CO2 compensation at KoRo

KoRo has started investing in climate protection. The CO2 emissions, which we simply cannot avoid in our business, is now being compensated with the help of an organisation called PRIMAKLIMA, in the form of sustainable reforestation projects.

Have you noticed the new product prices from KoRo? They are all rounded up, abandoning the odd ",90" amounts. Of course, we wouldn't be KoRo if there wasn’t a thought behind all of this. So in this blog we'll give you an update on why we made this decision and how it works.

We all know that the use of fossil raw materials results in the emission of CO2, which contributes to the global climate change. That’s why we need to find and implement alternatives. Here at KoRo have been thinking about this a lot. In general, KoRo's CO2 emissions can be divided into two categories: packaging and transport. In a previous blog, we have already dealt with the subject of packaging in depth. Since we are still on the quest of finding the most sustainable solution, we have come to the conclusion that plastic packaging is still the best alternative for the majority of our products, despite being manufactured from fossil raw materials.


However the majority of our CO2 emissions are caused by the transport of our products (both from the manufacturer to us and from us to the end customer, so you). But this simply cannot be avoided, because our products will have to arrive at your doorstep one way or another.

So this is where our price increasing comes from. Among other things the additional 10 cents per product will be used to compensate the unavoidable emissions of greenhouse gases. KoRo has started working with PRIMAKLIMA at the beginning of 2019. PRIMAKLIMA is a non-profit organisation that has been committed to the preservation and increase of forests since 1991 and thus is actively involved in climate protection. They are also committed to transparency, efficiency and sustainability in their projects, which makes them the perfect partner for KoRo. The donated money for PRIMAKLIMA will be used to plant and preserve trees in Uganda and Bolivia, which will in turn absorb CO2 from the atmosphere throughout their lifetime.


This enables us to worry slightly less about the climate in the short term

 Of course we are aware that this is a medium-term solution. We are still on the lookout for packaging materials made from renewable raw materials and shipping completely free of CO2 emissions, but for now this is the next step to an even greener KoRo.

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