The ultimate guide for your fight against fruit flies!

We'll show you how to make sure that fruit flies have no chance!

Summer, sun, sunshine and fruit flies. The aspects of the summer. As soon as temperature raises, and the countryside starts offering lots of fruits and a colourful selection of vegetables, little beasts appear: fruit flies. When you enter the kitchen, it looks like you own a small farm of fruit flies, which can ruin your appetite. That’s why you should try to handle the situation and make sure that they have no chance.

Is chemical mace the right solution?

When you go to the drug store or to the supermarket, you’ll find lots of products that help you declare war to the fruit flies and obviously, to win against them. Indeed, you should know that those products are so good because they’re pure chemistry; this means that they’re dangerous for your children and pets. That’s why you should better fight the fruit flies in a more natural way, even if it takes some more time.

Cleanliness avoids the formation from the start

Fruit flies need food, which they find especially in kitchen waste or similar stuff. That’s why you should ensure that your kitchen and your devices are clean. This is also true for garbage bins, especially the organic waste, and the drain. Because even in there fruit flies see the chance to multiply. So you should clean regularly the worktops and the drain. If you want to renounce hard chemistry also for your drain, you can use apple cider vinegar or vinegar essence instead. Those take away the food from the fruit flies and this way they cannot multiply.

Keep food properly

Especially fruits and vegetables are used by the fruit flies as food. That’s why you should store those products properly during the hot season. You can use special fruit and vegetable baskets or keep them in the fridge, because in there it’s too cold for the flies to survive or multiply. In general during summertime, you should buy just the right amount you’ll eat in the next 3 days. Because even the durability of the products suffers from the temperature.

A good alternative is to prepare fruits and vegetables and keep them in screw-top jars in the fridge. This way your groceries stay fresh for a long time and in the same time everything’s ready for tasty and healthy dishes.

How do fruit flies enter your house or why is it so important to wash fruit and vegetables?

Fruit flies lay their eggs on fruits and vegetables. So, if you buy fruits and vegetables from the weekly market or in the supermarket, then you buy the fruit flies directly with them. Therefore, you should wash any fruit and vegetable you buy straight away. If you wash the products only when you use them, then you’re giving fruit flies the chance to develop a little family. You can also use a mix of water and vinegar to clean the products properly. Don’t worry about the taste of the fruit or vegetable, it won’t change. But all fruit flies have been eliminated and therefore cannot spread in your apartment.

Where can fruit flies originate, besides of food?

Sometimes you also have fruit flies in the apartment although you store your food properly and you clean everything. This can lead to despair and make sure that you lose your desire to cook in your kitchen. Well, the origin of fruit flies is much simpler than you might think, because they multiply also in the soil. So, if you have flowers or herbs in your apartment, then the fruit flies could come from there, too. It is sufficient if you previously had fruit flies, which laid their eggs in the potting soil.

The solution is not avoiding flowers and herbs in your apartment during summer, but to protect the soil the right way. In this case, vinegar is not the right solution for fighting those little beasts, because vinegar would damage also the roots of the plants and causing them to shrink. That’s why you should block the access to the soil. You can do this simply with aluminium foil, by sticking it with toothpicks or other wooden skewers to the flowers or herbs. However, it’s not an optical highlight and even pouring water will become more difficult. In this case you can use stones which cover the soil but let the water through. You can find them in every DIY superstore for a small price.

Set up traps, but without chemistry!

If the fruit flies are already in the apartment, then it takes a while to get rid of them. That's why you can set traps in the meantime, but they do not have to be based on chemistry. This way you protect the environment and make sure that you have no source of danger for children or pets in the apartment. All you need is a bowl and some natural ingredients. You can fill a bowl with one part of apple cider vinegar, three parts of fruit juice, two parts of water and two drops of dish soap. The liquids attract the fruit flies and the detergent destroys the surface tension, which is why the flies are no longer coming out of the trap.

You can also put small fruit-leftovers in a bowl, by covering the bottom with vinegar. Then you stretch some cling film very tight over the bowl and make small holes in the film with a needle. This way the flies get into the bowl, but do not come out anymore.

If you have some yeast in the fridge, then you can use it to make a fruit fly trap. For this dissolve some yeast in lukewarm water and give the mixture into a bottle with a very narrow neck. The mixture must not touch the walls. When the flies climb into the bottle to drink the mixture, they will not come out anymore.

If you combine the different tips, then fruit flies won’t have any chance.

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