How to boost your metabolism – helpful tips and advice

Your metabolism affects your health, weight and body condition. A fast metabolism will make you feel energised and more comfortable. But how does a metabolism work and which three body types exist? Here are eight simple ways to fasten your metabolism.

What exactly is our metabolism and how does it work?

The main work of our metabolism is a life-sustainig transformation of chemical body cells. The three main purposes are:

  • The transformation from nutrition to energy, to full fill cellular processes.
  • The transformation from nutrition to body elements for proteins,lipids, nucleic acids and different kind of carbs.
  • The elimination of nitrogenic waste.

These reactions help organisms to grow and increase, to maintain it’s structure and react to outer circumstances. In simple words, our metabolism uses our nutrition to create energy. Approximately 70 % of this energy is used to maintain our general body functions, the rest will be used for further physical actions during the day.

Out metabolism can be divided into two groups:

1. Catabolism – catabolism is what happens when our nutrition gets divided into molecules. During this process our body needs a lot of energy to break open the nutrious molecules. That’s why catabolism is also known as “destructive metabolism“.

2. Anabolism – anabolism happens when simple molecules become complex as proteins and nuclear acid. They need a lot of energy, destroy waste substances and improve cell growth. Therefor anabolism is also called “constructive metabolism“.

Three different body types

  • Ectomorph: skinny, light figure with small shoulders – it´s hard for them to gain weight, build fat and muscles, because their metabolism is too fast.
  • Mesomorph: skinny and muscular, heavy weight in relation to their size, heavy shoulders. For them it´s easy to win and to lose weight.
  • Endomorph: tend to be bigger and heavier – they often struggle with losing weight because their metabolism is slow and maintains fat easily.

You might be one of these body types or a combination of two of them. Your body type depends on your genetics but also on your behaviour. Therefor it´s possible to boost your metabolism by changing your habits.

8 ways to boost your metabolism

1. Muscles - you can fasten your metabolism by doing heavy exercise. A muscular body burns more calories.

2. Nutrition – malnutrition can influence your metabolism in a negative way. Your body can’t work well without important minerals such as calcium, magnesium, chrome, zinc and omega 3/omega 6 fats. Try to eat a balanced diet and take nutritional supplements.

3. Fibre – is a great way to stimulate your metabolism. They improve your digestion, the most important factor for a fast metabolism and help your body to regulate hormones. Try to eat more fruits, vegetables and legumes (beans, lentils, peas).

4. A mile - it´s a common mistake to believe that only extra long training sessions will improve our metabolism. The truth ist that the most effective time ist the first ten minutes of your exercise. Running a simple mile three times per week can already change a lot.

5. Water - our whole metabolism needs enough water for it´s cells. Try to drink at least 2 litres of water per day (even more on hot days!)

6. Alcohol - alcohol is one of the worst thing for our metabolism. It dehydrates, influences your hormones and absorbs important minerals and vitamins.

7. Medicine - most medicines can influence your metabolism heavily. Take care that your doctor regularly controls the necessarily of the medicine for you.

8. Stress - causes total chaos for your metabolism. Take your time! 5 to 15 minutes per day to forget your problems and focus on the condition of your body. Take a walk and breath slowly, read a book or stretch your body.

You will soon notice that these little things can help you to improve your metabolism. Be yourself and listen to your body signals.

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