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Mila almond milk maker
Mila almond milk maker

Mila almond milk maker


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  • Fully automatic plant-based drink machine with 1L capacity
  • Heating and super fine settings
  • 24h timer with digital dial
  • 6 different plant drink programs
  • Suitable for all types of milk alternatives - from oat, soy and almond to cashew, there are no boundaries

Variety: Almond milk maker

2 x apple pie mix

Apple pie

Almond milk maker

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Everything at a glance Mila almond milk maker

The moment we have all been waiting for: Here comes our machine for making your own plant-based drinks. Yes, you're right - we already have outrageously good plant based drinks - rumor has it maybe even the best barista oat drink. That's right, guilty as charged. Still - what's wrong with making plant-based drinks yourself? We all know that feeling on Sunday morning, when we're so excited to have a coffee, only to find that someone in the house has finished the last plant drink. With our plant drink maker, that won't happen to you anymore. So what are you waiting for? Order our plant drink maker now and enjoy your homemade oat drink in a few days. Advantages of making your own plant drink Do you believe making your own plant-based drink is only for vegans and lactose-intolerant people as a substitute for cow's milk? Not quite, there are so many more reasons to make your own plant drink: for one, you save yourself a lot of packaging waste by not using individual milk cartons. For anothe
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Questions about questions Mila almond milk maker

Search in our FAQ section::

What makes this plant-based drink maker special?

Our nut drink maker transforms all types of cereals, nuts, seeds and legumes into a wonderfully velvety plant-based And best of all, it couldn't be more convenient - with six different programs, a programmable timer and a self-cleaning program, all you have to do to make your homemade drink is throw a few ingredients into the blending chamber. Wham, your plant drink is ready to use like cow's milk in coffee, cooking or baking.

What should I keep in mind when using the plant drink maker?

Ideally, you should only fill the removable water tank with filtered, low-limescale drinking water - this not only protects the machine, but also gives you the best taste experience. Furthermore, we recommend that you rinse the plug with clean water after use, despite the self-cleaning program, and leave the lid open - this way, the blending chamber can dry in peace and does not start to "smell". And if you get the urge to clean from time to time, you can also use the intensive cleaning mode in combination with a little washing-up liquid. Pull off the lid and put it in the dishwasher and the machine is like new again.

What can I use to make my own plant drink?

There are few limits - from nuts, seeds to grains and legumes, our plant drink maker can turn anything into a milk-like liquid. Just try it out and see what tastes best to you personally.

Why does the plant drink not taste as expected?

We can tell you almost from the start that your plant drink will not taste like the one from the supermarket. Because you probably don't put any additional sugar, flavouring, colouring or preservatives in your plant drink maker. But the great thing about this one is that you can try it out to your heart's content. If you don't like pure almond milk, you can, for example, add a date, a pinch of salt or even some vanilla powder to the mixing chamber. So just start experimenting and find the perfect mixture for your favorite plant drink.

Why does my homemade plant drink come out of the maker hot?

One reason is that the plant drink is much easier to prepare hot. On the other hand, your homemade nut or cereal drink will keep a little longer.

What is the shelf life of my homemade plant drink?

If you store your plant drink in the refrigerator, it will keep for about 2-4 days. But before you put it in there, it should be completely cooled down and sealed in an airtight container. And if you are unsure whether the drink is still edible, just smell, taste and look.

Can I make other drinks with the plant drink maker?

Oh yes, because as you will probably have noticed, our plant drink machine is a real all-rounder. With the "Juice Program" you can prepare your own fruit nectar from, for example, berries, banana or stone fruit (peaches, apricots ...). For this reason, the Juice program is the only one that does not cook the ingredients and processes them cold. However, you should not confuse the plant drink maker with a juicer - you cannot put fruit such as oranges, apples or ginger into the machine.

Can I make a foamable barista drink with the almond milk maker?

In principle, this is possible. Please note, however, that most plant-based barista milk alternatives only foam well when they contain additives and/or oil. If you choose a standard recipe, it is very likely that it will not be foamable. In the meantime, however, you can find numerous recipes for barista plant-based drinks on the internet.

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All the reviews "Mila almond milk maker"

11 Sep 2021

not convincing, milk is not suitable for foaming in a fully automatic machine

In principle, the production of plant milk works, but unfortunately you can not foam it in a fully automatic machine. For one thing, the milk is absorbed only with difficulty and only if it was diluted in advance. Furthermore, it foams badly. Various attempts, mixing ratios, etc. have unfortunately not led to the desired success.

13 Sep 2021

Hi Kerstin, thank you for your feedback. However, it is not because of the milk maker, but because most barista milk alternatives go through additives and / or oil to foam well. In the meantime, however, you can find various recipes on the Internet for making your own plant-based drink, which can be foamed wonderfully. Your KoRo Team

12 May 2021

Highly Recommended!

Have had the Mila for almost a year now (didn't buy it through Koro), but still like to write a review as I definitely don't want to be without it!

It saves the regular Tetrapak schlepperei and I still always have fresh nut milk at home. The "raw materials" I have bought from the beginning at Koro in bulk - no wonder that there is now also the Mila here.

The operation is very easy and the self-cleaning function at the end of each milk production is super convenient. The only drawback: it is very loud. For the 15 minutes that it is active, everyone leaves the kitchen and close all the doors.

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