Bloated because of dried fruits? These tips help!

Bloating caused by dried fruit appears to be a problem. Well, at least there are numerous forum and blog posts that seem to analyse this ongoing problem. But don’t worry, we at KoRo put some research into it and found the underlying causes and the tips that can help.

Bloating caused by dried fruit, here is the reason behind it:


Two main things are responsible for air in the stomach: Swallowing air and the gas produced by the gut flora. Swallowing air, also referred to as aerophagy, is irrelevant when looking at flatulence caused by dried fruits. At the end of the day, dried fruits have nothing to do with whether we swallow more or less air. That is more likely influenced by our choice of drinks, eating habits, mental state and breathing habits.

On the other hand, production of gas by the gut flora deserves closer attention. Alongside valuable vitamins, minerals and quickly accessible energy, dried fruits also contain large amounts of fibre, sugar and very little water. For athletes and other active people, they are a real wonder weapon against energy lows.

This is why dried fruits can have a bloating effect

Dietary fibre and other carbohydrates (like the sugar in dried fruits) are a treat for our gut flora. The small bacteria inside our large intestine love to consume everything that is not absorbed in our small intestine. With this metabolic activity, there are gases produced. Lets call them mini farts. These mini farts are released by millions of gut bacteria, gather to form gas and we are flatulent.

Naturally, this gas wants to get out. It should get out, because we would be in a pretty bad pain if there was no way out for the gas. So the consequence of drying fruit is the reason why they can lead to bloating. Removing water increases the levels of other substances (vitamins, minerals, fibre, etc.) per 100 g. This results in a snack containing concentrated and valuable ingredients.

What to know about sulphur in dried fruits

Many common dried fruits contain sulphur. This sulphur is added primarily to prolong the life, even though non-sulphurised dried fruits are also long living. There are many people who react to sulphur in wine or dried fruits with flatulence, stomach cramps and even allergic reactions. Another reason why KoRo does not use sulphur in dried fruits.

What you can do against bloating caused by dried fruits

There are a couple of simple tips to prevent flatulence caused by dried fruits.

1. Avoiding sulphured dried fruits

As mentioned before, a lot of people react to dried fruits with flatulence and other digestive problems. Besides, sulphur is one of those gases that do not smell very nice. The typical smell of rotten eggs is a result of sulphur-containing compounds.

2. Determine your personal tolerance

There is a simple tip to determine your personal food tolerance: A food diary. You can create an objective basis for determining your personal food tolerance by writing down what you eat, when you eat it and how you feel about it. Obviously, this also works for dried fruits. You can easily find out the amount of dried fruits you can eat during the day without digestion problems.

3. Do not forget water

Dried fruits are the result of dehydrating a fruit. If you remember this, it becomes obvious that you should drink more water than usual when you eat dried fruits. One of the reasons for flatulence caused by dried fruits is often not taking care of this balance by drinking more. One more tip: Dried fruits like mango are very suitable for soaking in yoghurts. The consistency becomes even softer and you also take in more water than you would if you eat the dried mango by itself.

4. Slow and steady

We know, dried fruits are goddamn delicious. We love them as well! However, it would be a mistake to say that you can now eat the same amount of dried fruits without experiencing flatulence. It is not that easy to avoid physiological certainties. So I recommend: Increase the amount of dried fruits slowly and do not dive right into it. It is better to constantly accustom your body to larger amounts of dietary fibre and profit from the adaptation effect.

5. Enjoy the variety

One more aspect that makes the food diary so valuable: You'll see which dried fruits you tolerate well and which you don't. There is a rule of thumb: The less sugar and fibre you consume, the better it is tolerated. But it may also be possible that you are the exception to the rule.Try the colourful variety and find out for yourself what you tolerate best!

Conclusion: Flatulence caused by dried fruits

Flatulence caused by dried fruits can easily be explained physiologically. There are, however, a few things that can be considered in order to avoid them to a large extent. The most important of these are listening to your body, approaching dried fruits slowly but steadily, and avoiding sulfurized dried fruits.

If this article helped you and you want to discover more tips against flatulence, please take a look at my book "Das Pups-Tabu". With over 300 pages, this book not only contains valuable tips against flatulence, but also plenty of explanations, backgrounds and recipes for a healthy bowel.

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