How to make a perfect smoothie!

We'll explain how to put your ingredients properly into the blender to get the perfect smoothie.

When you read this headline, you may think that we are not thinking straight while we write this article. After all, all the ingredients for your favourite smoothie come into your high-performance mixer and then you hold your smoothie in your hand. So why should the quality change if you change the order of the ingredients and do not put everything in the blender at the same time? Of course you will still get a delicious smoothie if you continue to add all the ingredients at the same time, but the quality of your smoothie may be not as good.

Why the right order can make the difference

Especially if you use ingredients that contain a lot of chlorophyll it is important that you keep the correct order to maintain the nutrients and the colour. If you use herbs or even ingredients such as spinach for your smoothie, then you will notice that the colour of the ingredient changes significantly. So if you put spinach in the blender, you’ll have a bright green colour that makes your smoothie look wonderful. The green colour, however, also indicates that the chlorophyll, the pigment of the plants, which is also important for your organism, is preserved. If you wait a few minutes or add the other ingredients and mix your smoothie again, the colour will be lost. This is an indication that the ingredients have been overheated by mixing and now the precious chlorophyll is lost.

To protect the chlorophyll you can either add salt or acid or change the order. Salt or citric acid ensures that the chlorophyll and thus the nutrients are protected. However, these ingredients change the flavour of your smoothie and this protection is short-lived. Therefore, the best option is to adjust the order to protect the ingredients.

The danger in preparation of smoothies

If you like to drink smoothies, then you do it not only because of the outstanding taste but also because you want to live a long and healthy life. Smoothies are ideal because you can prepare them quickly and they can be customized to your taste. However, the smoothie is only a real boost to your health if you make sure that the nutrients are preserved.

To make good smoothies you not only need high-quality ingredients but also the right tool. It is easier if you use a good blender. But no matter which blender you use, the basic problem remains. The rotations and the whirling blades generate heat that causes various ingredients to lose their nutrients. After all, smoothies are mainly healthy because the ingredients are raw. So all nutrients are preserved. You can reduce this problem with high-quality equipment, but only the right order will make your smoothie really healthy.

Which order is important to get the perfect smoothie?

The rule is that the ingredients for your delicious smoothie should be mixed as little as possible. So you should first put the hard ingredients that take longer to get creamy into the blender, such as ginger, stone fruit etc. Finally, you should add ingredients such as herbs, spinach or arugula, as they quickly blend into the right consistency. You can also add appropriate liquid so that you only have to use the blender for a little while. For example, lemon juice or some of our purees ensure that the smoothie gets more flavour and at the same time needs to be mixed for a shorter time.

At the very end, you can put the ingredients in your smoothie that you do not need to mix. These include psyllium husk, wheat bran or wheatgrass or Acai powder. These ingredients are best stirred with a spoon under your smoothie. Another advantage is that you can decorate your smoothie with these delicious ingredients.

What do you do if your smoothie does not have the right consistency?

If you do not have much experience in making smoothies, then you may not get the right consistency. For example if you want to make a smoothie bowl you need a different consistency than if you want to make a classic smoothie.

However, it's not the right way to keep mixing your smoothie. Because that does not change the consistency but ensures that the nutrients are reduced. You should just make sure that you have the right amount of liquid when putting together your ingredients. If your smoothie is still too thick, add some liquid. A great option are our fruit juices, which still represent a tasty flavour component or lemon juice. But also coconut milk or coconut water can ensure that your smoothie is enriched with nutrients and is at the same time is a real taste experience.

If you have too much liquid in your smoothie, you can add ingredients that absorb and bind the liquid. You can use oatmeal, wheat bran or psyllium husk. These do not change the taste of your smoothie but make the consistency more viscous.

Not only pleasing to your taste buds, but also for your eyes

A smoothie is not only healthy and really tasty but should also be really appealing to the eye. However, it may be that it won’t be that pretty if you are using different ingredients, such as bananas or coconut. Smoothies become so appealing because of the colours of fruit and vegetables. If your smoothie does not get the appropriate ingredient, but you still want to make it look colourful, you can help with acai or wheatgrass powder or with beetroot juice. These components change the taste of your smoothie only insignificantly, but bring the look to a whole new level.

Smoothies are not only good for your health and ensure that you absorb many vitamins and nutrients in a short time, but are also a real highlight for your morning.

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