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Washing powder, detergents and even food online? I was pretty skeptical, but I was too curious at the same time, so I ordered and got the products right on the next day. Washing powder delivered right to my house, what a service. 10kg(!) for such a low price. The smell was so lovely. I am also impressed with the washing power.

by Claudia D.

I am amazed by the wheatgrass. The price is incredible! You got yourself a new customer with your food assortment. I filled up the package and stocked up on nuts and dried fruits, the mulberries are delicious and so sweet, perfect for my cereal.

by Andreas T.

I honestly didn’t expect too much when I looked at the low prices. When the package with my detergent arrived, it smelled so great already before opening it which captivated me. In the end we were not disappointed, so I ordered again shortly after. Now I have a stockpile of fabric conditioners, dish liquids and cleaning agents for the next year that I got for a nice price. Awesome!

by Desiree

I had the chance to test the detergent. The washing power is simply amazing and nothing beats the smell and price :) It’s so nice to have it delivered so I don’t have to carry heavy bags anymore.

All I can say is –> Thumbs up!!!

by Antonia E.

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