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Fresh jackfruit — whole fruit
Jackfrucht frisch – ganzes Stück
Fresh jackfruit — whole fruit
Jackfrucht frisch – ganzes Stück
Jackfrucht frisch – ganzes Stück
Jackfrucht frisch – ganzes Stück
Jackfrucht frisch – ganzes Stück
Jackfrucht frisch – ganzes Stück
Jackfrucht frisch – ganzes Stück
Jackfrucht frisch – ganzes Stück
Jackfrucht frisch – ganzes Stück
Jackfrucht frisch – ganzes Stück
Jackfrucht frisch – ganzes Stück
Jackfrucht frisch – ganzes Stück

Fresh jackfruit — whole fruit

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  • Fresh whole jackfruit (10-13 kg)
  • Directly from Thailand
  • Ripe and aromatic
  • 7-14 days shelf life, 5-7 days after opening
  • Ideal as a fruity snack, for smoothies, cocktails, jackfruit ice cream and more.

Everything at a glance Fresh jackfruit — whole fruit

Ripe jackfruit is a bestseller at Thai fruit stands. In this country, however, the fresh fruit is almost unavailable - an intolerable state of affairs, we think. Over here in Germany however, the fresh fruit is almost impossible to find. Here at Koro, we love to be your dried fruit dealers, and more than that, we also bring out the big guns: that's why you can now buy fresh ripe jackfruit exclusively from us! What is jackfruit? The jackfruit tree is a plant species in the mulberry family and is native to India. Jackfruit is considered the largest tree fruit in the world and can weigh up to 40 kg and grow up to 90 centimetres long! The fruity pulp is eaten as a snack in Asia. It is also dried and offered as jackfruit crisps. The special feature: jackfruit can also be eaten unripe. In Southeast Asian cuisine, the young fruits are peeled and prepared like vegetables in various cooked dishes. Since unripe jackfruit strongly resembles chicken meat in its consistency - and is a real source o
Order number JACK_013
Origin Thailand
Content 1 pieces
Brand KoRo
EAN 4260718291763
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Koppenplatz 9, 10115 Berlin
Storage Store in a cool and dry place
Ingredients 100 % jackfruit
Cross-contamination Cross-contamination is the unwanted transfer of contamination from a product to another. This can occur when residues of other food are present in the production plant, for example. This notice is mainly directed at allergy sufferers. According to consumer associations, foods that are unintentionally cross-contaminated with animal products are still considered vegan. No allergens according to EU Regulation 1169/2011.
Sales name Fresh jackfruit
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Questions about questions Fresh jackfruit — whole fruit

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Do I really get a piece of fresh jackfruit?

True story: although 60% voted "no" in our Insta-Story, managing director Piran introduced it anyway. Our fresh ripe jackfruit is imported directly from Thailand and convinces with aromatic sweetness and rarity factor. Those who got to know and love jackfruit on holiday in Thailand should therefore be quick.

Where does KoRo jackfruit come from?

Jackfruit is typically grown in mixed cultures. The country of origin of our jackfruit is Thailand. From there, we import our jackfruit directly to our Berlin warehouse.

How can the taste of jackfruit be described?

How jackfruit tastes depends decisively on its degree of ripeness: our ripe jackfruit has a sweetish taste and is most likely reminiscent of a mix of banana, mango, pineapple and honey. In its Asian homeland, jackfruit is valued as an aromatic fruit or dried snack. Young, unripe jackfruit is rather tasteless. This means that young jackfruit can be marinated wonderfully and used as a spicy meat substitute in savoury dishes.

Jackfruit vs. durian - what's the difference?

A jackfruit is a jackfruit and not a durian. Granted: a durian is also a large and unusual fruit and looks confusingly similar to the jackfruit. However, unlike the jackfruit, the durian does not have a dimpled skin, but a prickly shell. The smell of the durian is quite strong and its taste - in contrast to that of the sweet jackfruit - is literally a matter of taste. This often earns the durian nicknames like "stink fruit" or "vomit fruit". The taste of the ripe jackfruit, on the other hand, is reminiscent of a mix of banana, mango, pineapple and honey. Harvested unripe and preserved in brine, jackfruit is almost tasteless. This means that young jackfruit can be marinated in a wonderfully spicy way and used as a vegan meat substitute.

Does jackfruit stink?

No. A very ripe jackfruit sometimes has an odour that takes some getting used to for us. However, the sweet aroma is no comparison to the unpleasant smell of durian - aka stinky fruit.

Can jackfruit cause allergic reactions?

Experience has shown that people with allergies or sensitivities to birch pollen and tropical fruits such as pineapple, kiwi or mulberries can react allergically to ripe jackfruit. At the moment we cannot make any representative statements about the fructose and histamine content of jackfruit.

What is the shelf life and what is the best way to store jackfruit?

Our fresh jackfruit can be kept refrigerated (7-10 °C) for 7-14 days ( 5-7 days after opening). Our ripe jackfruit is a natural product without additives, which is why the shelf life can vary greatly.

What can I do with the ripe jackfruit?

Enjoy! Ripe jackfruit is aromatic-sweet and is snacked on like any other fruit in Thailand. Either do the Thai way or use the fresh jackfruit to make fruity desserts, smoothies, jackfruit ice cream or jackfruit jam.

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