More about the Acai powder

You know Acai since the beginning of the acai bowl trend at the latest. Powder has also been made from the berries - find out more about manufacturing, ingredients and use here.

Who has not wondered if it's Akai, Asai or Assa-i? The right way is Assai-i, with emphasis on the i. But even more exciting is what you can do with it all.


From the acai berry to the Acai powder

Acai powder is made from ground and dried acai berries. The acai berry comes from South America and more particularly in Brazil. It has been eaten there for centuries and enjoys the reputation of being essential. Acai berries do not grow on shrubs, as is the case with berries, but on the so-called cabbage palm. To grow well, the palm needs a humid-warm or even marshy climate. The dark blue and purple acai berry looks a bit more like the native blueberry, but it is a maximum of two centimeters tall and thus slightly larger. In the berry is a core that makes up more than two-thirds of the whole fruit. Edible are only the soft skin and the flesh around the core. Therefore, you need a lot of berries to ever even gain a sufficient amount from which you can then produce the powder. The skins and meat become acai powder by being dried and ground after harvesting.


What is in the Acai powder ? 

The acai berry is considered a true superfood. It is said to be particularly rich in antioxidants and unsaturated fatty acids. Antioxidants in your body - among other things - contribute to the fact that the immune system is strengthened, aging processes are slowed down in the body or inflammation should be more successfully averted. Overall, the substances should provide more vitality, strength, energy and well-being. The acai berry contains a lot of fat for a fruit and therefore a higher calorie count. At 100 grams comes about 250 kilocalories. However, the fats in the berry are very high quality and are needed by the body for cell building, for example. Also, the many proteins and the relatively low proportion of natural fructose speak for the acai berry. In addition, a high proportion of magnesium and potassium ensure that your muscles are ideally supplied and regenerated. Finally, the berry also ensures a well-functioning digestion. About 40% of the ingredients of the acai berry are fiber. Dietary fiber helps to ensure a smooth, regular digestion and can counteract constipation. Of course, the berry is not a panacea, and all the effects attributed to it are desirable, but not only by eating the berry. However, with Acai powder, you definitely get a very healthy food that also tastes exotic and exciting and versatile.


What can you do with Acai powder ? 

In Brazil, the acai berry is processed into a variety of products. Acai oil is extracted by squeezing the meat of the berry, which is consumed neat or in combination with other foods. But even with the powder itself, you can not just make acai bowls. For example, the powder may be placed in a teabag and infused with hot water. The acai tea tastes fruity-aromatic and can also be mixed with other dried berries. Also, one or two spoons of the powder in your smoothie not only provide a nice rich colour, but also for the ultimate vitamin kick. Also to desserts, such as quark, pudding or creams Acai fits perfectly. You can thicken the powder a bit and use it as a sauce or puree as a topping. If you have always wanted to make ice cream yourself, the Acai powder is very good to be incorporated into the fine ice cream mass. Due to the fact that the powder is very fine, but also fatty, it provides the ideal ice cream consistency and, in addition, a great strong colour.





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