Peanut mousse - interesting facts and inspiration

Find out why peanut mousse can be especially useful before falling asleep and what else you should consider when eating it.

That's what peanut mousse is all about

In peanut mousse you will find, among other things, these valuable ingredients:
⁃ Unsaturated fatty acids
⁃ Vegetable proteins
⁃ Potassium
⁃ Magnesium
⁃ Vitamin E
⁃ Arginine
⁃ Niacin
⁃ Dietary fibre
In addition to these valuable ingredients, there are unfortunately also many calories and fat in our beloved peanut mousse. But with a little exercise in everyday life, this shouldn't be a problem for you. Peanut mousse supplies your muscles with high-quality proteins and trace elements. This can also boost thermogenesis, i.e. the production of heat through metabolic activities.

Tips and tricks for eating peanut mousse

The quantity is important!
A whole glass should not be plastered all at once. But there's nothing wrong with a few teaspoons of peanut mousse in the evening. Whether in a protein shake or simply spooned pure. You don't have to have a bad feeling about it. And who can resist the fine note of peanut paste? Just plan some peanut butter into your evening menu two or three times a week. So you can plan well in advance and possibly buy other ingredients for your dish.

Don't mix with carbohydrates!

By consuming carbohydrates, our body releases insulin. Insulin can partially block the burning of fat in our body. So it is better to avoid the carbohydrates when eating peanut paste. Peanut mousse also tastes particularly delicious in combination with fresh fruit. You can, for example, cut a banana into slices and add a bit to each slice. Or you can simply cut an apple into small pieces and dip it in the delicious peanut mousse. A few tasty Mazafati dates are also great for dipping! If the combination of fructose and peanut mousse is too high in calories for you, you can simply use low-fat natural yoghurt or soy yoghurt and add a little peanut butter. The same applies to low-fat curd cheese or Skyr. You may also add a small dash of linseed oil to the yogurt. This makes it creamy. And for all brave people we have another idea in stock! Celery sticks, carrots, paprika strips etc. - all are great for dipping! Just try it out and let surprise yourself. And if you don't like it after all, you can still go for the already studied and tested protein bread or simply enjoy the peanut puree.

Peanut Mousse Inspirations

Peanut paste must not only be served as a pure bread spread. There are many more delicious ideas! So how about mixing your peanut butter as a dressing and adding it to a delicious salad? Spicy sauces can also be made from peanut butter and served with a rice dish, for example. Peanut mousse also goes perfectly with various curries. In smoothies, one to two teaspoons taste just as heavenly and provide variety. By the way, cottage cheese refined with peanut butter also tastes super delicious. And if you love prawns, we can only recommend delicious saté prawns. A perfect snack for the evening are the fresh summer rolls - of course with peanut sauce for dipping. You should also prepare a chocolate peanut sauce yourself - whether with marinated tofu or as a dessert. Simply stir in the cocoa and add a sweetener of your choice.


Peanut butter can be eaten before going to sleep. It depends on the quantity and the combination. If you are hungry for something sweet, you can try it with a teaspoon of peanut butter before eating chocolate, biscuits or jelly bears. Thanks to the proteins it contains, your muscle building can be promoted overnight and the cravings in the morning can be reduced.

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