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New prices: we tell you everything!
When the price of a product varies, the consumer often wonders about the reason for these changes - adaptation to demand? poor harvests? alignment to the market? At KoRo, transparency is embedded in our vision. Here are some explanations that will help you understand our price changes.

What makes us special, you have probably already seen: our large format packaging, our commercial approach that advocates short circuits and an exceptional price / quality ratio.

But how do we manage to combine all of these aspects?

KoRo stands out in the market by being in direct contact with the producer and marketing its products without intermediary. By removing steps we also remove unnecessary costs and reduce the ecological impact caused by unnecessary transport. In short, everyone is a winner!

Fair prices as a basic principle

For complete transparency, each product of KoRo is accompanied, under the nutritional information, by a graph showing the evolution of prices per unit of base (100 g) in recent months. By moving the cursor over the circles drawn in the graph, an explanation for increasing or decreasing the price is displayed. This allows you to see at any time why a price changes and what it depends on. An example of a price increase is a bad harvest, it automatically follows a decrease in the supply of the product, and consequently a higher price of the raw material paid to the producer.      

As a customer, you can be sure that KoRo will compare prices for you and offer you the best value for money.  

Lower prices: what's the sales? 

But no, it's not the sales - quite the contrary, because sales are not part of our company policy, our vision is to offer the consumer high quality products at the best price throughout the year. So why this price decrease? Two good reasons! First, to harmonize prices with the German market, and secondly to act more equitably towards French customers while guaranteeing them the same quality. This leads to financial benefits without resorting to marketing practices that give the illusion of doing good business (like the price ending with "-, 90 €" or "-, 99 €").

Round prices for a good cause

Delicate subject: the CO2 produced by our business and its impact on the environment. Avoiding it completely is impossible, but balancing it is a necessary commitment. And for that, we support the association PRIMAKLIMA in reforestation projects by donating with the cents collected by the borough of our prices. If you are interested in our engagement and would like to learn more, click here.


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