so much more behind the children's "main occupation": through playing, they slowly but surely feel their way into the world. They learn, understand, observe and try things out for themselves, so that play also plays a decisive role in shaping their later personality. Children make their first experiences while playing: They realize where their interests lie, what gives them pleasure, but they also have to deal with emotions such as disappointment or anger. With all these points in mind, it quickly becomes clear that toys should be conducive to the children's development. And yet, picking the right toys for your children doesn't have to be like rocket science. Of course, your child's motor and cognitive skills should be promoted, but this happens almost automatically with our carefully selected toys. Toy classics like our wooden building blocks are the ideal example. Your child can touch, feel, hold and stack them - a whole host of skills that can be fostered with classic wooden building blocks, if you ask us. Best of all, unlike flashing toy phones, our wooden building blocks can't easily break. So the next sibling will still get something out of it too!

Which toys are appropriate for each age?

How can you know which toy is suitable for your child? 

The best way to do this is to refer to the age specifications in the product description. There you will find out for which age group the toy is approximately suitable. In general, however, the following rough specifications can be made: 

Toys for children aged 6 months and up 

Your baby is just exploring the world. Everything that brings a quick sense of achievement makes the little child's heart beat faster. A simple ball, for example, can be nudged and it starts rolling - fascinating, isn't it? Just as popular are rattles, which can be held with the newly learned reflexes and also produce interesting sounds.

Toys for 1 year olds and up 

At one year old, children are already much more active. They continue to try to hold and reach for things.  Stacking already works better and more purposefully - our colored and natural wooden building blocks are therefore the hit par excellence. They have no sharp edges and no danger of being swallowed. Furthermore, children at this age are interested in producing sounds. Rattle toys are therefore still a center of desire. 

Toys for 2 year olds and up 

Your baby is almost no longer a baby. They become more curious, more active and want to understand how the toys work. They probably wants to take the toys apart so that it can put them back together again. Building blocks are still a real hit, as they can be stacked precisely to rebuild the fallen tower. But dolls also arouse the curiosity of many children - everyday processes, such as feeding, helping to develop empathy. 

Toys for 3 year olds and up 

Your children want to move, explore the world and live out their creative thoughts - ideally still in interaction with other children or with their beloved parents. A real highlight is our XXL cardboard house. Not only can they play in it, but the little house can be painted, decorated and embellished from the outside. There are no limits to your children's creativity. And what would a good childhood be without simply running after a ball in the garden or a following a wind-up toy in the living room? And at this age they can also start playing with a marble track - the danger of swallowing is over from 3 years on, so that this classic toy can finally inspire your child.  

Toys for 4 year olds and up

At this age, your little boys and girls are no longer babies. They like to tinker, love to run around and are very creative. At this age, the best suited toys are the ones that combine these interests, like our paper rocket for example. But role-playing is also a beloved activity, whether in their self-painted cardboard house or with wooden dolls, the tots won't be easily bored. Their motor skills and hand to eye coordination can be promoted with our expandable marble track for example.

And never forget: don't let yourself be stressed! You know best what is for your child, so you can decide when he or she is ready for the next toy.

How can I find the right toy for my child?

A child's birthday - the day they are waiting on for 364 days in the year! And of course we want to give them something that will make their little eyes shine. You think that giving toys is easier said that done? Not with us. With our high quality wooden building blocks there is no way to go wrong - the timeless classic will stay with your child for a long time. And for slightly older children we recommend our marble run, which invites great follow up gifts with the expansion packs.

Maybe you will put a little something for your children in your basket, so that it doesn't stay empty? It will certainly make you the hero of the next birthday party!