Organic ginger concentrate | 200 ml

Are you ready for a sharp experience? Our 99 % ginger shot will heat you up.

  • Naturally spicy
  • No added sugar
  • Without dyes and preservatives
  • Rich in Vitamin C
Content: 200 ml | £16.50 per 100 ml

incl. VAT plus shipping

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Everything at a glance

Our ginger shot consists of 99.9% ginger and is refined with a dash of lemon. The taste is characterized by its pleasant natural pungency.

Ginger belongs to the family of the same name. The root comes originally from China. Nowadays it is mainly cultivated in Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Nigeria and Japan. Ginger is a rhizome. This means that it grows underground. It is cultivated in spring and harvested at different times depending on its intended use. If it is sold fresh, it is harvested after a few months because the ginger is still very tender. If ginger is dried and processed into spices, it is not harvested until the leaves of the plant have already died.

Ginger is rich in vitamin C and also contains magnesium, calcium and iron. Because of its ingredients, ginger has a reputation for boosting your metabolism and being antibacterial, antiemetic and virustatic. Therefore it is recommended to take a shot every day, especially if you have a cold. This corresponds to about 50ml.

You can drink our ginger shot perfectly in the morning or in between. You can also use it to give your tea or cocktail a natural spiciness.

Nutritional values per 100g
Energy (in kj/kcal) 29 / 7
Fat 0 g
    thereof saturated fatty acids 0 g
Carbohydrates 0,9 g
    thereof sugar 0,8 g
Dietary fibre 0 g
Protein 0,8 g
Salt 0,16 g

Order number ING_006
Origin Ginger: China Production: The Netherlands
Brand KoRo
EAN 4260654780635
Eco-Monitoring Unit NL-BIO-01
Traces Nutrition traces
Shipment Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Koppenplatz 9, 10115 Berlin
Storing After opening, refrigerated for 2 weeks
Ingredients 99.1% ginger juice, 0.9% lemon juice concentrate
Cross-contamination No allergens according to EU Regulation 1169/2011.
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