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Gift ideas

At Christmas time we are all spinning our wheels. So many people we want to please! Often small attentions are enough to create a big impact.

Gift ideas

What should you give as a present?

The last days before Christmas are approaching and you have already bought all the presents? Then you are one of the few. Most of the time we put everything off until the last days before the big feast and hope that one or the other creative flash of inspiration will hit us.
To relieve you of some stress we have thought of a few little things. Maybe you will find a gift for your loved ones among our suggestions.


KoRo Art Edition

The KoRo Art Edition is new in our KoRo drugstore. A lovingly designed box contains 200 grams of Medjool dates and an exclusive 250 g nut puree. The lid of the box is covered with canvas paper and individually designed by an artist. You or the recipient can find out the story behind each box here. Furthermore, the removable lid is a small original work of art that you can hang on the wall with the help of the instructions on the back of the gift box. Definitely a gift that is individual and not everyone has!

Do it Yourself

Homemade gifts are well received and love goes through the stomach. Why not combine the two? We've put together a few ideas and inspiration for you here.

Smoothie Blend

Smoothies have never been as popular as they are today. Some people shy away from them because they find it time-consuming to have all the ingredients ready. How about making a gift basket that includes all the smoothie ingredients? With a self-written recipe, this Christmas gift is sure to go down well. If you need a suggestion, you will find it in our food journal. We recommend e.g. our barley grass smoothie.

Muesli mix

Muesli is always a good and quick breakfast option in the morning. Milk in and go! It's nice when the mix is even chosen wisely and includes the ingredients you like best. In our KoRo drugstore you will find a variety of products to independently create a unique muesli mix.

Spice Blend

You can hardly imagine life without spices? Many people do. They are used in all kinds of dishes and are often the icing on the cake in terms of taste. With the help of individual spices, you can create your own spice blend and give it as a gift. How about for fish, meat, vegetable dishes or even baked goods. Depending on what the recipient likes to eat, there are a lot of recipes on the Internet. In our KoRo drugstore you will find, for example, cinnamon in a 500 g storage pack suitable for the Christmas season.

Baking mix

To share your favorite recipes for cakes and the like with your loved ones, it's a nice gesture to give them the weighed ingredients premixed and with baking instructions. In a glass bottle or canning jar, you can pour in the individual ingredients layer by layer. This looks pretty and makes baking easy. As containers are suitable, for example, old milk bottles or large disposable white glass jars. The Ball Mason Jar j ars in our KoRo drugstore are also especially good for this. Depending on the quantities you are giving away, the jars are available for purchase in 945 ml or 1892 ml capacities.

Bowl Mix

So good it'll "bowl" your mind! Bowls are currently extraordinarily popular. You can also put them under the Christmas tree with a recipe you wrote yourself and all the ingredients in the gift basket. In addition to the fruits of your choice, toppings such as cacao nibs, goji berries, banana chips or mulberries are especially good. Add a delicious nut puree and your personal gift is ready! You can find inspiration in our food journal. We recommend our fruity Mango Vanilla Smoothie Bowl.

KoRo Gift Certificate

If you are not sure what to give, there is always a classic gift certificate as a backup solution. With a KoRo gift certificate you can reach everyone! With us you can find them in the amount of 15€, 30€, 50€ and 100€.

We hope you found what you were looking for and were able to cross one or two outstanding Christmas gifts off your list with our suggestions. This will make the Advent season feel much more relaxed.

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