Interview with Sarah Chernigov

Sarah Chernigov, author of several eBooks and nutrition couch visited us for an interview


Sara is a state-certified nutrition trainer, nutrition coach and licensed fitness trainer. Also, she works as a freelance journalist for the radio programmes of Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg, Westdeutscher Rundfunk, and Deutschlandfunk. Besides she writes about serval topics as a freelance author for Spiegel Online and Manager Magazin Online. These include Lifestyle, fitness, and career. She has also written several books, which you can get in our shop.

1. Why did you decide to start your podcast?

I was in the process of building up a second mainstay as a nutritionist for busy people in addition to my work as a journalist. However, I had the problem that hardly anyone knew me. To make more people aware of my work, I started a podcast. That was obvious since I am a trained radio announcer. However, I didn't expect this incredible success.

2. What has changed in your life since then?

I built up a business around the brand no time to eat and hard work as a journalist anymore. The feedback from the listeners has been overwhelming from the beginning. Every day I get news from people who thank me, tell me that I inspire them and motivate them to eat better in everyday life. Of course, my activities have also changed. I do workshops and lectures in companies, stand on big stages, have written a book that comes out after Christmas and appear as an expert on TV.

3. can you make a living from your podcast?

The podcast is free content, and I don't earn a cent with it alone. Nevertheless, I do it with a lot of love and passion. My income comes from the activities mentioned above and cooperations. 4.

4. What is your current Superfood number 1 and why?

My Superfood is red pepper. It doesn't sound as high as goji berry, but it has much more vitamin C than an orange and at the same time few calories. I eat it almost every day. Otherwise, I like linseed and linseed oil very much. They are the best vegetable Omega3 fat source.

5. What is your favorite recipe in the book?

Since I am a sweet tooth myself, I love the fake Snickers from "no time to ...cook vegan". It consists only of 3 ingredients, is ready in 3 minutes and tastes divine! Moreover, free of industrial sugar. Generally, there are many great healthy snack options in the book.

6. What is your advice to people who don't like cooking to get them to do it?

First of all, you need to understand what you get out of it. If you want to eat healthier, ask yourself, why do you want this? Do you want to be slimmer? Do you want to have more energy? Be more powerful? What does your life look like when you have achieved that? How do you feel? Do you laugh more? Are you happier? If the why is clear, the motivation comes by itself.

Second, realize that Meal prep is easy and you can prepare a great meal in no time at all. Meal prep also works without cooking. There are many recipes in the eBook, where you have to cut the ingredients into the mixer or put them into the container. These are marked with an extra symbol so you can see them at first glance.

7. Which ingredient could you never do without?

Coconut oil or MCT oil. I take a shot of it almost every morning in my coffee, and with the fat, I fry my vegetables. Whereby... Plants are the most important thing anyway. I can't and don't want to live without vegetables. Not a single day.

8. How do you manage to keep a healthy lifestyle in spite of hectic everyday life?

It is a decision. I prepare my food time-saving and straightforward according to the no time to eat principle. Regularity creates a habit. At some point, you make habits automatically and no longer question them. In fact, without a healthy lifestyle, I would not be able to cope with my everyday life at all. Healthy nutrition and sport make me a performance machine.

9. Where do you get the inspiration for your recipes?

Only by wildly combining standards. Some things also happen as "accidents." I don't have much there and mix unusual things. Then I realize how incredibly good it tastes. For example, tuna with beans and peanut butter. I could fool myself.

10. what is your favorite KoRo product and why?

The cranberries! I nibble them with my coffee or take them as topping on the oat flakes. The cranberries are just so delicious and the only ones that do without industrial sugar. There is no such thing in the retail trade. However, I also love the jackfruit.

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