Snacking without Guilt

"My favourite sport is snacking" whispers one of the sweet tooth to the other. You probably know that yourself: When you decide to go without sweets, they call for you.

But don't worry - treats don't necessarily have to contain extra sugar. There are great snacks that satisfy your desire for sweets and at the same time are of a healthy nature. There are also ways and means to stop the so-called sugar cravings. We have listed several tips, tricks, and alternatives for you.

What do we mean by snacking?

We immediately associate the topic of snacking with something forbidden or something that we should perhaps not do. Often we grow up thinking that our parents make it an exception or as if you have to earn it first. Maybe you remember the Magnum advertisement in which the different types of ice cream were presented as seven sins?

The German Duden defines the term as follows: "Sweets or the like. (piece by piece) to be eaten with pleasure." Aha! It does not necessarily mean that it must be sweet and it is definitely about enjoyment!

Where does the need for sweet things come from?

Every human being has thousands of taste buds in his oral cavity. We can distinguish between sweet, salty, sour and bitter. Also, there is the taste "umami," the perception of spicy fleshy.

We like to try to avoid bitter food because it makes us think of unhealthy, poisonous food. We want to eat sour things, but only in small quantities. And we also love salty foods just in certain concentrations.

Umami belongs rather to the popular directions. The taste occurs in nature with cheese or meat, for example.

But none of it can keep up with the taste of sweetness! With sweet substances, your body assumes that it must be nutritious and edible food. This instinct used to be an indication that could ensure survival.

Even as a baby we grow up with the taste "sweet" in the form of mother's milk. To like sweet things is innate. However, later there are significant differences in how much the individual wants to nibble or nibble. Researchers have even discovered genes that determine how much one likes this taste. However, how can we counteract this desire?

Tips against Sugar Cravings


To forbid yourself sweets does definitely not get you to your destination. Neither with children nor with adults. After all, you know that yourself: The prohibition itself leads mostly to the fact that the desires become more.

It will help to have as little sweet stuff as possible at home or work. Because: What is there is unfortunately often eaten up.

The same goes for the portion sizes: Small quantities lead to eating less. It is best never to put the whole package on the table but to deliberately fill only a few treats into one bowl.

Often rules, such as eating only one small candy a day, can help. If you're going to do something like this, tell other people around you: your partner, your parents, your friends or your colleagues at work. So it feels more like a made decision to you, and you find it easier to make it happen.

It is especially helpful to find tasty alternatives for chocolate, chips, cakes, etc.! Because if we are honest to ourselves: Nobody wants to go completely without snacking.


Healthy alternatives to sweets

 Foods that satisfies the hunger for sweetness but at the same time create a feeling of fullness are suitable for this purpose.

Dried fruits or nuts, for example, are good companions in everyday life. So you always have a healthy alternative for snacking. When buying, make sure that the packs do not contain any additives, but only the pure fruit or nut - otherwise you start right from the beginning.

Examples of dried fruits include mango, banana and apple chips, dried berries, dates and figs.

Besides the classics like hazelnuts, walnuts, and almonds you can also try pecan, Brazil or macadamia nuts.

For your muesli or smoothie bowl, we recommend delicious toppings such as cocoa nibs, seeds, nut sauce or fresh fruit.  There are also significant differences in the ingredients, and we suggest that you look at the back and study the ingredients list. Especially with nuts, additional fats or sugar are often added, but this is not necessary at all.

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