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The KoRo Advent Calendar: Merry Christmousse

Attention: Spoiler alert! The following article contains secret information and should only be read at your own risk.

After many hours of preparation, which we spent with one or the other tasty snack, it is finally time: We can present you the KoRo Advent Calendar 2019.

Makinf sweet out of chalk – an excursion into the history of the Advent calendar

No matter if young or old, the Advent calendar is simply part of the Christmas season for most people. But the idea behind the Christmas tradition is not so old yet. Only in the 19th century did the Advent calendar find its way into pre-Christmas households. And if you ask yourself now: Who invented it? The Germans, of course!

But the Advent calendars of that time have little to do with those of today: The tradition goes back to Protestant Christians, for whom the calendar served as a "counting aid" until the holy festival. They painted lines on walls and doors with chalk. Great gifts and a christmassy atmosphere were sought in vain at that time. Good for you that such calendars belong to the past. Let's be honest: sweetening the waiting time with tasty treats is a lot more fun!

But now enough with the talking and more of the interesting KoRo Advent Calendar facts you are here for!

What is waiting for you in the KoRo Advent calendar…

At KoRo it doesn't matter whether you are a Christmas angel or a Christmas muffle!

Because: We got you covered! Our Advent calendar has something for everyone. In addition to new Christmas mixes and fruity creations, we also have our classics with us. In other words: 24 sachets that literally sweeten your Christmas season. Convince yourself:

ACHTUNG SPOILER ALERT: If you want to be surprised, you really shouldn't read any more!

  1. Peanut-nougat spread

Christmas nut sauce is a real hit when it comes to candy. Whether cookies, cakes or delicious desserts: try them yourself and enjoy Christmas all year round!  Erdnuss-Nougat-Muss Sachet

To the recipe: Vegan chocolate bars with peanut filling

  1. Orange Mousse

Refine your mulled wine or Christmas punch, your salad or top up chocolate desserts with the fruit puree. The aromatic orange has a lot to offer and puts you in a good mood!orangenmus

To the recipe: Superfood mulled wine

  1. Almond Mousse Dark

If your plant milk is empty again during the holidays, we have the perfect solution for you: Simply blend the almond paste with a little water and your DIY almond milk is ready. Professional tip: Blend a date, some vanilla and a pinch of salt with it. Santa Claus will be happy!


P.S. The almond milk can then be used to make great sweets, such as. No-Bake-Gingerbread Brownies

  1. Hemp Mousse

Hemp, the trend superfood par excellence, is also available in mousse form. Due to its mild creamy aroma and the high protein content it is perfect for your shake in the morning or after sports.


To the recipe: Green Smoothie with an Extra Kick 

  1. Coconut-Almond Mousse

You like it exotic? Then you will love our coconut almond mousse! Whether pure or as an ingredient in homemade bars and energy balls, for coconut fans an absolute must have.


To the recipe: Healthy Bites

  1. Walnut-Nougat spread

This delicious spread is perfect for Christmas baking if you haven't already finished the dough or the mousse before starting to bake...ups!


To the recipe: Chocolate-Walnut-Cookies

The striking green colour makes our pumpkin seed puree a highlight in every kitchen. We recommend it in combination with dried cranberries and apple in the form of a delicious spread. Let your creativity run wild! 

  1. Pumpkin seed Mousse

The striking green colour makes our pumpkin seed puree a highlight in every kitchen. We recommend it in combination with dried cranberries and apple in the form of a delicious spread. Let your creativity run wild! 


  1. Cashew Mousse

Our cashewmus is a true classic among the nut muses. Because of its mild taste, it is perfect for rounding up vegetable dishes and sauces. How about a delicious Cashew-Dressing to go with your salad?


  1. Walnut Mousse

Our aromatic walnut mousse is particularly suitable for hearty recipes. Use it generously in walnut pesto with noodles or in a delicious walnut risotto.


  1. Peanut Mousse

Peanut butter is a real all-rounder in the kitchen: In comparison to peanut butter you get 100% peanut, with which you can spice up sweet and hearty. No matter if with jam on the bread, as a filling for chocolate muffins, for dipping fruits or as a twist in the Asian pan. Once tried, never again without! 


  1. Almond Mousse Light

Fast, easy, vegan - light almond paste can be used wherever you would otherwise use cream: In sauces, soups, for baking and much more! A real natural talent.MandelmuszA6dGB142sGDO

To the recipe: Vegan almond cream sauce with mushrooms

  1. Cashew + Gingerbread

A nutty spicy icing on the cake? With the addition of this cashewmus you can turn any Granola oder Müsli into a Christmassy taste experience! 


  1. Mixed Mousse

You can't choose between peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts or cashews? No problem, because our mixed mousse offers you the best of all 4 worlds. The best of four worlds!


To the recipe: Millet porridge with vanilla and maca

  1. Lemon Mousse

It's the inner values that matter! But our lemon mousse is also a visual highlight. Put it in the filling of cakes, cupcakes or biscuits. Sweet and sour fun!


To the recipe: Lemon Poppy Muffins

  1. Sunflower Seed Mousse

No nut, but all the creamier: sunflower seed mousse can do a lot of things. Whether sweet or savoury, a spicy addition to salad dressings, Asian pancakes or bread.


To the recipe: Vegan Paprika Bread Spread with Curry   

  1. Macadamia Mousse

The queen of nuts comes along splendidly. To do her justice, you should place the delicious mousse in a decadently delicious chocolate cake and serve it to at least as royal people.


  1. Brazil Nut Mousse

A combination of the gods: brazil nut butter, honey (or maple syrup) and yoghurt of any kind. Try it out, you'll thank us!


  1. Almond Mousse Fine

Have you ever tasted fine almond mousse? In combination with lemon, garlic, yeast flakes and water you get a delicious cheesy sauce for lasagne, casseroles, pizza and much more! At Christmas the sauce comes especially well with cauliflower, Brussels sprouts or potatoes.


  1. Hazelnut Nougat Spread

The Christmas spread is a real hit when it comes to sweets. Whether cookies, cakes or delicious desserts: try them yourself and enjoy Christmas all year round!


To the recipe: Vegan Rocher

  1. Hazelnut Mousse Fine

Chickpeas and hazelnut mousse don't go together? Anyone who claims this has probably not yet tried Nutella Cookie Dough. Protein-rich feasting before the holy feast!


  1. Pine Nut Mousse

Pine nuts are just for pesto? We see something different in our mousse store! Spice up your favourite dishes with pine nuts and turn them into Mediterranean dreams.


  1. Tahin white

We don't have to say much more about this classic and try it with only 6 letters: H-U-M-M-U-S


  1. Pecan Nut Mousse

Pecan nut is something for true gourmets. The beauty related to the walnut has a lot to offer! Whether with salads, on soups, in energy balls or as a filling in baked apples...your guests will be amazed!


To the recipe: Raw Brownie balls

  1. Pistachio Nut Mousse

Often copied, but never reached: Our pistachio mousse is a true KoRo classic. The full-bodied taste and the strong colour convince on ice cream, porridge, in salads or of course pure! This also knocks your grandma out of her shoes.


To the recipe: Pistachio-Porridge

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