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Gastro blender
Gastro blender
Gastro blender
Gastro blender
Gastro blender
Gastro blender
Gastro blender
Gastro blender
Gastro blender
Gastro blender
Gastro blender
Gastro blender
Gastro blender
Gastro blender
Gastro blender
Gastro blender

Gastro blender


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  • Versatile and reliable
  • 2200 watts
  • For delicious smoothies, soups, and nut butters
  • Perfect for crushing ice
  • 12 month warranty

Quality: 2200 watt

Gastro blender

2200 watt

per pieces
Sir Mix-A-Lot | 2 L, 1500 W

1500 watt

per pieces

Everything at a glance Gastro blender

Attention please: our selection now includes a new professional, high-performance kitchen blender, which will not fear the hardest nuts and vegetables. With a maximal output of 2200 watts, our Gastro blender it is a real machine! Thanks to its practical noise-covering technology, you can crush ice for your favourite cocktail or iced drink without getting a nervous breakdown; the sound-absorbing dome on our blender damps the loudest noises, and allows you to process the crunchiest and hardest foods in peace. This amazing heath-resistant food processor is going to give you the best smoothies, soups, creams, and frozen-banana-based nice creams you have ever seen! With a 2 litre capacity, you can now prepare your favourite recipes in abundance, and make you and your friends and loved ones happy. 2200 Watt – full power for you! Our mixer has an output of 1680 watts and, when at full speed and in power mode, has a maximum output of up to 2200 watts! This way, nothing will escape its sharp
Order number MIXER_002
Origin China
Content 1 pieces
Brand KoRo
EAN 4260654781670
Data sheet Due to technical reasons, data could differ. In case you have specific questions, you can contact our customer support team. Bedienungsanleitung
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Koppenplatz 9, 10115 Berlin
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The KoRo price chart Gastro blender

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197,00€ / Stk.
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Questions about questions Gastro blender

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What is a professional kitchen blender?

A high-performance mixer can do much more than a simple household food processor or smoothie maker. Our high-performance Gastro blender is designed for an intensive use and very high performances. This means that it will work fabulously for a long time, even when confronted with harder foods on a regular basis.

What can I use this high-performance blender for?

With the support of our professional food processor, you can have fun with quite a lot of recipes. Be it creamy nut butters, fruity smoothies, spicy pesto and sauces for your pasta, baby foods, or hummus for your homemade falafel - our high-performance mixer is a faithful companion for all kinds of dishes. The list could go on and on, but we don't want to keep you from experimenting and cooking. So go ahead, order our Gastro blender and start creating!

Why is a professional blender better for green smoothies?

Thanks to the better performance of our blender, the stubborn fibre and cellulose of vegetables and fruits, are chopped up better and more nutrients and flavour are thus released. With a high-performance food processor, green smoothies become a creamy affair!

Can I use this food processor to crush ice?

Yes! Our blender can help you crushing ice with no effort. You simply need to keep on gradually adding ice cubes to the Gastro mixer.

What is the capacity of this Gastro blender?

Our high-performance blender has a 2 litre capacity, and is therefore suitable for preparing your favourite recipes in large and small amounts alike.

What is its power?

The Gastro blender has a nominal output of 1680 and a peak output of 2200 watts. This makes it extremely powerful; its sharp blades combined with this many rotations, can break any grains, beans, nuts or vegetables into tiny pieces.

What is this sound cover?

Our high-performance blender comes with a practical dome that can be folded down during the mixing process so that the loud noises are muffled a little. This makes the process noticeably quieter, and you don't have to worry about your ears.

Does this food processor have a cooking function?

No, our Gastro blender has no cooking function.

What does the blender include?

In addition to the blender, the following accessories are included in the delivery: a heat-resistant mixing vessel with a capacity of 2 liters, an instruction manual, and a tamper or pestle with which you can mix the ingredients.

How should I take care of this Gastro blender?

We provide you with operating instructions, which you should read carefully before using the blender for the first time. You should also always keep the blender out of the reach of children.

Do I have a warranty for this Gastro blender?

In the blender's box, you will find a warranty card that should be filled out as soon as you receive the product. The Gastro blender comes with a full 12 month warranty. The blades have a separate assembly warranty of 3 months, and the motor brushes are excluded from it.

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All the reviews "Gastro blender"

22 Jul 2021

My first blender

This is my first blender so I can't really compare. But what I have tried so far with the blender has also worked.

The only thing I would like to put forward as a suggestion for improvement is that you can buy replacement parts (especially new blender jars). Here, unfortunately, it looks like you have to order a completely new blender - just with GastroMixer, unfortunately, you can not really find anything in the vastness of the Internet. Or where can you buy new mix containers, should your own become cloudy, replacement container for hard things, such as cereals, whole beans, etc.?

Otherwise quite large - has only with difficulty and hardship somehow fit into my kitchen.

1 Jun 2021
verified purchase

Super blender! He is unlike

Super blender! He is unlike other blenders relatively quiet and convinces with the performance. The shakes and smoothies he mixes nice and smooth and there are, for example, no annoying seeds of berries more to find.

27 Apr 2021
verified purchase

Very Satisfied!!!!

The machine is solid. From the look very modern. The price is equal to the ability. Very satisfied!

7 Apr 2021
verified purchase

He looks great, but unfortunately

He looks great, but unfortunately did not fit into my small kitchen, so sent back. For large kitchens but certainly a great device!

14 Mar 2021
verified purchase

Good price/performance ratio - quiet - easy operation

Cashew puree - works; Nutella homemade - works

The blender is quiet to any other blender we have had.

Has a power button - which was very important to us and the lid does not have to be held as with comparable models

15 Apr 2021

Hey, how do you clean it? Can it go in the dishwasher or does it prefer hand washing?

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