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Office Snacks 2.0 with KoRo For Business

KoRo goes B2B! We offer healthy snacks for offices for you and your co-workers. Tired afternoons and boring meetings are a thing of the past with KoRo products on your desk, creativity and productivity guaranteed!

Who doesn’t know the feeling, you’ve had your weekly meeting, had some unhealthy snacks and your productivity suddenly plummets. You start to feel tired and all your great ideas and inputs vanish before your eyes. You’re not the only one though and it is a problem you can avoid with the right lifestyle. In a nutshell: unhealthy snacks during workhours take their toll on you. This is why office catering is becoming more and more the focus of employees and employers. Healthy diets and snacks don’t only improve your performance when you’re sporting, also in the office!

That’s why we at KoRo have been working on the very best products which are both healthy and tasty. KoRo for Business is your ultimate solution and introducing it to your company will make you employee of the month without a doubt!

Trail mix makes me feel good @ the office

In our quest for the perfect office snacks to increase productivity, we defined the following criteria:

  • The snacks have to taste great
  • They should contain as few additives as possible
  • They should be easy to eat

As a result our Trail mix (also known as student food), pineapple pieces and Mango Brooks are two great examples of powerful office food! But before you settle for a perfect office snack, don’t forget to ask your colleagues about their preferences and possible allergies!


Are you interested in our office snacks but do you still have some questions? Or would you like to have a sample first? Contact our sales team! Visit our German, French or Dutch B2B page for more information or fill in our contact form and we'll be happy to help you!

Chocolate biscuits and jelly beans are a thing of the past now and we at KoRo are exited to bring the healthy lifestyle into your office!

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