Sayer Dates

More than 1500 date varieties are known worldwide. The varieties can vary greatly in colour, taste and consistency. So why did we decide to include the Sayer dates in our shop?

Why dates?

Dates can simply be enjoyed on their own or can be used in a variety of ways in the kitchen. As a substitute for sugar you can for example, process them into date puree to sweeten your pastries and thus save the refined sugar. Dates provide you with a pleasant caramel sweetness as well as a whole lot of nutrients, such as fibre, minerals and trace elements. Dates are carbohydrate suppliers and offer you 63 grams of carbohydrates per 100 grams. In total, they contain about 282 kilocalories for the same amount of product, which is of course related to the high sugar content. It's super suitably as energy-supplying Snack or as alternative to conventional household sugar.

Which date is right for me?

It is not easy to keep track and at the same time know which date is best for which purpose because there are just so many out there. We can recommend our Sayer dates to you especially if you have a high date consumption and dates should not be missing in any of your recipes. There are many different ways to integrate dates into your menu. Have you ever made Energy Balls yourself? With dates as a basis it is not only super easy, you also have the possibility to vary the ingredients as you like best. And above all, you simply know exactly which ingredients are really in your energy balls when you're out and about - definitely no hidden additives!

The reason why our Sayer Dates is the new star in your kitchen.

Just like all the other dates we offer you, Sayer dates are also free of additives such as sulphur or sugar. We believe that the pure natural product not only has the highest quality, but also offers the best possible nutrients for your body. The honey-sweet taste and firmer consistency of Sayer dates sets them apart from other types of dates, such as the popular Medjool dates. The dates are already pitted and are therefore particularly suitable for further processing. Sayer Dates are not only suitable for pastries and breakfast cereals, but also for your oriental salad with dates, feta and walnuts. The particularly attractive price-performance ratio soothes your mind if you put more dates in your favourite dish than you might have expected. And with the 10 kilograms you will probably get by for quite a while! Our Sayer dates are grown and harvested in Iran. There they are also chopped and used for sweetening teas and other drinks.

Sayer Datteln - The perfect snack date?

Probably not. Especially if you have already tried different types of dates, you will probably be a little disappointed by the pure taste of Sayer dates. We recommend Medjool dates or Degelt Nour or Mazafati dates for pure enjoyment. These are a bit more expensive, but the investment is worth it if you want to eat the dates mainly as a snack in between. Just try it out and find your favourite variety!If, on the other hand, you're looking for the pure sweetness that the date gives off to your dish, you can use the Sayer dates without any worries. Because Medjool dates and co. are actually way too good for further processing!

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