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Whether sweet or salty, easy or hard, there is something for everyone in our recipes! We have developed each recipe for you together with one of our partners and what has come out is definitely not 0815 porridge! Have fun making them!

🗓 11/03/2022

Chickpea blinis with oyster mushrooms and avocado cream

If you're a fan of pancakes, then you'll love the chickpea blinis! These little Russian pancakes with oyster mushrooms and avocado cream are always a good choice and will have you floating on cloud nine in food heaven.

👤 Lara Olkner

🗓 03/05/2021

Chocolate mini donuts

Delicious donuts for all chocolate fans!

👤 Samira Raymann

🗓 12/04/2021

No-bake chocolate and cherry brownie cake

Don't feel like firing up the oven? Then try this delicious cake from our recipe author Melli!

👤 Melli

🗓 15/02/2021

Vegetable curry

Curry with extra vegetables for our veggies

👤 Chiara

🗓 21/12/2020

Delicious hazelnut chocolate balls

These little balls may remind you of other tasty snacks, but rest assured, you can snack on them with a clear conscience.

👤 Melli

🗓 18/12/2020

Coconut balls

These delicious little balls with a delicate coconut flavor are reminiscent of Raffaelo. But fortunately these are healthier...

👤 Katharina

🗓 02/12/2020

Banana bread

There's nothing like a classic banana bread - with walnuts and chocolate chips.

👤 Sandra

🗓 26/10/2020

Banana bread

This banana bread is perfect for breakfast with some nut butter, jam or simply on its own.

👤 Jana

🗓 23/10/2020

Clean date-peanut balls

Are you in love with dates and peanuts? Then these balls are just the thing for you.

👤 Marion

🗓 12/10/2020

Cookie Dough Porridge

If you can't decide between Cookies Dough and Porridge, just combine the two and eat a delicious Cookie Dough Porridge.

👤 Marion

🗓 09/10/2020

Chocolate Cookie Dough

Why only ever bake cookies when the dough can also be extremely tasty?

👤 Marion

🗓 03/07/2020

Lentil dal with avocado and coconut yogurt

The dal can be easily pre-cooked, frozen and quickly prepared as a filling dish.

👤 Pia Sickinger

🗓 17/06/2020

Colorful pasta pan

This creamy, spicy noodle pan is purely plant-based thanks to cashew nuts and yeast flakes.

👤 Pia Sickinger

🗓 10/06/2020

Tropical porridge

You can bring the sunshine and vacation feeling home for breakfast with this bowl.

👤 Nina

🗓 23/04/2020

Muesli bar with dried strawberries and goji berries

This recipe for muesli bars with dried strawberries and goji berries gives you a lot of energy with little carbohydrates.

👤 Pia Sickinger