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KoRo Quartet card game
KoRo Quartet card game
KoRo Quartet card game
KoRo Quartet card game
KoRo Quartet card game

KoRo Quartet card game


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  • Learn about nutrition through play
  • Combines fun and informative facts about our KoRo products
  • 55 KoRo design playing cards: every product is ranked in seven categories
  • Promotes general knowledge and concentration in children 8 years old and up
  • CE marking according to Directive 2009/48/EC

Everything at a glance KoRo Quartet card game

Growing up, comparing different cars, tanks or animals with your friends in an exciting round of quartets was simply the coolest thing ever. Faster, better, lighter, more beautiful: there was nothing like having the better score in a category and using tactics and rhetorical skills to beat your rivals at cards. We want to revive these feelings - and what suits us best? Exactly! A food quartet with our tastiest KoRo products! We hope you're ready to throw around lots of nutrition facts. Our new card game is perfect for reliving nostalgic childhood moments and/or playfully introducing your children to the important and interesting topic of conscious nutrition. Get one of our KoRo Quartet card sets now, each with 55 playing cards, and learn exciting and fun facts about our favourite KoRo products very soon!

KoRo quartet rules explained simply

Quartet rules are fairly simple. KoRo Quartet can be played with as many players as you like, but for optimal fun we recommend no more than 4 people per round. For the game, we have rated our best KoRo products in six fun and informative categories. Your task before starting the game is to first determine in which categories the higher value wins and in which categories the lower value wins. For a better assessment, a detailed explanation of each category is included in the set of cards. Then all the cards are divided equally among the players and the game can start. The first person starts and is allowed to choose a category from the top card of their deck. This value is compared with the values of the other top cards - the lucky person with the best value receives all the cards of the round and is then allowed to start the next round. The game is won when all 55 playing cards lie with a single person at the end - so simple, so fun!

Versatile Quartet fun

For educational fun, we have come up with 7 categories in which you can pit our colourful KoRo assortment against each other:

  • Power-Faktor
  • Satiation
  • Fun fact
  • Muscle food
  • Price
  • Couch potential
  • Photogenicity

Well, can you already guess what all the categories are about? Find out together! Because of the many different categories, the game is great for a sociable game evening with your friends - but children will certainly also be able to get to grips with some of the terms and thus gain a first feeling for conscious nutrition. And don't forget: as a grown up child, you're also guaranteed to learn something new here and have a lot of fun with your loved ones in the process!

Buy KoRo Quartet card game

We've said enough, now it's time to play cards! Our amusing and educational KoRo Quartet with 55 playing cards combines fun facts with exciting nutritional knowledge about our KoRo products. Afterwards you are guaranteed to be a real food expert! If you need something different to play the quartet, we can also recommend our exclusive KoRo puzzle and our new memory game. Learning through play made easy: buy our KoRo quartet game now and serve fun games alongside KoRo snacks at game nights from now on!

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Questions about questions KoRo Quartet card game

Search in our FAQ section::

How many cards are there in the game?

Our KoRo Quartet is a fun knowledge game. Based on our assortment, the parlour game contains 55 playing cards with diverse KoRo products. Each product is rated in seven categories. In addition, four further cards are included. On them you will find helpful additional knowledge for reading the rating scale.

When have I won the game?

The game is won when all 55 playing cards are in the hands of one person at the end. Your goal should be to collect as many cards as possible in order to throw your fellow players out of the game one by one.

How many people can play the KoRo quartet?

In principle, the quartet can be played with as many players as there are cards - i.e. 55 people. However, since the fun would then be over pretty quickly for the majority, we recommend not playing the quartet with more than 4 people.

What do we do if there is a tie in one category or if we can't decide?

If it happens that two categories have the same value, then the next round simply counts double. You can simply put the cards from the undecided round aside and play for the cards from both rounds in the next round.

Does the higher value of the category always win?

That is entirely up to you. Your task before the game begins is to first determine in which category the higher value wins and in which category the lower value wins. For a better assessment, a detailed explanation of the individual categories is included in the set of cards.

From what age is KoRo-Quartett suitable?

If you can read, you have a clear advantage in this game. That's why we recommend dueling with our KoRo-Quartett from an age of about 7-8 years. The upper limit is, of course, completely open: Grandma and Grandpa will certainly also have plenty of fun playing!

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All the reviews "KoRo Quartet card game"

20 Sep 2021
verified purchase

Knowledge well packed in the game

Playfully learn new things or deepen knowledge. Good idea!

24 Aug 2021
verified purchase

is beautifully designed, my child learns a

is beautifully designed, my child learns a little about food groups.

17 Aug 2021
verified purchase

Learned something again :)

Super idea, beautiful cards and also fun fun facts. Super for in between!

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