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KoRo subscription box
KoRo subscription box
KoRo subscription box
KoRo subscription box
KoRo subscription box
KoRo subscription box
KoRo subscription box

KoRo subscription box

Month(s) Month(s)
From £25.00
Period of notice: 4 week(s)

incl. VAT plus shipping

  • Monthly surprise package for you from us (Limited first edition!)
  • 7-10 selected products from our food range plus additional booklet
  • No minimum term and short notice period
  • Your culinary journey through the KoRo product variety
  • Payment only possible via PayPal

Everything at a glance KoRo subscription box

Want to try "something new" at your favourite restaurant, you study the menu for ten minutes and end up ordering "the same thing as always"? We feel you. That's why we understand that when you order from KoRo, you end up with the tried and tested date and hazelnut spread and the highly praised dried mango strips in your shopping basket instead of 1 kg of organic lucuma powder – although it definitely deserves it. We would like to say you should think outside the box, but at KoRo we prefer to come up with solutions: Our monthly surprise box contains changing products from our range that you have to try to call yourself an open-range KoRoite! Partly in trial size, often in original format - always at an exclusive special price and strictly limited every month: Order the new KoRo Subscriber-Box now and join the exquisite circle of discoverers. Let us surprise you: our subscription box model Every month we will deliver 7-10 different products from our range to your home in your KoRo box.
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Questions about questions KoRo subscription box

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What is the KoRo subscription box?

In the KoRo subscription box, we combine 7-10 products from our range every month. We deliver the hand-picked selection to your home every month in the form of a varied, limited surprise box. This way you can enjoy exciting new foods (for which the 1 kg pack was perhaps too big for you), be one of the first to try our newcomers and receive exclusive KoRo insights and food inspiration in our cool supplement. Look forward to new stimuli for your kitchen, discovering natural snack alternatives and a monthly KoRo experience to your taste!

What content awaits me?

Food is our great love, that's why you can expect food in all variations in the KoRo subscription box: From ready-to-eat bars and crisps, nut butters and drinks to innovative cooking and baking ingredients, including delicious recipes, there will be everything a foodie's heart desires. Some of the products will be available in their original size, while others will be filled into smaller formats for tasting. What the KoRo box is definitely not is a pure sweets subscription box. Of course, our sweet tooth can look forward to sweet snacks and chocolaty treats, but there will also be savoury foods in the subscription box every month. The images on our website are sample images, the contents of the upcoming box are always a surprise.

Which subscription box models are available?

Currently, we only have one subscription box and only one subscription box model at KoRo. This subscription box model has no minimum term and a short cancellation period (before the first day of the next month). If you do not cancel your subscription, it is automatically renewed every month for another month. We want to give you full flexibility with this simple model, without hooks and small print, and let you decide for yourself how long you want to enjoy monthly KoRo surprise boxes on your doorstep. If there are any remaining stocks of the current subscription box, you have the option of purchasing these boxes individually (without a subscription).

Does the subscription renew automatically?

Yes, an automatic order is triggered on the first of every month for an existing subscription. You will then receive your KoRo box within a few days. The subscription will be renewed every month for another month unless you cancel it.

When will I receive the first surprise box?

As a rule, our subscription boxes are sent to all subscribers at the beginning of the month, so that the surprise packages always arrive at your home in the first week of each month. As long as we have remaining stocks of the current box, you will receive the first box immediately after taking out your subscription. The next boxes will then arrive in the first week of the month. If you take out your subscription at a time when there are no remaining stocks of the current box, delivery will begin the following month.

What is the minimum term and cancellation period?

To give you full flexibility, our subscription boxes have no minimum term and a short cancellation period of one month before the next box is sent. (If you are a new subscriber, you can expect your subscription box early next moth) If you don't cancel your subscription, it will automatically be renewed every month for another month. You can cancel your subscription in your user account under your subscriptions.

Can I pause my subscription?

As there is no minimum subscription period, you can cancel your subscription at any time (with a short notice period of one month) free of charge and register again at a later date. There is currently no option to pause the subscription.

What does shipping cost?

The KoRo subscription box is delivered to your home free of charge. Unfortunately, it is not possible to order it together with other products from our range at the moment.

Which payment methods are possible?

After the monthly subscription order is placed, we use PayPal to collect the payment automatically. It is important that we are authorised to collect payments. Otherwise we will not be able to send your box. This means that the KoRo subscription box can only be paid for via PayPal.

Where can the box be sent?

So far, we only send our subscription box to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. If we hear of interest in our subscription model outside the DACH region (

), we will think about expanding the shipping option.

Who is the subscription box suitable for?

The KoRo subscription box is not specifically designed for women, for men or for children. You don't have to be a fitness freak, a baking fairy or a particularly conscious eater to enjoy our KoRo Food Box. What you need is a love of high-quality food, a desire to try something new (in the kitchen) and, of course, confidence in our range of products and in the exquisite selection that our purchasing team makes every month.

Does the KoRo subscription box contain vegan products?

As you know, we carry a wide range of vegan food in our assortment. For this reason, many vegan treats are sure to find their way into our monthly surprise packages. However, the KoRo subscription box is not a purely vegan subscription box. You would welcome that? Convince our buying team by emailing


Can I include my discount code with my subscription box order?

No, unfortunately at this time it is not possible to apply a discount code or pay with a gift voucher when purchasing or subscribing to the KoRo Box.

Can I also give the subscription box as a gift?

Yes, the subscription box is also a great gift idea for your favourite KoRo fan and for all those who still need to be convinced of the KoRo product variety. Whether you give the surprise box for a birthday, at Christmas or just like that, is of course up to you. In any case, all you have to do is enter the details of the recipient in the delivery address and we will deliver the surprise package to the address of your choice free of charge. Thanks to the short notice period of one month, you can decide flexibly how long the subscription will run and whether you want to make it a one-off gift or a long-term, monthly pleasure.

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Please note that some products may melt at temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius. Due to this we cannot provide a guarantee.
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Please note that some products may melt at temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius. Due to this we cannot provide a guarantee.
Please note that some products may melt at temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius. Due to this we cannot provide a guarantee.