Mealprep boxes in comparison

Healthy and balanced nutrition is possible with Mealprep on the go. Our new Mealprep Box helps you to transport your food safely.

What is Mealprep?

Mealprep describes the preparation of homemade food for the go. The motivation can be different for everyone. Mostly, however, it is about the fact that the self-prepared food is simply healthier and you are therefore independent of unhealthy alternatives that you would otherwise have to eat on the go. Mealprep can be made with different dishes and meals and vary accordingly to personal taste. In addition to the health benefits, Mealprep can also save you great money and packaging waste.

The KoRo-Box

Our practical stainless steel box, which we designed together with Sarah from No Time To Eat, does not only look super nice, it also has a lot to offer. In contrast to many plastic boxes, it is BPA-free and free of aluminium. This means that there are no plasticisers that could dissolve at certain temperatures and get into the food. Perfect for every meal - whether breakfast or lunch! As sustainability is very important to us, we do not use plastic packaging for shipping and wrap your box only in paper.

What you should pay attention to when choosing your Mealprep-Box

Sure, you can take your sandwich with you in any box and not a lot will go wrong. But what do you so with your soup or in summer with your watermelon? Conventional boxes hardly hold tight and even if you wrap a bag around it, the content can leak very easily. Our box has a clip closure and an integrated rubber ring, so that in theory you could even transport water! We did the water leak test and since then we are totally convinced of the safe density of our box.You are always as hungry as we are? Then the conventional lunch box size will hardly be enough for you. Despite the enormous capacity of 1400 ml our box is a real flyweight. The 381 g won't make your bag a lot heavier.

Even more tips for successful meal prepping


You don't necessarily need separate areas in your box to separate different components from each other, so nothing soaks through. Especially for dishes with sauces or dressings you should consider the following principle: Put the liquid component at the bottom, then the satiating side like rice and the fresh ingredients like vegetables at the top. This way, the component in the middle prevents the sauce from softening the fresh ingredients. If one box is not enough for you and you still don't want to use plastic, there are many other alternatives how you can easily transport your prepared food on the way. Empty jam or nut jars do the same! Especially for muesli or porridge the jars usually have a perfect size. You can transport the milk or milk substitute of your choice in small bottles.

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